This collection includes Honors in the Major (undergraduate) Theses completed in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Records for print-only, retrospectively scanned, and electronic works are included—digital copies are included where available.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Experiments with K-Means, Fuzzy c-Means and Approaches to Choose K and C, Sui Hong

Detail Preserving Filters for Impulsive Noise Removal in Color Images, Simon Jelavic

Probalistic Stress Rupture Life Analysis of Turbine Blades, Sameer Khan

Scale Space Based Grammar for Hand Detection, Jan Prokaj

Averaged Model of a Three-Port Solar Power Converter, Justin Reese

Pedestrian detection in EO and IR video, Vladimir Reilly

Detection, Segmentation, and Pose Recognition of Hands in Images, Christopher Schwarz

Development of a Novel Membrane Process for the Immediate Production of Drinking Water from Varying Quality Aqueous Sources, Erica Stone

Interactive E-learning and Problem for Electrical Circuits, Najlae Yazghi

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Intention Recognition in a Strategic Environment, Cameron Akridge

Human Silhouette Segmentation for Automatic Recognition of Armed Robbery, Jaime Dever

Analysis of Electron Wave Scattering by Nano Grating Structure, Shaohua Lin

A Device for the Measurement of Head Loss across Pipe Coupons, David MacNevin

Dynamic Voting Schemes to Enhance Evolutionary Repair in Reconfigurable Logic Devices, Corey Milliord

Hilbert Space Filling Curve (HSFC) Nearest Neighbor Classifier, John Reeder

Grass Mapping: Realistic Real Time Grass Rendering, Eric Risser

Design of a LQR Controller for a Quad-Rotor Vehicle, Ollie Rodriguez

Case Consistency in Case-Based Reasoning, Bryan Rosander

A Hands-on Method of Instruction for Feedback Control Systems and Mechatronics, Matthew Sherman

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

Toward the Design of an Emotion-like State Generator for a Robotic Office Assistant, Eric Baumer

Gait Based Recognition, Ankur Datta

Verification of the Incidence Angle Dependence within the Satellite Microwave Radiative Transfer Model, RadTb, Christopher Ekberg

A Laplace Transform Boundary Element Method Approach to the Solution of Large-Scale Transient Heat Conduction Problems, Kevin Erhart

A Dynamic Simulation of Trajectory and Attitude Stabilization for a Solar Sail Mission to Study the Asteroid Vesta, Brian Fein

Broadband Rectifying Antenna Design for Low Power Applications, James Ginn

A DSP Algorithm for Multi-Channel Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic Systems, Rebecca Hayman


Directory-based Cache Coherence in SMTp Machines without Memory Overhead using Sparse Directories, Anton Kiriwas

Object tracking in low frame-rate video sequences, Alfred K. Levy


Modeling and Analysis of Solar Arrays for Grid Connected Systems with Maximum Power Point Tracking, Adje Mensah

Enhancement of Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) Fusion Through High Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, Marin Racic

Design of a Monolithic Bipolar Junction Transistor Amplifier in the Common Emitter with Cascaded Common Collector Configuration, Luis Rodriguez

A Hybrid of Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms for Controlling Mobile Robots, James Secretan

Path planning for N- degrees of freedom in a confined space represented by N- dimensions using approximate cell decomposition for hypercubes to graph node traversal to calculate the optimal path (gNND*), Gary Stein

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Neural algorithms for EMI based landmine detection, Matthew C. Draper

Software Development for Wireless Communication between Mobile Robots and Handheld Devices, Frank Goergen

Simulation and interpretation for a voice-activated traffic information system, Martin Mennicke

Indoor Air Quality Measurements, Mariam Rahmani

Improving Computational Efficiency in Context-Based Reasoning Simulations, Roberto Sanchez

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Design of a high effectiveness ceramic micro-channel heat recuperator for micro-turbine application, Bradley Gene Carman

Modeling of acoustic phenomena in computer generated forces, John Patrick Durning

Packet loss in the cognitive packet network, Michael Gellman

Implementing quality in the healthcare industry, Martha Sist

Using voicexml to provide real-time traffic information, Viet Trinh

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

The electromigration behavior of single crystal copper, Catherine Marie Contino

A comparison of measurement techniques used for 3-D pointing tests, Dayana Espinal

Cost-effective levels of energy efficiency in manufactured homes, Matthew McCloud

Remote operation of the Scott axial turbofan via the World Wide Web, Robert M. McFarlane

VHDL design of computer vision tasks, Walter Phillips

A study of the changes in electromagnetic radiation from a microprocessor due to changes in clock cycles and data programs, Randall Wade Smith

Study of a high-performance micropump : numerical analysis of flow and structural elements, Jose Enrique Solomon

FDTD analysis of passive structures in RF IC'S, David Jeremiah Spivey

Using advanced computing techniques to implement a distance education system, Michael N. Wallick

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Implementation and validation of physical control interfaces in a virtual environment, Christian M. Buhl

Decomposing Large Markov Chains for Statistical Usage Testing, Chirag Pandya

Texture Segmentation Using Fractal Features, Nattorn Pongratananukul

Efficient data structures for discovery in high level architecture (HLA), Hibah Rahmani

A comparative analysis of regression and neural networks in simulation metamodeling, Eyitope St. Matthew Daniel

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Measured and predicted energy consumption in entry level homes, Brian Fuehrlein

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Visualization of electromagnetic fields using MATLAB, Mary Joset Burke

Square spiral conformal microstrip antennas for space vehicles, Nahid Dehestani

Detection of clustered and occluded oranges from a color image of an orange tree, Anthony Gallagher

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

Predicting software effort for a new project using data from a casebase of previously completed projects, Wai Lun Chan

Substrate noise coupling in a complex mixed signal integrated circuit, Kelly Lawrence Davis

Finite Element Analysis and Active Vibration Control of a Cantilevered Beam, Daniel Negvesky

Controller synthesis for performance stabilization of unstable, uncertain plants, John D. N. Palmos

Predictive modeling of a management information system, Leah M. Reeves

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

Design and implementation of a high efficiency power supply for use with a high power audio amplifier, Roy Harris

Overcoming language communication barriers in the emergency room using erca-emergency room communications aid, Meredith Harper Moody

The design and construction of an anechoic chamber for automated antenna measurements, Sean Christopher Ortiz

Definition of operating guidelines for nitrification from historical operations records, Stephen Romano

Spectral interferometry for measuring dispersion in femtosecond diode lasers optics, Aubier Augusto Torres

Theses/Dissertations from 1995

Modeling of cod and bod at full-scale conventional and leachate recirculating landfills, Deema Addasi

Design and implementationa of a stereo graphic equalizer using real time digital signal processing, Sean David Erickson

Design of the tripod polishing machine, Mohamad Brimo Haek

Investigation of losses in pulse width modulation converters, Danny S. Tawil

Design, fabrication, and analysis of a BJT common emitter amplifier on a silicon substrate, John D. Whitney

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

Simulation of a family of DC-to-DC power supplies, Debra Ann Kemnitz Beatty

Acquisition and analysis of human brainwaves, Thomas Ray Burns

Development of a methodology to validate large expert systems: structured based validation versus input-output validation, Cesar R. Penafiel

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

Design, implementation, testing, and documentation of employee processing/tracking system, Justin Edward Cardell

An AI performance benchmark for the ncube 2, Kirk Carter

Analysis and design of a flexible structure for benchmaking robust controllers, Diana C. Castellanos

Noise analysis for analog amplifiers, Anthony G. Klele

Steady state analysis of resonant converters, Henry Q. Nguyen

Theoretical Analysis of Avalanche Breakdown in Heterojunction Light Amplifying Optical Switches, Brian Smith

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

A monolithic bipolar junction transistor amplifier in the common emitter configuration, Jeanne M.B. Gallagher

Theses/Dissertations from 1991

The analysis and design of a costas phase locked loop for the acquisition of carrier phase of suppressed carrier communication systems, William J. Burmeister