Theses/Dissertations from 2006


Quantitative Assessment Of Software Development Project Management Issues Using Process Simulation With System Dynamics Elements, Carolyn Mizell


A Real Option Strategic Scorecard Decision Framework For It Project Selection, Cesar Munoz


Parameter Estimation In Linear Regression, Kati Ollikainen


Simulation Of Random Set Covering Problems With Known Optimal Solutions And Explicitly Induced Correlations Amoong Coefficients, Nabin Sapkota


Optimizing The Global Performance Of Build-to-order Supply Chains, Tarek Shaalan


Simplified Low Copy Number Dna Analysis By Post Pcr Purification, Pamela Smith


Cognitive Training Transfer Using A Personal Computer-based Game:a Close Quarters Battle Case Study, Michael Woodman


Framework For Cost Modeling A Supply Chain, Nabeel Yousef

Theses/Dissertations from 2005


Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Training System Approaches For Highly Complex Flight Training, Maria Bauer


The Development Of A Fuzzy Model To Quantify Training Andeducational Factors And The Resulting Impact On Student Successand Lear, Chandre Butler


An Automated Methodology For A Comprehensive Definition Of The Supply Chain Using Generic Ontological Components, Mohamed Fayez


Achieving Cost-effective Supply Chain Agility For The Semiconductor Industry, Mariah Jeffery


The Integration Of Audio Into Multimodal Interfaces: Guidelines And Applications Of Integrating Speech, Earcons, Auditory Icons, and Spatial Audio (SEAS), David Jones


A Methodology For Minimizing The Oscillations In Supply Chains Using System Dynamics And Genetic Algorithms, Ramamoorthy C.V.V. Lakkoju


In Situ Remediation Of Heavy Metal Contaminated Sediments Using Emulsified Zero-valent Metal Particles, Kristen Marie Milum


Synthesis Of Alkylthiol-containing Fluorene Derivatives For Gold Nanoparticle Functionalization, Sriram Mukundarajan


Ascertaining The Growth Of A Company A System Dynamics Approach, Fakir Mohideen Noor Mohideen


Development Of A Knowledge Management Model In Large-scale International Space Science Projects, Jose Luis Nunez


Assessing The Impact Of University Technology Incubator Practices On Client Performance, Thomas O'Neal


Recovery Of Hydrogen And Helium From Their Mixtures Using Metal Hydrides, Muzaffer Tonguc Oztek


Assessment Framework For The Evaluation And Prioritization Of University Technologies For Licensing And Commercialization, Ahmad D. Rahal


The Use And Development Of Laser Microdissection To Separate Spermatozoa From Epithelial Cells For Str Analysis, Christine Sanders


The Effect Of Immediate Feedback And After Action Reviews (AARS) On Learning, Retention And Transfer, Michael Sanders


The Effects Of Video Frame Delay And Spatial Ability On The Operation Of Multiple Semiautonomous And Tele-operated Robots, Jared Sloan


Reaction Rates For The Dehalogenation Of Trichloroethylene Using Various Types Of Zero-valent Iron, Neil Stewart


Designing A Document Delivery System For Ucf S Interlibrary Loan Department, Abha Y. Trivedi


Developing An Object-oriented Approach For Operations Simulation In Speedes, Amit Wasadikar


Part I : Isolation Of Dipentyl 2-(4-(pentan-3-yl) Phenyl) Malonate From Sanguisorba Officinalis Labill Part II: Synthesis Of A Novel Family Of Ethers Of Podocarpic Acid, Manjeera Yalavarty

Theses/Dissertations from 2004


Factors Affecting The Practices Of Iso 9001:2000 Quality Management System In Saudi Business Organizations, Mohammad Mesaad Al-Asiri


Improving Project Management With Simulation And Completion Distributi, Grant Cates


Part I: Evaluation Of Russian Synthetic Compounds As A Potential Source Of New Drug Leads Agains Breast And Colon Cancer Part Ii: Isolation Of Beta-amyrin Formate From Eucalyptus Viminalis Labill And Investigation Of Its Colon Cancer Activity, Mihaela Cohanoschi


Synthesis And Polymerization Of Bifunctional Five-membered Cyclic Dithiocarbonates And Their Use As Stabilizers For Magnetic Nan, Mohammed Daoudi


Nascar Restrictor Plate Exhaust Manifold Design Strategies, Matthew John Dollhopf


A Framework Roadmap For Implementing Lean Six Sigma In Local Governmental Entities, Sandra L. Furterer


Affordances In The Design Of Virtual Environments, David Charles Gross


Evolutionary Optimization Of Support Vector Machines, Fred Gruber


Measuring The Effect Of Erratic Demandon Simulated Multi-channel Manuf, Nancy Kohan


A Balanced Scorecard Template For Florida Incubators, Julio Agustin Lujambio


Using The Six Sigma Policy Deployment Cycle To Mitigate Project Failur, Archana Magadi


Synthesis Of A Novel Family Of Amide Derivatives Of Podocarpic Acid, Dao Nguyen


An Approach To Automating Data Collection For Simulation, Irin Portnaya


Versatility And Customization Of Portable Cmm In Reverse Engineering A, Amar Raja Thiraviam

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Exploring the predictive validity of a situational judgment test, Therese C. Snellgrove

Theses/Dissertations from 2001


A Framework for the Implementation of an ISO 9000 Based Certification Program for Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers, Adam Y. Maamoun

Theses/Dissertations from 2000


Crash Quality- An Approach For Evaluating Spending on Quality Improvement Initiatives, Labiche Ferreira

The effects of motion on performance, presence, and sickness in a virtual environment, D. Susan Lanham

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Collaborative academic scheduling as a case study in holistic production planning, Lisa Rae Armour

Modeling perceived wait time, Jeffrey Todd Bethel

A methodology for sampling reduction in high-volume manufacturing, Lesley Cheema

Early lifecycle software reliability modeling, Frank John Hodum

Mode of test administration and computer experience on test performance : computer vs. paper-and-pencil, Lisa Simek

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

The impact of the objective function on product design problem decomposition when using network partitioning, Mohammed Arif

The relationship of training history and self-assessed competency on task characteristic ratings, William T. Hamrick

Systemic thinking : a new way to increase management effectiveness?, Pilar E. Sixto

Management problem solving ability : is it beneficial to use this thing called systemic thinking?, Sherrie Diane Timmes

The use of ultrasound to enhance the degradation rate of chlorinated aliphatics and to study their sorption properties on elemental iron surfaces, Patrick Christopher Toy

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

An optimized design and manufacturing analysis of a high performance rocker arm, Brian D. Brace

Development and investigation of heuristic algorithms to evaluate solar pool systems in Florida, Charles J. Cromer

A study of the school prayer issue in the United States, Craig S. Evans

The interpretive stuctural modeling approach to constructing ahp hierarchies, Dennis J. Frankos

The efficacy of using a global assessment instrument of user-perceived software quality to determine development goals which enhance software usability, Lorri Glover

Using biomechanics to study injuries suffered due to pointe work in ballet dancers, Irene J. Ligon

A framework for designing academic industrial engineering computer facilities, Debra Ann Phillips

The use of Genetic algorithms for selecting weights on priority rule heuristics, Basma R. Selim

A study of nickel microwires as catalysts in the liquid phase hydrogenation of alkenes, Lu Wang

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

Random generation of english text problems for educating industrial engineers, Stephen Lee Brazelton

360-degree feedback : analyzing current and target appraisal ratings, James Matthew Cagle

Examination of a pyrrole cyclization reaction for the formation of 4-carbethoxy-2-phenacl-3-phenyl-pyrrole : synthesis of a series of novel pyrrole analogs that contain the diacylhydrazide group, Anthony Diebes

Racial and bender difference in intercultural sensitivity and intercultural effectiveness, Junko Eguchi

Investigation of skill-to-skill validity in an intermediate fidelity selection test, Richard Forman

Phenacylation studies of highly functionalized pyrroles and their application to the preparation of rigidin derivatives and other compounds, Kartik M. Keertikar

Computer-versus textbook-based training delivery systems: an analysis of trainee performance and preferences, Arthur A. Moffa

An evaluation of genetic algorithms to find optimal weights on heuristics for stochastic resource constrained project scheduling problems, Mahdi Nasereddin

Application of genetic algorithms to the single machine early/tardy problem with sequence dependent setup times, Ghaith Adnan Rabadi

The impact of group size on consistency and leadership when using the analytic herarchy process, Matthias Schmidt

The development of a methodology for evaluating equipment needs and supporting equipment improvements in semiconductor manufacturing improvements in semiconductor manufacturing, Louise Lawson Tozer

Economic model for process improvement and statistical quality control in manufacturing systems, Gamal Weheba

Theses/Dissertations from 1995

The use of conductive polymers to produce environmentally friendly multispectral screening materials, Ghassan Farouk Afiouni

A simulation comparison of aggregation methods applied to hierarchical project networks, Matthew W. Archer

Waste minimization and treatment for ammonium bifluoride, G. Thad Bowes

New catalyst systems for the vapor phase synthesis of carbon filaments, Daniela Bratescu

Optical measurement of contaminant concentrations for precision cleaning applications, Patrick Scott Fowler

The relationship of selected demographic, situational, and achievement factors in the success of first time in college ethnic minority students at the University of Central Florida, Courtney B. Greene

Factors affecting the validity of the angoff procedure, Edward Hamann

Improving computational efficiency in the discrete event simulation of non-uniformly distributed autonomous spatial objects, Gary Joseph Harless

Control : a primary driver of cybersickness, Phillip Anthony Kennady Hash

Toward a paradigm for validating decision making in man-in-the-loop simulations, William C. Hopkinson

Analytical process disaggregation procedure supporting competitive benchmarking initiatives, Andrew E. Jackson

Extending domain expertise through student modeling, Jenifer Sargeant McCormack

Toward a more efficient use of multiple exercises in personnel selection, Diliana Michaylova

The impact of environmental externalities on demand-side management program cost-effectiveness, Jonathan F. Schaefer

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

Team performance and perceptions of workload under stress : the influence of the team leader, Kerry Anne Burgess

A methodology for the selection of critical processes and alternatives in a benchmarking project, Grisselle Centeno

A markovian-based approach to measure task interdependence, Gregory Andrew Clark

A validation study of multiple selection techniques, Lynda Suzanne Hahn

A cross-cultural study of the psychometric equivalence of a video selection test, Prout April Howard

The effects of cultural diversity on team performance, Bruce R. Layman


Integration of Artificial Neural Networks and Simulation Modeling in a Decision Support System, Kenney LeCroy

The development and evaluation of the keybowl : a study on an ergonomically designed alphanumeric input device, Peter J. McAlindon

A study of the relationship between supervisory skills training and assessment center performance, Tina Michelle Mortellaro