This collection includes Honors in the Major (undergraduate) Theses completed in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Records for print-only, retrospectively scanned, and electronic works are included—digital copies are included where available.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2015


Understanding and Modeling Pathways to Thrombosis, John Seligson


Nanocluster Thin-Films for Sensor Applications, Joseph Serritella


Sparsification of Social Networks Using Random Walks, Bryan Wilder

Theses/Dissertations from 2014


The Thermodynamics of Planetary Engineering on the Planet Mars, Christopher Barsoum


Modeling Financial Markets Using Concepts From Mechanical Vibrations and Mass-Spring Systems, Michael Gandia


Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Microdroplet Evaporation with a Forced Pinned Contact Line, Kevin Gleason


Effects of Relaxed Assumptions on the State Switching Technique, Stephen Ilardi


Organizational Accountability in the W.A.S.H. Sector: Integrating Sustainability Factors Into the Definition of Success, Kaitlyn Jeanis


Scalable Nano Particle Production of Low Bioavailability Pharmaceuticals for Augmented Aqueous Solubility, Aaron Madden


The TLC Method for Modeling Creep Deformation and Rupture, David May


Ignition Studies of Diisopropyl Ketone, A Second-Generation Biofuel, Owen Pryor


Computation of Boolean Formulas Using Sneak Paths in Crossbar Computing, Alvaro Velasquez


Prototype of an Educational Video Game for Knowledge Retention in Youth Health Education, Jennifer Vogel

Theses/Dissertations from 2013


A Simplified Approach to Thermomechanical Fatigue and Application to V-shaped Notches, Thomas Bouchenot


Numerical simulation of fracture of a nano-paper coated e-glass/polyester composite with thermal damage, Zachary Graham


Microscopic Surface Textures Created by Interfacial Flow Instabilities, Jing Gu


Strategically minded dynamic analysis of strategic flight bat maneuvers, Marie Kaspryzk


Application of non-local approaches for predicting the response of v-notch under thermomechanical fatigue loading, Trung Nguyen


Fracture Toughness of a Hyperelastic Material During Surgical Cutting, Kevin Smith


A computed tomography-based model of the infant hip anatomy for dynamic finite element analysis of hip dysplasia biomechanics, Kyle Snethen


Development and Validation of an Absorption Sensor for Time-Resolved Measurements of CO and CO2, Kyle Thurmond


Implementation and testing of a blackbox and a whitebox fuzzer for file compression routines, Toby Tobkin


Production, control and actuation of micron-sized particles in a microfluidic T-junction, James Wilson


Characterization of Polyetherimide Under Static, Dynamic, and Multiple Impact Conditions, Bryan Zuanetti

Theses/Dissertations from 2012


Denial of convenience attack to smartphones using a fake wi-fi access point, Erich Dondyk


Characterization of an advanced neuron model, Christopher Echanique


Adding cerebral autoregulation to a lumped parameter model of blood flow, Russell Gentile


Computational fluid dynamics investigation of the orientation of a pediatric left ventricle assist device cannula to reduce stroke events, Stephen Guimond


Imitating individualized facial expressions in a human-like avatar through a hybrid particle swarm optimization - tabu search algorithm, Evan Husk


Fabrication and transport studies of n-type OFETS using aligned array carbon nanotubes electrodes, Edwards Jimenez


Identification of spatiotemporal nutrient patterns and associated ecohydrological trends in the tampa bay coastal region, Brent Wimberly

Theses/Dissertations from 2011


Heat transfer study of a triple row impingement channel at large impingement heights, Roberto Claretti


Decolorization of an azo and anthraquinone textile dye by a mixture of living and non-living Trametes versicolor fungus, Christine M. Dykstra


Vortex tilting and the enhancement of spanwise flow in flapping wing flight, Spencer Frank


Investigation on interactions of unsteady wakes and film cooling on an annular endwall, Matthew J. Golsen


Integration of communication constraints into physiocomimetic swarms via placement of location based virtual particles, Joshua J. Haley


Toward increasing performance and efficiency in gas turbines for power generation and aero-propulsion unsteady simulation of angled discrete-injection coolant in a hot gas path crossflow, Perry L. Johnson


Small-scale hybrid alternative energy maximizer for wind turbines and photovoltaic panels, Ross Kerley


An experimental and numerical study of secondary flows and film cooling effectiveness in a transonic cascade, James C. Kullberg


Context-driven agents in computer supported cooperative works, Brian D. Lichtman


Assessing the viability of sol-gel nimgo films for solar blind detection, Amber Scheurer


Effect of rib aspect ratio on heat transfer and friction in rectangular channels, Lucky Vo Tran

Theses/Dissertations from 2010


Multi-pole permanent magnet motor design and control for high performance electromechanical actuation in all electric aircraft, Jared C. Bindl

The aerodynamic losses with the addition of film cooling in a high-speed annular cascade, Timothy Casey

Extrapolation Techiques for Very Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Ni-base Superalloy, Brian R. Daubenspeck

In-situ stress measurements of EB-PVD thermal barrier coatings using synchrotron x-ray diffraction under thermo-mechanical loading, Rene Orlando Diaz

A novel approach for extending delay time in surface acoustic wave devices, James R. Humphries

Characterization of the mechanical behavior of a twill dutch woven wire mesh, Steven M. Kraft

An automatic medication management system for independently living healthcare patients, Corey McCall


Stress concentration factors for v-notched plates under axisymmetric pressure, Nathan J. Mutter

Measurements and modeling of transpiration cooling, Greg A. Natsui

Persistent military satellite communications coverage using a cubesat constellation in low earth orbit, Jacqueline M. Nelson

Rate handling methods in variable amplitude fatigue cycle processing, Ryan O'Kelley

A step toward evolving biped walking behavior through indirect encoding, Randal S. Olson

E-ternally yours : the case for the development of a reliable repository for the preservation of personal digital objects, Lesley L. Peterson

Real time rendering and modifiction of scenes with complex materials, Christopher M. Pugh

A comparison of kansa and hermitian RBF interpolation techniques for the solution of convection-diffusion problems, Erik Rodriguez

Analysis and enhancement of the LDMOSFET for safe operating area and device ruggedness, Jason B. Steighner

Recognition of predicted time series using chaotic and geometric features, David Leary Thomas

Pressure losses experienced by liquid flow through straight PDMS microchannels of varying diameters, Darrel W. Wright

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

An optimal, low-cost design for small wind turbine converters applied to charging batteries, Jonathan Baker

The design and manufacturing of scandia-ceria stabilized zirconia ceramics for use as electrolyte material in solid oxide fuel cells, Glenn E. Bean

A framework for blind signal correction using optimized polyspectra-based cost functions, Steven W. Braeger

Dance evolution : interactively evolving neural networks to control dancing three-dimensional models, Greg A. Dubbin

Digital control algorithms : low power wind turbine energy maximizer for charging lead acid batteries, Christopher Hamilton

An efficient method for the optimization of viscoplastic constitutive model constants, Erik A. Hogan


Numerical solution of the two-phase incompressible navier-stokes equations using a gpu-accelerated meshless method, Jesse Kelly

The ambient sound engine : a tool built for improving interactive and improvisational performance, Christopher L. Kidwell

Exploring the effectiveness of 3D file browsing techniques for file searching tasks, Anamary Leal

Introduction of grand solar belt of America : combinatorial optimization using genetic algorithms, Roberto; Miguez

Effects of electrode microstructure and electrolyte parameters on intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell (ITSOFC) performance, Edward J. Naimaster

Bottle water storage location and its impact on microbiogical quality, Hilary R. Palmer

Analysis of the orbit lowering and attitude control performance of a magnetic coil-augmented gossamer sail, John Robinson

Heat transfer augmentation in a rectangular duct characterized by an impinging jet inlet : design of experiment, Carson D. Slabaugh

Dual polarized miniaturized antennas, Rhonessa I. Villegas

Using FPGAs to perform embedded image registration, Brandyn A. White

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Neat drummer : computer-generated drum tracks, Amy K. Hoover

Cooling techniques for advanced gas turbines, Stephanie Kersten

Modeling and analysis of reverse recovery in PiN power diodes in series, Matthew M. Landowshi

A study of mutual coupling as an alternative feed method in phased array antennas, Justin J. Luther

Development of an experimental setup for the study of film pulsation effects on film cooling effectiveness, Jan H. Marsh

Design and computational analysis of aerodynamics in an annular cascade, William J. McDonald

Next generation heat transfer fluids : experimental study of nano-oxide and carbon nanotube suspensions in water, Denitsa Milanova

Varactor-based reactive network design for ESPAR phased array and antenna applications, Paul Jeffrey Nelson

Computational analysis of alternative aortic bypass for left ventricle assistant device (LVAD), Andres F. Osorio

Stormwater pollution control using Black and Gold media, Brian Rivera

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Automatically Determining Consequences of Unexpected Events, Brian Becker

Implementation and Experimentation with C4.5 Decision Trees, Jason Beck


A user interactive calibration program for an object tracking system using a triaxial accelerometer, Richard A. Elliott

Modeling the Complex Refractive Index of CdxZn1-xo by Spectrophotometric Characterization: An Evolutionary Approach, Matthew Falanga

Energy extraction using maximum energy harvesting control as a refinement over maximum power point tracking on an energy harvesting backpack, Venceslav Gaydarzhiev

Analysis of high speed radially rotating high-temperature heat pipes, Luis O. Gonzalez

Temporal Abstract Behavioral Representation Model, Rachel Mansfield

A Study of Knowledge Management within Lockheed Martin Corporation, Jonathan Nichols

A Scalable and Efficient Outlier Detection Strategy for Categorical Data, Enrique Ortiz

Wakeboards : correlation of cognitive and analytical data on fins, Ramon J. Rosquete

Design, Implementation, and Validation of an Experimental Setup for Closed-Loop Functional Electrical Stimulation Applications, Sarah Steinmetz

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

A Library of Functions in C++ for Building and Manipulating Large Graphs, Heather Cash

A Meshless Method Approach for Solving Coupled Thermoelasticity Problems, Salvadore Gerace

A Preliminary Study of New Anchorage Designs for Strengthening RC Beams with Externally Bonded FRP Composite Materials, Zachary Haber