Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Simulation and performance analysis of a wireless local area network, Sylvester Maurice Nabritt

Adaptive balancing of direct conversion wireless receivers using finite arithmetic, Nikunj Madhu Nathani

Bandwidth adaptors for heterogeneous broadcast-based video-on-demand systems, David Oger

Balance delete : minimizing peer-to-peer delay after a node leaves the tree, Udomying Suntana O

Analysis of ultra-wide band communication system in urban environment, Raviskankar Palaniappan

Application of intelligent methods for improved testing and evaluation of military simulation software, Robert M. Patton

Accurate speaker identification employing redundant waveform and model based speech signal representations, Pravinkumar Premakanthan


High Frequency Communication System Modeling and Performance Enhancement, Employing Novel Adaptive DSP Techniques, Murad M. Qahwash

Building real-time software models with automatic tools, Haripriya Rajamani

Network intrusion simulation using OPNET, Shabana Razak

Reference channel selection diversity system for a coherent laser array receiver, Peter Francis Reardon

Steady-state analysis and design of high frequency soft-switching AC-DC converters with power factor correction, Khalid W. Rustom

Robust control based on estimating nonlinear uncertainties, Apiwat Saengdeejing

Design and implementation of the smart packet processor for the cognitive packet network router, Jude Seeber

Diffusion analysis of nickel in gold-tin alloy, Deepa Sheshgiri Shenoy

A novel sentence-based approach for extracting modifying adjective-noun pairs from a corpus, Rong Shen

Application of computational quality attributes in a distributed application environment, Rodrick Keith Stubbs

Silicon etching studies using tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide, Ganesh Subramanian

Requirements analysis of application software for telemedicine and the health care industry, Senthilnathan Sundaram

An approach to calculating line of sight over a distributed terrain, David Eric Tichi

A flexible and efficient image retrieval system, Khanh Vu

Simluation [i.e. Simulation] of an asynchronous distributed network in order to analyze various quality attributes, Abhijit Wakchaure

Image processing for high efficiency hyperspectral imager (hehsi), Danli Wang

Examination of practices for computing survivability in a distributed network environment, Vickie Renee Westmark

Copper interconnect reliability on integrated circuits, Wen Wu

Hot carrier effects on circuit reliability, Hong Yang

Adaptive control of pre-fetching, Qi Zhu

Theses/Dissertations from 2001


Computing a Diameter-constrained Minimum Spanning Tree, Ayman Mahmoud Abdalla

Design of a UHF conformal antenna, Rohel Ahmed

Effect of certain parameters on response time of an Oracle database, David Osemeahon Aihe

Fiber optic interferometer for optical coherence microscopy imaging, Avni Ceyhun Akcay

Verification of real-time software in ground transportation systems, Ahmad Al Daraiseh

Two-section gain-coupled DFB lasers and their application for wireless networks, Mohammed Al Mumin

Novel approaches in adaptive resonance theory for machine learning, Georgios Christos Anagnostopoulos

Network storage architecture over IEEE 1394, Daniel Andersson

Lossless reversible text transforms, Fauzia Salim Awan

Object-oriented optimizations using dependence graphs, David Michael Boissy

Correlation of semantic and geocoded content in distributed databases, Vivek Bothello

Novel textural features and techniques for image segmentation and classification, Dimitrios Charalampidis

Efficient implementations of adaptive algorithms for quadrature mismatch cancellation of direct conversion receivers, Ramy Chehata

Modeling imprecise time intervals in temporal databases, Xin Cheng

Efficient restoration of digital images with physical optics blurs, Thomas P. Costello

Control system for stabilizing power fluctuations in a single stripe multi-wavelength mode-locked semiconductor laser, Trino Croeze

Spatial variability of surface rainfall and its impact on radar retrieval, Saswati Datta

An algorithm for identifying rain contaminated ocean wind vector cells in a hurricane environment using the seawinds scatterometer on quikSCAT, Vinod Devan


Design and Applications of Volume Holographic Optical Elements, Steven C. Dunn

Quality of service distributed monitoring using self-reporting relevant monitors, Carlos E. Felix

Electrical characterization of saw filter packaging, Craig Allen Finch

A computer simulation of leaky surface acoustic wave transducers, Kevin J. Gamble

Real-time synchronization of behavioral models with human performance in a simulation, William John Gerber

Real-time computing in a networking environment: an air traffic control system case study, Dahai Guo


Low Voltage Regulator Modules and Single Stage Front-end Converters, Wei Gu

Web-based interface for scientific computations, Xiuqiong Huang

Analysis of historical test artifacts, Rong Hua

Multi-resolution computer architecture simulation, Steven Joseph Huey

Image processing and learning for computer vision enhancement, Khaled Fatehy Hussain


A Unified Approach to Dynamic Modeling of High Switching Frequency PWM Converters, Christopher J. Iannello

Real-time experiments with LabVIEW over internet, Huiping Jia

Multiprocessor task scheduling using a novel genetic algorithm, Shiyuan Jin

Requirement engineering for small scale simulation systems : Development of a generic system requirements specifications template for a small scale simulation system, Vaibhav V. Joshi

Software process representation, Assem Kaylani

Feedback techniques for null conventional logic circuits, Amit Kejriwal

High performance signal coding employing vector quantization in multiple nonorthogonal domains with application to speech, Venkatesh Krishnan

Measuring similarity in OO programs by structural analysis and comparison, Xiaomei Lan

Suppression of periodic interference from images via transform domain processing, Richard Lazzari

CMOS rf front-end ic design and reliability for bluetooth wireless receiver, Qiang Li

Front-end converter design and system integration techniques in distributed power systems, Shiguo Luo

High speed all-optical clock recovery and 3R regeneration, Weiming Mao

Challenges and opportunities for verification and validation of military simulation systems, Robert M. Patton

Process simulation and fabrication of power MOSFETS, Swarupa Surendra Purandare

A study of Oracle performance prediction using Kalman filter, Seema Rahman

Evaluation and improvement of an internet based circuit design package, Syed Mamun Raihan

Extensive experimentation of the 1st stage of the n-must neural networks for the angle of arrival estimation problem, Sureshkumar Ramasamy

On-line pspice based simulation of DC electrical engineering circuits, Smitha Reddy

Scintillation effects on optical communications receivers, James E. Richards

The design of a real-time parallel processor synthetic aperture radar system, Michael William Roche

A memoryless parallel feedback architecture FFT design for OFGM application, Md Anwar Sadat

Design, simulation and fabrication of pancake shaped high speed motor, Muhammad G. Sarwar

Effect of polysilicon-gate depletion on the characteristics of MOSFET, Rozina Shireen

Passive and active thin film dielectric waveguiding structures, Ivan Shubin


Gate and Throughput Optimizations for NULL Convention Self-timed Digital Circuits, Scott Christopher Smith

Analysis of angle modulated signals through a breadboard satellite transponder, Seubson Soisuvarn

Circuit averaging in high-frequency power factor correction converters, Manasi A. Soundalgekar

Analysis of the reliability of A1GaAs/GaAs HBTs based on device simulation, Ying Tan

A software tool to support the generation of optimal Markov chain usage probabilites, Ponpat Tripatra

Real-time approach to achieve separation of dissimilar air traffic control phraseologies, Daniel Vennerstrand

Load balancing protocols for transparent and scalable mirror-site architectures, Sivasankaran Vijay

Mobile agent file integrity analyzer, Guantong Wang

Automated generation of XML documents for data transportation between relational database DTDS, Lu Wang

A statistical algorithm for inferring rain rate from the quikSCAT radiometer, Yanxia Wang

Data caching and data allocation for multimedia servers, Zi Jun Wang

Quality of service driven handover techniques in mobile ATM networks, Donte DeShawn Whigham

Cluster computing over IEEE 1394, Catheryne Williams


An Adaptive Integration Architecture for Software Reuse, Denver Robert Edward Williams

Automated spacelift training for range operators (ASTRO), Gerald R. Williams

High quality digital image capture in real-time for a ground vehicle simulator, Lijian Xu

Design and evaluation of adaptive routing in cognitive packet networks, Zhiguang Xu

Steady state analysis, design and comparison of third order parallel resonant converters, Abdelbassit Yacoub

Improving robustness of analysis model of the unified software development process, Chi Ho Yeung

Static analysis and validation of user composed behaviors in computer generated forces, Jackie Zheqin Zhang