Graduate theses were first published at Florida Technological University (later UCF) in 1972. The first thesis was defended in March of that year, titled Computer Method for Airport Noise Exposure Forecast, and was written by John M. Bateman.


Theses/Dissertations from 2023

Exploring English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Saudi Arabian Teachers' Perceptions vis-a-vis the English Education Context in Primary and Secondary Schools, Mona Abdullah A. Al Mogeerah

Micro-Credentialing with Fuzzy Content Matching: An Educational Data-Mining Approach, Paul Amoruso

Me and My Baby: Directing & Designing "Chicago" at the High School Level, Leo Arteche Arencibia

Radioprotectant Ceria Nanoparticles Drug Delivery System to Reduce Reactive Oxygen Species Levels and Mitigate Spaceflight Osteopenia, Balaashwin Babu

Testing the Three-Step Theory of Suicide: An Examination of Pain in First Responders, Shelby Baker

An Investigation on the Procedural Rhetoric of Curated Difficulty, Ismael Benjelloun

Ruffled: Examining Feminism & Femininity Through Animation, Savannah Berry

The Perfect Storm: Motherhood, Intimate Partner Violence, and COVID-19, Kelly Blauschild

Boys to Men, Brandon Bradley

The Relationship Among Identity Development, Dark Personality, and Risk-Taking Behaviors, Reilly Branch

An Evaluation of Thermocouple Reconstruction Techniques, Derek Brauneis

Taste of Grief & Other Stories, Madison Brown

Gendered and Racialized Bodies in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, Saphronia Carson

The Development of Computational Models for Melting-Solidification Applications Using the Volume-Of-Fluid Method, Brendon Cavainolo

Save the Drowning Child: Stories, Kayla Cayasso

VTubers vs FaceCam: How the Visual Representations of Live Streamers Affects Audience Experience, Paola Chinchilla

Fabrication of Alkaline-Earth Fluoride Ceramics for High-Power Lasers via Fusion Casting and Hot Forging, Adrian Cintron

Inkling: An Exploration of Visual Effects as a Character, Joshua Cooper

Magic Show: Themed Experiences Utilizing Animation, Emma Cuitino

Utilizing Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotopes to Examine Elite Juvenile Diet of Individuals from Meroitic Sai Island, Sudan, Anelis Diaz

The Daughters of Sycorax, Wendy Dye

Electroanalytical Investigations of MicroRNA-conjugated Cerium Oxide based Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications, Chaimae El Ghzaoui

Transforming Costuming Design: Costuming for the Actor's Comfort, Lisa Evenson

Analysis of Multi-Drug Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Using Split Deoxyribozymes, Abryana Fergus

Heat Release And Flame Scale Effects On Turbulence Dynamics In Confined Premixed Flows, Max Fortin

With Silk, Sage, and Bones: Confronting Death and Dying Through Nature and Ritualistic Healing, Brittney Fucheck

A Survey of Current School Orchestra Directors' Incorporation of Alternative Styles in the 6-12 String Curriculum, Haley Fye

Las Madres Blancas: The Visual Representation and Cultural Production of the Mirabal Sisters, Luisa Garcia

Acute Effects of Sprint Interval Training and Blood Flow Restriction on Neuromuscular and Muscle Function, David Gonzalez Rojas

The Genealogy of Desolate Landscapes, Alexander Gurtis

Music Direction and Piano Accompaniment in Musical Theatre: A Practical Guide, Danielle Hayes

Detonability of a Rotating Detonation Combustor Seeded with Carbon/Hydrocarbon Particles at Fringe Operating Conditions, Matthew Hopwood

Population Differences in Human Mandibular Growth, Madison Hubbart

Predicting Implementation Citizenship Behavior Rating Discrepancies Between Supervisor-Subordinate Dyads, Alexandra Kandah

It is Time to Change the Way we Change, Thane Keller

Flow Theory in the Actor's Process: Can the Pursuit of Optimal Experience Alleviate Anxiety?, Kimberly (Kimber) King

Roanoke and the Witch, Tamara Komoff

Using GIS to Better Understand The Cracker Community of Pat's Island in the Ocala National Forest, Florida, Nicholas Kopp

"Immigrant Literature": The Transnational Aesthetic of Early Japanese American Periodical ShūKaku [Harvest], Joshua Kuiper

Tooth Farmer: Exploring 3D Printed Replacement Heads for Stop-Motion Animated Films, Jamie Lachnicht

Characterizing Air Plasma Sprayed Aluminum Oxide Coatings for the Protection of Structures in Lunar Environments, Perla Latorre Suarez

Contrasting Extended Reality (XR) and Traditional Tablet Techonologies: Usability, Workload, and Military Operations Situation Awareness (SA), Betsy Laxton

The Assemblage of the Rings: Reading Lord of the Rings Through the Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Kieran Leeds

Mechanical and Fracture Behavior of Additively Manufactured Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites with Bouligand Mesotrstructure, Hung Le

Development of Creatine-Loaded Nanopolymer Matrices, Sebastian Leon

Tin Hammock, Ian Lindsay

Analysis of Acute Colitis in Mice Deficient for Master Regulators of Both Type-1 and Type-17 Inflammation Using Traditional Readouts and Metabolic and Behavioral Data, Rodney Long

The Impact of Competency Based Education on Educational Equity, Ndifor Manjong

Cultural Movement(s) and Counternarratives: The Rhetorics of Native Womxn Runners, Kim Martinez

An Experimental Mixed Methods Pilot Study for U.S. Army Infantry Soldiers - Higher Levels of Combined Immersion and Embodiment in Simulation-Based Training Capabilities Show Positive Effects on Emotional Impact and Relationships to Learning Outcomes, Fred Martin, Jr

The Process Is A Journey, Victoria Micaletti

Perceived Barriers to and Comfort Levels With Hypothetical Intimate Partner Violence Help-Seeking Among Arab Americans, Jana Mostafa

Reflections on White-Passing Black Identity, Edi Mucka

Investigating Mobility Across the Life Course Through Stable Isotope Analysis at the Early Medieval Site of BerettyóúJfalu Somata, Hungary, Brianna Jayne Muir

Creative Collaborations: An Arts Integrated Educational Business, Michele Perkins

Keeping the Ball Alive: The Marriage Between Sports and Acting, Giuseppe Pipicella

A Pilot Study of an Immersive Folktale User Experience, Iulia Popescu

Remembered Spaces: Navigating Memory Through Drawing, Leeann Rae

Christian Nationalism Among Evangelical Christians Through a Critical Race Theory Lens, Marina I. Rivera Ramos

To the Cosmos and Back: Modelling Ritualized Movement and Natural Sanctuaries around the Manialtepec Lagoon, Sami Savateri

Miss-Adventures: Fantasy and Friendship in the Context of Animation, Nathaniel Shrage

In Defense of the Wife, Veronica Silva

Preclinical Assessment of Psychoplastogens for Treatment of Psychiatric Symptoms and Neuroplasticity Deficits in Huntington Disease, Nicholas Skiados

Development of Regolith Simulants of Lunar Permanently Shadowed Regions and Jupiter Trojan Asteroids, Karlis Slumba

Theatrical Intimacy: Navigating a New Normal, Elizabeth Smith-Cortelyou

Long Range Propagation of Single Laser Pulses and Bursts of Pulses Through Varying Atmospheric Conditions, LaShae Smith

Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict: How Levels of Sexual Violence in Peacetime Affect Levels of Sexual Violence in Conflict, Sydney Snowden

Play as a Means of Connection, Charles Street

Decolonized Femininity and Post-Colonial Trauma Autobiographies: Reading Adriana Páramo, Julia Alvarez, and Azar Nafisi Through 'Scriptotherapy', Nicole Suárez

Ablation Efficiency of Metals and Semiconductors in Single Nanosecond Pulse and Femtosecond Gigahertz Burst Regimes, Owen Thome

Mean Pressure Gradient Effects on the Performance of Ramjet Cavity Stabilized Flames, Mason Thornton

Examining Childhood Lived Experience and Kinship in Early Bronze Age Western Anatolia: Stress and Health of Juveniles at Karatas-Semayuk, Christina Trent

A Puerto Rican Diasporic Study in Central Florida, Chelsea Vélez

Effect of Particle Size on Mechanics of Particle Reinforced Composites using Photoluminescence Piezospectroscopy, Khanh Vo

The Narratives of Sexulization: The Perspectives of Young Entertainers Around Their Own Public Sexulizaiton, Alexis Williams

And They Saved My Sorry Ass: A Documentary Discovering Self in Contemporary Fan Culture, Chunxiao Yang

Rotorcraft Lander Fixed to a Descending Capsule Backshell, Corey Zucker

Theses/Dissertations from 2022


Delineating the Cytotoxic Mechanism of Purine Metabolite AICAR in Lung Cancer Cells, Fareesa Aftab


Synergistic Impacts of Climate Change and Human Induced Stressors on the Apalachicola Bay Food Web, Kira Allen


History of the Cuban Diaspora and Responses to July 2021 Protests in Cuba: An In-depth Examination of Emerging Social Movement, Carolina Alonso Domech


The Impact of Covid-19 Precautions on Teachers' Preparation Programs in Kuwait, Nour Alshammari


Aerodynamic Characterization of An Elliptical Fairing In the Wake of a Bluff Body, Luis Amaya

Reverse Engineering of Adversarial Samples by Leveraging Patterns left by the Attacker, Rahul Ambati


Automated Vehicle to Vehicle Conflict Analysis at Signalized Intersections by Camera and LiDAR Sensor Fusion, Alabi Mehzabin Anisha


Breaking the Mold: Haunted Attraction Mazes; A Study in Reducing Predictability & Increasing Intensity, Within Unconventional Halloween Attraction Experiences, Amy Avalos


Autoignition Delay Time Measurements and Chemical Kinetic Modeling of Hydrogen/Ammonia/Natural Gas Mixtures, Jessica Baker

They Are Not Like Us: Polarization and Justification of Violence in the Contemporary United States, Grayson Bakich


White Rage, Black Agency: Violence and its Impact on Reconstruction Era Florida, Zachary Barnes


Hitting a Little Too Close to Home: Reflexivity, Liminality, and Identification in Horror across Film, Theatre, and Games, Alyssa Barrack


Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) Forced by the Covid-19 Pandemic: EFL Teachers' Practices and Perspectives Two Years Later, Eman Barri


Mathematical Model for Giraffe Population Dynamics, Huntir Bass


The Test-Retest Reliability of Single Leg Jump Performance Using the Drift Protocol in Division I Baseball Pitchers, Amy Bergquist


Numerical Study and Optimization of Post-Tensioning Energy Dissipating Connections with Inerters, Hector Blanco Gavillan


The Concept of the Populus Romanus in the Late Republic and Augustan Period, Nicklaus Bobertz


"How to Succeed": Determining and Comparing the Musical and Non-Musical Influences behind the Broadway Adaptation of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, Gary Bogers


Characterizing Nearby States of the Stokes Wave Solution of the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation, Teresa Bosch


Design and Fabrication of a Compact, Rugged, and Thermally Stabilized Fiber Based Mode Locked Oscillator with Amplification., Joshua Bryan


#RedFlag: Social Media and Dating Violence Among Young Adults, Davina Caldwell


Sacrificing Sisters: Nurses' Psychological Trauma from the First World War, 1914-1918, Kayla Campana


Simulation of a Comprehensive Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Jose Chalarca Castro