Submissions from 2009

Health Care Globalization: A Need For Virtual Leadership, J. Brian Holland, Donna Malvey, and Myron D. Fottler

Economic Impacts Of Invasive Species In Forests: Past, Present, And Future, Thomas P. Holmes, Juliann E. Aukema, Betsy Von Holle, Andrew Liebhold, and Erin Sills

Two Approaches For Inter-Satellite Radiometer Calibrations Between Tmi And Windsat, Liang Hong, W. Linwood Jones, Thomas T. Wilheit, and Takis Kasparis

3D Ordered Assemblies Of Semiconductive Micro/Nanowires Using Microscale Fibrous Building Blocks, Yan Hong, Zeyu Ma, Chaoming Wang, Liyuan Ma, and Ming Su

Exploiting Functional Relationships In Musical Composition, Amy K. Hoover and Kenneth O. Stanley

Gifted Students With Asperger Syndrome, Beverly Horn

Valuing Volunteers: The Impact Of Volunteerism On Hospital Performance, Renee Brent Hotchkiss, Myron D. Fottler, and Lynn Unruh

Bush And Europe, David Patrick Houghton

The Role Of Self-Fulfilling And Self-Negating Prophecies In International Relations, David Patrick Houghton

Relational Match With Hybrid Minimum Error For Object Recognition Of Superquadrics, Fang Huang, Xiao Ping Fan, Fa Niu Xu, and Zhihua Qu

Comparative Study Of Coupling Approaches For Surface Water And Subsurface Interactions, Guobiao Huang and Gour Tsyh Yeh

Empirical Evaluation Of Alternative Approaches In Identifying Crash Hot Spots, Helai Huang, Hoong Chor Chin, and Mazharul Haque

A Self-Reconfigurable Platform For Scalable Dct Computation Using Compressed Partial Bitstreams And Blockram Prefetching, Jian Huang and Jooheung Lee

A Self-Reconfigurable Platform For Scalable Dct Computation Using Compressed Partial Bitstreams And Blockram Prefetching, Jian Huang and Jooheung Lee

Efficient Vlsi Architecture For Video Transcoding, Jian Huang and Jooheung Lee

Scalable Fpga-Based Architecture For Dct Computation Using Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration, Jian Huang, Matthew Parris, Jooheung Lee, and Ronald F. Demara

From Concentration To Dispersion: The Shift In Policy Approach To Disability Employment In China, Jin Huang, Baorong Guo, and John C. Bricout

Mechanical Degradation Behavior Of Recast Composite Pfsa Membrane And Nafion® N-112 Membrane Under Ocv Condition, X. Huang, M. Rodgers, W. Yoon, Bo Li, and Nahid Mohajeri

Effect Of Water Management Schemes On The Membrane Durability In Pemfcs, X. Huang, X. Wang, J. Preston, L. Bonville, and R. Kunz

Exploring The Quality Of Early Childhood Education In China: Implications For Early Childhood Teacher Education, BI YING Hu and Judit Szente

The Care And Education Of Orphan Children With Disabilities In China: Progress And Remaining Challenges, Bi Ying Hu and Judit Szente

Integrating And Delivering Sound Using Motion Capture And Multi-Tiered Speaker Placement, Darin E. Hughes

Virtual Reality, Darin Hughes, Eileen Smith, Randall Shumaker, and Charles Hughes

Homography-Based Visual Servo Control With Imperfect Camera Calibration, G. Hu, W. MacKunis, N. Gans, W. E. Dixon, and Jian Chen

Comparison Of Linear And Nonlinear Absorption In Three Series Of Similar Cyanine Dyes: D-Π-D, A-Π-A And D-Π-A, Honghua Hu, Lazaro A. Padilha, Scott Webster, Trenton R. Ensley, and Davorin Peceli

Linear And Nonlinear Absorption Properties Of D-Π-A Polymethine Dyes, Honghua Hu, Lazaro A. Padilha, Scott Webster, Davorin Peceli, and Olga V. Przhonska

Linear And Nonlinear Absorption Properties Of D-Π-A Polymethine Dyes, Honghua Hu, Lazaro A. Padilha, Scott Webster, Davorin Peceli, and Olga V. Przhonska

Missing The Boat On Protecting Human Health And The Environment: A Re-Evaluation Of The Epa'S Emissions Policy On Large Ocean-Going Vessels, Eric V. Hull

Kapitza Conductance Of Silicon-Amorphous Polyethylene Interfaces By Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Ming Hu, Pawel Keblinski, and Patrick K. Schelling

Towards A Method For Evaluating Naturalness In Conversational Dialog Systems, Victor Hung, Miguel Elvir, Avelino Gonzalez, and Ronald DeMara

Towards A Context-Based Dialog Management Layer For Expert Systems, Victor Hung, Avelino Gonzalez, and Ronald DeMara

Design Of A Software Defined, Fpga-Based Reconfigurable Rf Measuring Receiver, Matthew T. Hunter, Achilleas G. Kourtellis, and Wasfy B. Mikhael

Generating Nonlinear Modulation With Minimum Memory Requirements, Matthew T. Hunter, Achilleas G. Kourtellis, and Wasfy B. Mikhael

A Novel Farrow Structure With Reduced Complexity, Matthew T. Hunter and Wasfy B. Mikhael

Wideband Digital Downconverters For Synthetic Instrumentation, Matthew T. Hunter, Wasfy B. Mikhael, and Achilleas G. Kourtellis

An Efficient Solar Charging Algorithm For Different Battery Chemistries, Ala Al Haj Hussein, Michael Pepper, Ahmad Harb, and Issa Batarseh

Presence-Dependent Performance Differences Between Virtual Simulations And Miniature Worlds, Andre Huthmann

Presence-Dependent Performance Differences Between Virtual Simulations And Miniature Worlds, Andre Huthmann

Pcbm Concentration Dependent Morphology Of P3Ht In Composite P3Ht/Pcbm Nanoparticles, Zhongjian Hu and Andre J. Gesquiere

On The Fluid Dynamics Of Acoustically Perturbed Non-Premixed Swirling Flames, Uyi Idahosa, Navid Khatami, Abhishek Saha, Chengying Xu, and Saptarshi Basu

Characterization Of Combustion Dynamics In Swirl Stabilized Flames, Uyi Idahosa, Abhishek Saha, Chengying Xu, and Saptarshi Basu

The Impact Of Experiential Groups On Master Students’ Counselor And Personal Development: A Qualitative Investigation, Kara P. Ieva, Jonathan H. Ohrt, Jacqueline M. Swank, and Tabitha Young

Numerical Computations Of Turbulent Swirling Reacting Flows Using Urans And Les, Marcel Ilie

Paper Versus Electronic Medical Records: The Effects Of Access On Physicians' Decisions To Use Complex Information Technologies, Virginia Ilie, Craig Van Slyke, Mihir A. Parikh, and James F. Courtney

Event Recognition From Photo Collections Via Pagerank, Naveed Imran, Jingen Liu, Jiebo Luo, and Mubarak Shah

Symmetry Breaking In Cationic Polymethine Dyes, Part 1: Ground State Potential Energy Surfaces And Solvent Effects On Electronic Spectra Of Streptocyanines, Tzvetelin D. Iordanov, Jesse L. Davis, Artë M.E. Masunov, Andrew Levenson, and Olga V. Przhonska

Q-Difference Operators For Orthogonal Polynomials, Mourad E.H. Ismail and Plamen Simeonov

A Two-Stage Spatial Amplifier With Hard Horn Feeds, T. Ivanov and A. Mortazawi

One- And Two-Stage Spatial Amplifiers, Toni Ivanov, Arul Balasubramaniyan, and Amir Mortazawi

Biometric Technology: The Future Of Identity Assurance And Authentication In The Lodging Industry, Leonard A. Jackson

Diamond Coated Microtools For Machining Compact Bone, Mark J. Jackson, Michael D. Whitfield, Chengying Xu, and Waqar Ahmed

A Multifunctional High-Speed Spindle For Micromachining Medical Materials, Mark J. Jackson, Chengying Xu, and Waqar Ahmed

Auranofin Disrupts Selenium Metabolism In Clostridium Difficile By Forming A Stable Au-Se Adduct, Sarah Jackson-Rosario, Darin Cowart, Andrew Myers, Rebecca Tarrien, and Rodney L. Levine

Environmental Skepticism: Ecology, Power And Public Life, Peter J. Jacques

Green Silicon Photonics, Bahram Jalali, Sasan Fathpour, and Kevin Tsia

Dynamic Light Scattering As A Powerful Tool For Gold Nanoparticle Bioconjugation And Biomolecular Binding Studies, Hilde Jans, Xiong Liu, Lauren Austin, Guido Maes, and Qun Huo

Thinking Like A Mountain: Ethics And Place As Travelling Concepts, Bruce B. Janz

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy And Reactivity Studies Of A Series Of Ruthenium Catalysts, Katarzyna Jarzembska, Sudipta Seal, Krzysztof Woźniak, Anna Szadkowska, and Michał Bieniek

Accuracy Of Thinprep Imaging System In Detecting Atypical Glandular Cells, Yasodah Jayamohan, Rouzan G. Karabakhtsian, Helen W. Banks, and Diane D. Davey

Tertiary Travel And Tourism Education: Using Action Research Cycles To Provide Information On Pedagogical Applications Associated With Reflexivity, Team-Based Learning, And Communities Of Practice, G. Jennings, Michael Scantlebury, and Kara Wolfe

Expectation-Confirmation Theory: Capitalizing On Descriptive Power, James J. Jiang and Gary Klein

The Relation Of Requirements Uncertainty And Stakeholder Perception Gaps To Project Management Performance, James J. Jiang, Gary Klein, Shelly P.J. Wu, and T. P. Liang

Quantitative Raman Analysis Of Free Carbon In Polymer-Derived Ceramics, Tao Jiang, Yansong Wang, Yiguang Wang, Nina Orlovskaya, and Linan An

Enhancement Of Ferromagnetism By P-Wave Cooper Pairing In Superconducting Ferromagnets, Xiaoling Jian, Jingchuan Zhang, Qiang Gu, and Richard A. Klemm

Late-News Paper: Negative A-Plates Using Stretched Polystyrene, Meizi Jiao, Sebastian Gauza, Yan Li, Jin Yan, and Shin Tson Wu

Achromatic Dark State Of Mva-Lcds With A Negative C-Plate And A Biaxial Film, Meizi Jiao, Zhibing Ge, and Shin Tson Wu

Broadband Wide-View Lcds With Small Color Shift, Meizi Jiao, Zhibing Ge, and Shin Tson Wu

Wide-View Mva-Lcds With An Achromatic Dark State, Meizi Jiao, Zhibing Ge, and Shin Tson Wu

Fast-Response Single Cell Gap Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays, Meizi Jiao, Shin Tson Wu, and Wing Kit Choi

From Technology Push, To Industrial Pull: Superplastic Forming And Diffusion Bonding Using Lasers, A. Jocelyn, A. Kar, A. Fanourakis, T. Flower, and M. Ackerman

A Greedy Heuristic For Locating Crossovers In Conveyor-Based Amhs In Wafer Fabs, Andrew Johnson, Hector J. Carlo, Jesus A. Jimenez, Dima Nazzal, and Vernet Lasrado

The Effect Of Coating Crystallization And Substrate Impurities On Magnetron Sputtered Doped Lacro3 Coatings For Metallic Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnects, Christopher Johnson, Nina Orlovskaya, Anthony Coratolo, Caleb Cross, and Junwei Wu

Estimating Jones And Homfly Polynomials With One Clean Qubit, Stephen P. Jordan and Pawel Wocjan

Investigating The Relationship Between Intimate Partner Violence And Hiv Risk-Propensity In Black/African-American Women, Lauren L. Josephs and Eileen Mazur Abel

Movie Advertising And The Stock Market Valuation Of Studios: A Case Of "Great Expectations?", Amit M. Joshi and Dominique M. Hanssens

A Hybrid Modeling Technique For Partially-Known Systems Using Linear Regression And Neural Network, Andrew J. Joslin and Chengying Xu

The Electronic Transport Properties Of Ternary Cd(1-X)Zn(X)S Nanowire Networks., Daeha Joung, M. Arif, Subhajit Biswas, Soumitra Kar, and S. Santra

The Bright And Dark Sides Of Leader Traits: A Review And Theoretical Extension Of The Leader Trait Paradigm, Timothy A. Judge, Ronald F. Piccolo, and Tomek Kosalka

Acetylation Of Fluoroquinolone Antimicrobial Agents By An Escherichia Coli Strain Isolated From A Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant, C. M. Jung, T. M. Heinze, R. Strakosha, C. A. Elkins, and J. B. Sutherland

Role Of Nanoparticle Valency In The Nondestructive Magnetic-Relaxation- Mediated Detection And Magnetic Isolation Of Cells In Complex Media, Charalambos Kaittanis, Santimukul Santra, and J. Manuel Perez

Identification Of Bacterial Drug Resistance In Blood Using Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, C. Kaittanis, S. Nath, and J. M. Perez

Engineered Waste Materials As Amendments To Prevent Erosion And To Stabilize Contaminated Sites, S. P. Kakuturu, M. Xiao, and L. N. Reddi

What Does Nursing Teamwork Look Like? A Qualitative Study, Beatrice J. Kalisch, Sallie J. Weaver, and Eduardo Salas

College Students' Affective Distress: The Role Of Expectation Discrepancies And Communication, Allison Kanter Agliata and Kimberly Renk

Leadership Under Stress: Presidential Roles In Emergency And Crisis Management In The United States, Naim Kapucu

Public Administrators And Cross-Sector Governance In Response To And Recovery From Disasters, Naim Kapucu

Why Are We All "Looking For The Fema Guy"?, Naim Kapucu

Interstate Partnerships In Emergency Management: Emergency Management Assistance Compact In Response To Catastrophic Disasters, Naim Kapucu, Maria Elena Augustin, and Vener Garayev

Off-Lattice Self-Learning Kinetic Monte Carlo: Application To 2D Cluster Diffusion On The Fcc(111) Surface, Abdelkader Kara, Oleg Trushin, Handan Yildirim, and Talat S. Rahman

Physics Of Silicene Stripes, A. Kara, C. Léandri, M. E. Dávila, P. De Padova, and B. Ealet

Pegylated Nanoceria As Radical Scavenger With Tunable Redox Chemistry, Ajay S. Karakoti, Sanjay Singh, Amit Kumar, Maura Malinska, and Satyanarayana V.N.T. Kuchibhatla

Nonlinear Optics: A Vibrant Field, Mirosław A. Karpierz and George I. Stegeman

Simple Solvothermal Route To Synthesize S-Doped Zno Nanonails And Zns/Zno Core/Shell Nanorods, Soumitra Kar, Paritosh Dutta, Tanusri Pal, and Surajit Ghosh

Direct Room Temperature Synthesis Of Valence State Engineered Ultra-Small Ceria Nanoparticles: Investigation On The Role Of Ethylenediamine As A Capping Agent, Soumitra Kar, Chetak Patel, and Swadeshmukul Santra

Interactive Management Of Human Factors Knowledge For Human Systems Integration Using Systems Modeling Language, Waldemar Karwowski and Tareq Z. Ahram

Boundary-Element Method, A. J. Kassab, L. C. Wrobel, R. A. Bialecki, and E. A. Divo

Cutting The Roots Of The Holocaust: Resisting The Enlightenment'S Universalizing Impulse, Husain Kassim

Optimized Reconstruction Algorithm For Helical Ct With Fractional Pitch Between 1Pi And 3Pi, Alexander Katsevich, Alexander A. Zamyatin, and Michael D. Silver

A Preliminary Study Of Classroom Motivators And De-Motivators From A Motivation-Hygiene Perspective, James A. Katt and Steven J. Condly

A Structural Equation Modeling Evaluation Of The General Model Of Instructional Communication, James A. Katt, James C. McCroskey, Stephen A. Sivo, Virginia P. Richmond, and Kristin M. Valencic