Theses/Dissertations from 2003

CPN as a framework for QoS on the internet, Juan Arturo Nunez

Real-time software development for data storage and event recording of a satellite ground control station, Prashant R. Patel

Flyboost derived single stage power factor correction converter, Weihong Qiu

Invariance in human action analysis, Cen Rao


Video Categorization Using Semantics and Semiotics, Zeeshan Rasheed

Coupling of modes model and analysis of one-port SAW resonators on langanite and langanate, Nancy Saldanha

Situational awareness through context based situational interpretation metrics, Angela M. Alban Salva

A context-based approach to command and control in the military planning program, Joseph Brian Scott

Open-loop control of a super high-speed miniaturized PMSM using the TMS320LF2407 digital signal processor, Hubert P. Seigneur

Application of model reference adaptive control for Czochralski crystal growth technique, Dhaval Shah

An analytical analysis of the effects of oxide breakdown on Class E power amplifiers, Randall Wade Smith

Study of sputtered tantalum pentoxide and aluminum oxide thin films and their multistacks for embedded capacitor applications, Sumant Sood

Mixed-service environment for distributed real-time systems, Ramakrishna Srinivasan

Electromagnetic simulation and design of the MAGLEV system to launch super Loki sounding rocket, Jin Su

Evaluation of a microwave radiative transfer model using satellite radiometer observations, Yan Sun

Development and evaluation of intelligent agent based search system, Malarrvizhi Thiagarajan

Laser communications utilizing Molniya satellite orbits, Russell Lee Thornton

Overlay multicast solutions to media streaming, Duc A. Tran

Bluetooth ad hoc scatternet routing protocol analysis, design, and simulation, Dawid Marcin Trawczynski


Larger-first partial parsing, Sebastian Alexander Van Delden

Path tracing algorithm for signature verification system using genetic algorithm, Meera Vasudevamurthy

Polishing studies on tantalum barrier layer in copper chemical mechanical planarization, Arun Vijayakumar

Knowledge discovery from structured data represented by graphs, Roy Villafane

Biological pattern simulation using transmission line modeling, Varunyu Vorachart

Advanced techniques of single-stage power factor correction AC-DC converters, Wenkai Wu

CMOS RF circuit design and reliability for wireless communications, Enjun Xiao

Analysis and design of CMOS integrated circuits for low switching noise, Li Yang

JEmu : a legacy system emulation framework, Yanshen Zhu

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Estimation of vertical velocity and its significance in precipitation measurements using sensor fusion approach, Parvez Ahammad

Power system stability : a comparative study using eigenvalue analysis and nonlinear simulation, Faisal Alhasawi

Smart compositional wrappers, Saleh Matar Mohammed Al Hatali

Steady state analysis of soft-switching DC-DC and magamp forward converters, Abdelhalim M. Alsharqawi

Web-based enhancements for an undergraduate computer network course, Aminuddin Aslam

A periodic broadcast protocol for heterogeneous receivers, Olivier Bagouet

Animation and interactivity as an aid in teaching via the web, Raymond Bahana

Component based software engineering to design real-time software, Manu Bhatia

Extensive experimentation of the angle of arrival estimation stage of neural network based smart antennas multiple source tracking (N-MUST) algorithm, Aliasgar A. Birader

Roam : a resource offering agency and mobility for efficient network and system management, Steven Douglas Bruce

The use of conservative protocols in dynamic system (wargaming) simulation, Phuong Bui

Processing range-monitoring queries in mobile computing environment, Ying Cai

A human behavior modeling environment for implementing emotional characteristics in simulated entities, Nopphamas Charoenlap

An electrochemical investigation on Ti/TiN barrier layer CMP, Venkatraman S. Chathapuram

Three dimensional full wave package design of RF SAW duplexer, Kamran Safdar Cheema

Analysis of Bluetooth communication under Linux, Latika K. Eifert


Design and analysis of class AB RF power amplifier for wireless communication applications, Mohamed El-Dakroury

Metrics collecting tool for load balancing of distributed applications, Michael P. Fernandes

Modeling and simulation of electrostatic discharge (ESD) in MOS devices and circuits, Xiaofang Gao

Design considerations for a 5GHZ superheterodyne wireless receiver, Ashwin K. Gonibeed

A software tool to support more efficient computation of the stationary distribution for Markov chain usage models, Hongyan Guo

Electrical characterization of thin nitrous oxide for flash memory and anti-fuse applications, Tina M. Haley

Technique for a window inspection system using optical coherence, Gregory Allen Hall

Optical wave propagation in cholesteric liquid crystal using the finite element method, Qi Hong

Dependability as a computational quality attribute, Charles Andrew Houchin

An iterative approach to determine data set consistency and identify error-prone modules, Yan Huo

Timing measurements for sattelite [i.e. satellite] ground control station, Vinit Jatkar

Design approach for industrial manufacturing and finishing robots, Maen Jauhary

Network performance simulation involving bus traffic, Vinay Jonnalagadda

Visual tracking of people and object-based video segmentation, Sohaib Ahmad Khan

RRMP : rate based reliable multicast protocol, Naveen Kondapalli

Body motion extrapolation for human avatar distributed visualization, Priya Krishnamachary

Validating software usage indicates high maintenance legacy software, Daniel Jonathan Lacks

Distributed intrusion detection system, Vishal Malik

Real-time software development for a satellite ground control station, Ammar Mandviwala

Modeling infrared antennas with complex conductivity, Tasneem Mandviwala


New architecture for heterogeneous real-time simulation, Mandar Anil Mathure

Low cost high frequency inverter design for residential applications, Joy Mazumdar

Parallel graph algorithms for molecular conformation and tree codes, Paulius Micikevicius

Simulation and performance analysis of a wireless local area network, Sylvester Maurice Nabritt

Adaptive balancing of direct conversion wireless receivers using finite arithmetic, Nikunj Madhu Nathani

Bandwidth adaptors for heterogeneous broadcast-based video-on-demand systems, David Oger

Balance delete : minimizing peer-to-peer delay after a node leaves the tree, Udomying Suntana O

Analysis of ultra-wide band communication system in urban environment, Raviskankar Palaniappan

Application of intelligent methods for improved testing and evaluation of military simulation software, Robert M. Patton

Accurate speaker identification employing redundant waveform and model based speech signal representations, Pravinkumar Premakanthan


High Frequency Communication System Modeling and Performance Enhancement, Employing Novel Adaptive DSP Techniques, Murad M. Qahwash

Building real-time software models with automatic tools, Haripriya Rajamani

Network intrusion simulation using OPNET, Shabana Razak

Reference channel selection diversity system for a coherent laser array receiver, Peter Francis Reardon

Steady-state analysis and design of high frequency soft-switching AC-DC converters with power factor correction, Khalid W. Rustom

Robust control based on estimating nonlinear uncertainties, Apiwat Saengdeejing

Design and implementation of the smart packet processor for the cognitive packet network router, Jude Seeber

Diffusion analysis of nickel in gold-tin alloy, Deepa Sheshgiri Shenoy

A novel sentence-based approach for extracting modifying adjective-noun pairs from a corpus, Rong Shen

Application of computational quality attributes in a distributed application environment, Rodrick Keith Stubbs

Silicon etching studies using tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide, Ganesh Subramanian

Requirements analysis of application software for telemedicine and the health care industry, Senthilnathan Sundaram

An approach to calculating line of sight over a distributed terrain, David Eric Tichi

A flexible and efficient image retrieval system, Khanh Vu

Simluation [i.e. Simulation] of an asynchronous distributed network in order to analyze various quality attributes, Abhijit Wakchaure

Image processing for high efficiency hyperspectral imager (hehsi), Danli Wang

Examination of practices for computing survivability in a distributed network environment, Vickie Renee Westmark

Copper interconnect reliability on integrated circuits, Wen Wu

Hot carrier effects on circuit reliability, Hong Yang

Adaptive control of pre-fetching, Qi Zhu

Theses/Dissertations from 2001


Computing a Diameter-constrained Minimum Spanning Tree, Ayman Mahmoud Abdalla

Design of a UHF conformal antenna, Rohel Ahmed

Effect of certain parameters on response time of an Oracle database, David Osemeahon Aihe

Fiber optic interferometer for optical coherence microscopy imaging, Avni Ceyhun Akcay

Verification of real-time software in ground transportation systems, Ahmad Al Daraiseh

Two-section gain-coupled DFB lasers and their application for wireless networks, Mohammed Al Mumin