Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Robust ECG waveform detector using the wavelet transform, Anders Johansson

Analysis of bodies of revolution using the finite difference time domain method with application to corrugated horns, Christopher P. Johnson

Automatic construction and occlusion sensitive selection of level-of-detail models for procedurally modeled plants, Jaren Johnston

Remote misuse detection system using mobile agents and relational database query techniques, Bharat Kapoor

An autonomous intelligent agent action selection mechanism for a virtual battlefield environment, Paul Kelly

Cross validation in fuzzy artmap for large databases, Anna Koufakou

Development of improved methodology for characterization and simulation of electrostatic discharge (ESD) in mos devices and ICS, Jui Chu Lee

Frequency planning and channel interference in a DSSS wireless local area network(WLAN), Dejan Leskaroski

Development of a web-based drug intelligence database system, Jianghong Liao

Detecting stepwise moving objects from spatiotemporal projections, Nan Li

On design and implementation of parallel video servers, Chow Sing Lin

Mobile agent protocols for distributed detection of network intrusions, Jie Lu

All-optical clock recovery and multiwavelength switching using semiconductor optical amplifiers for high-speed optical signal processing, Brian K. Mathason

Localized adaptive networks for hybrid symbolic and subsymbolic processing, Yousuf C. H. Ma

Ocean brightness temperature measurements using the QuickSCAT radiometer, Rushad J. Mehershahi

An adaptive mismatch cancellation for quadrature IF receivers, Isis Mikhael

Evaluation and implementation of a networked video streaming solution for academic use, Per R. Molin

Multiwavelength modelocked semiconductor laser using wdm demultiplexer, Ikuko Nitta


Efficient Techniques for Management and Delivery of Video Data, Junghwan Oh

Whatever you say, I'll believe and other stories, Rebecca Orr

System design of an ATM over satellite interconnect device, Kongfan Pan

Finite difference time domain analysis of cavity backed circular patch antennas, Melian Douglas Rodriguez

Fabrication of acceleration insensitive bulk acoustic wave resonators, Sara N. Rogers

Evaluation of radar derived surface rainfall estimates for improvement of TRMM ground validation products, Biswadev Roy

Nonlinear filtering of color images, Lloyd J. Sartor

Graphics & animation enhancements in a web-based software engineering course, Jatin V. Shah


View-centric Reasoning About Parallel and Distributed Computation, Marc L. Smith


Signal integrity in deep submicron CMOS chip design, Jignesh Suresh Sonchhatra

Electronic design techniques to enhance NASA's payload ground support transfer operations, Felix Alberto Soto Toro

A methodology for testing web-based applications using Markov chains and McCabe complexitiy measures, Fahmida Sultana

Fiber-optic beam control systems using microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn

An algorithm for measuring rain over oceans using the quikscat radiometer, Mladen Susanj

Benchmarking distributed real-time applications, Shenchao Su

A software emulator of a distributed automated manufacturing plant, Chunyan Tang

Handwritten signature verification using backpropagation neural network, Yubo Tang

Image compression using recursive merge filtering based embedded zerotree and adaptive block-wise methods, Tao Tao

Electro-optic deflection applied to pulsed laser systems, Jesse Tawney

High performance termination detection techniques supporting multithreaded execution, Yili Tseng

Short-term Ethernet traffic prediction using a Kalman filter, Marisin C. Vanderbilt

RNN based wafer surface reconstruction from scanning electron microscopy images, Ron Wang

Energy efficient design of the delay-insensitive asynchronous circuits, Ning Weng

A general-purpose model for heterogeneous computation, Tiffani L. Williams

Optimization of passive optical limiters, Sidney S. Yang

A testbed for experiments with levels of detail in complex outdoor environments, Qingyi Yu


A hierarchical channel selection scheme for macro/micro cellular networks, Ayesha Zaheer

MPEG client software for set-top boxes of VoD systems, Xianhong Zeng

Design and evaluation of an internet-based circuit design package used in an undergraduate engineering circuit course, Qiong Zhang

Towards defining metrics of 2D morphing quality, Jack Q. Zhao

Decentralized control schemes for coordinating distributed processing activities of mobile software agents, Yong Zhu

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

First implementation of the virtual reality dynamic anatomy tool, Yohan Baillot

Predictive scalable and fair protocols for distributed systems, Ming Hsing Chiu

Level coteries for distributed systems, Jenn Luen Chu

A predictive protocol for congestion control of continuous media traffic over ATM networks, Sameer Dubey

Correlation error in multiple resolution entity simulations, Robert W. Franceschini


An Intelligent Editor for Natural Language Processing of Unrestricted Text, Demetrios George Glinos

A framework for the design of event detectors, Niels Haering

Classification algorithms for NETNEWS articles, Wen Lin Hsu

Algorithms for the degree-constrained minimum spanning tree and the hierarchical clustering problems using the nearest-neighbor techniques, Li Jen Mao

Partner-finder : a framework to study peer collaboration in web-based education, Borja Hector Morelos

Image compression and transmission using wavelets and vector quantization, Kunal Mukherjee

Multi-level multi-channel air cache designs for broadcasting in a mobile environment, Kiran Prabhakara

Parallel algorithms for the molecular conformation problem, Kumar Rajan

Knowledge discovery from sets of association rules, Abhijit Sawant

Scalable technologies for distributed multimedia systems, Fenn Huei (Simon) Sheu

A high performance video browsing system, Wallapak Tavanapong

QoS management in ATM with delays and cell-drops, Jun Wang

MDR : a data mining tool for multidimensional data and rules, Yinn Wong

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

A memory-based load balancing technique for distributed web servers, Harsha Bennur

The application of a genetic algorithm to improve a game evaluation function, Matthew James Blanzy

A bulk synchronous parallel (BSP) approach to implementing portable parallel database management systems, Silva Dominic Da

Dynamic channel assignment and reassignment in highway cellular networks, Chun Chin Fang

An artificial life toolkit for VRML worlds, James B. Gershater

Pronoun resolution in encyclopedic texts, Karl Eric Herleman

A framework for distributed computation of recursive, physically-based models, Curtis R. Lisle

Software tools for solid freeform fabrication, Lee James Napravnik

A bulk-synchronous parallel interface for the intel paragon, Travis D. Terry

Bulk synchronous implementation of the fast fourier transform, Stanley C. Tong

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

Adaptive fcfs-n scheduling policy for video-on-demand servers with batching, Zhaobing Chen

Multi-modality medical image registration, Calin D. Cojocariu

Visual lipreading using hidden markov models, Shawn Dettmer

Acquisition of historical knowledge from encyclopedic texts, Richard Douglas Hull

Quantifying, tracking and identifying bioluminescent plankton using active contour models, Donna Marie Kocak

Parallel computation of constrained spanning trees : heuristics and simd implementations, Nishit Kumar

Multiresolution representation of terrain databases using wavelet techniques, C. Rajkumar Madhuram

A goal-directed model for replanning in military simulations, Howard B. Mall

Distributed object models in java, George Paltakis

Computational geometry techniques for terrain reasoning and data distribution problems in distributed battlefield simulation, Mikel D. Petty

Estimating 3d motion and structure of multiple objects, Yu Tina Tian

Acquiring historical knowledge from encyclopedic texts : human relations aspect, Daniel Lee Whitehead

The virtual laboratory, Kathleen Marie Wilson

Implementation and evaluation of extended boolean operators for temporal databases, Xiaochen Yang

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

Distributed mutual exclusion algorithms in mobile computing environment, Ramesh Addanki

Distributed mutual exclusion using slotted token based message passing in a dual-ring network, Kim Hyun

Implementation of a relational object-oriented database management system within gemstone, Craig A. Leeds

Scalable parallel database technology, Yu Lung Lo

A technique for modeling flame using physically-based methods, James Benson Parsons


Finding Paths in the Rotation Graph of Binary Trees, Rodney O. Rogers

Service based discard scheme for congestion control in atm networks, Nilay Sheth

A bulk-synchronous parallel implementation on the Maspar, Gregory William Shumaker

Artificial evolution of geometric primitives for three dimensional shape approximation and animation, Greg Wiatroski