Theses/Dissertations from 1995

Decision maker weighting and usage of indicators of university service efforts and accomplishments, Barbara B. Ratti

Rapid coarse acquisition of dsss signals using an expanding-search algorithm, John Steven Seybold

The disordering of GaAs/A1GaAs multiple quantum wells and its application in the fabrication of integrated optical devices, Xinyue Shi

The impact of personal theorizing on reflective practice: a qualitative analysis of a teacher education philosophy and its manifestation in the personal theorizing of triad participants, Barbara Slater Stern

Study of the southern association's school renewal method of regional accreditation in Florida secondary schools, Shaune Mcginn Storch

A competition-based connectionist model for information retrieval, Inien Syu

Operational characteristics and modeling of membrane systems incorporating recycle of concentrate water, Donald M. Thompson


Shape reconstruction from shading using linear approximation, Ping Sing Tsai

Effects of task differentiation and status differentiation on the perceptions, communication, and performance of three person teams, Julie M. Urban

Transient electro-optical nonlinearities in strained multiple quantum well inGaAs/GaAs(A1As) modulators, Hai sheng Wang

The impact of individual differences on state anxiety and performance in teams exposed to stressors, Jeanne Weaver

Identifying coping strategies of adolescents, Gregory A. Wiens

Two dimensional modeling of chemical reactions in an aluminum plasma in cacuum produced by laser irradiation, Kuang Tai Yen

Multidimensional, transform domain, system modeling and signal representation with applications, Haoping Yu

Modeling of the flow field and the heat transfer of slush hydrogen in transfer lines for the national aerospace planes, Nadim Zakhia

Passive optical locking techniques for diode lasers, Quan Zhang

Shape from photomotion, Ruo Zhang

Theoretical and experimental investigations of the thermosyphon, Zhijun Zuo

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

Spatial knowledge acquisition in a virtual environment, John H. Bailey

An Analysis of the Policies and Practices that Govern the Selection and Acquisition of Information Technology at Selected Mid-sized Public Universities, Linda M. Barrow


An analysis of the early retirement programs offered during the 1992-1993 school year by the public school districts in the state of Florida, Peter B. Berry

Metaphor-the language we write by : a study of metaphor in the writings of advanced placement english literature and composition students, Robert Bruce Boehm

Identifying factors in the diffusion and implementation of the Florida information resource network, Zella Moore Boulware

An analysis of middle manager competencies in the hospital setting : a comparative study of upper level and middle level manager perceptions, Barry J. Brock

Values in Children's Literature: Recognition by Adults and Fifth Grade Children, Patricia E. Bush

Total quality management in higher education : implementation and barriers, Timothy W. Carroll

Third order nonlinear optical spectroscopy of organic materials, Myoungsik Cha

A framework of congestion control for multimedia traffic classes in high-speed integrated networks, Samir Chatterjee

Hospitality administration program administrators' perceptions of core areas of knowledge, Jerald W. Chesser

An analysis of the implementation and impact of the professional development portfolio : an alternative teacher assessment model, Joyce Clark

Design and optimization of random targets for modulation transfer function (MTF) testing in the visible and infrared spectral ranges, Arnold Daniels

An architecture for job shop scheduling with genetic algorithms, James J. Davern

On the coupling of boundary element method and experimental modal analysis, Thomas Winder Davies

Signal-processing and flux-transfer issues for laser speckle, Alfred Dale Ducharme

The effect of participation in consultation training on regular education teachers' perceptions of serving learning disabled students in middle schools, Natalie Ann Eager

An investigation of the role of a home school association in the lives of its members, William Eckenwiler

Theoretical and experimental study of tribodynamic phenomena in sliding wear, Shahram Elmi

Optimal multidimensional adaptive signal processing algorithms with applications, Shomit Ghosh

The relationship between teacher esol inservice training and implementation in the classroom, Betty Neilsen Green

Separation of streamflow components in the Econlockhatchee river system using environmental stable isotope tracers, Paul T. Gremillion

A study of teachers' shared decision making staff development needs, Susan L. Helberg

Computational investigation of three-dimensional flow and conjugate heat transfer in a laser-created channel, Mingli He

Perceptions of multicultural education amoung teachers, high school students and their parents, Jose E. Hernandez

Circuit design and simulation of an augmented adaptive resonce theory (AART) neural network, Ching Sung Ho

The theoretical analysis of art neural networks and their application in frequency selective surfaces, Juxin Huang

The relationship between adult health/fitness membership, health promotion program participation and individual healhtcare cost, Dennis Merrill Hunt

Teachers' perceptions of ninth grade students, Sandra Boyd Whittaker Huxley

Multiselection and multisearch : parallel algorithms, Amit Jain

An investigation of adolescent orientations to learning : pedagogy versus andragogy, Barbara D. Johnson

A descriptive study of a secondary school's lep program : identification of the effective elements for student success, Alice Lincoln Joossens

An automated knowledge elicitation archetype for an intelligent individualized instruction system, Namho Jung

An analysis of the perceived value of the Florida principal competencies, Carol Anne Kelley

An analysis and comparison of school improvement planning models, Mary Patt Kennedy

An exploratory study of african-american principals in north and east central Florida : issues, challenges and motivators, Neva Wilson Kinsler

Misconceptions of 4th and 5th grade students about properties of light and the use of holograms to bring about conceptual change, Kenneth R. Koppenhoefer


An Efficient Method for Representing and Computing Transitive Closure over Temporal Relations, Vincent J. Kovarik

Temporal extensions to the relational data model, Mark J. Llewellyn

A police school liaison program and moral development at the adolescence level within public schools, Dennis R. Lynch

The cloning and characterization of particular abdominal-B mutants and their interactions with the tumorous head-1 maternal effect alleles, Judith Ann Mack

The development and evaluation of the keybowl : a study on an ergonomically designed alphanumeric input device, Peter J. McAlindon

A comparison of requirements for entry-level teaching to actual practice in vocational health occupations at public community colleges and adult vocational-technical centers in Florida, Michael R. McCumber

Using robust models to represent global behaviors in model based diagnostics, Frederic D. McKenzie

Data structures and optimal algorithms for parallel priority deques and parallel dictionaries/, Muralidhar Medidi

An analysis of a teacher evaluation goal-setting model, Kenneth Meyers

The relationship between rhythmic competency and academic performance in first grade children, Debby L. Mitchell

An investigation of parental needs assessments in selected central Florida schools, Barbara Anne Nixon


Using Electronic Portfolios to Archive Student Performance, Phyllis M. Olmstead

Attrition and lifespan-related factors for non-traditional-aged beginning teachers, Margaret G. Osteen

School-within-a-school: a dropout prevention program case study, David M. Painter


Synthesis of Numerical Integrators For the Real-time Digital Simulation of Continuous Systems, Michael James Panzitta

Evaluation of design/analysis techniques, fabrication errors, and system tolerances on the performance of diffractive optical elements, Drew A. Pommet

Cross-cultural experiential learning practices for training teachers in multicultural education, Yasmeen Qadri

Multidimensional signal compression using wavelets and mixed transforms, Arun Ramaswamy

Developing teaching cases based on observations for use in early childhood education classes : the process, the product and a set of guidelines, Barbara J. Rodriguez

Fault-tolerant design and evaluation of high performance multiprocessor architectures, Debasish Roy

A database design and a controlled and adaptable attribute search mechanism for the kl-snowy terminological knowledge representation language, Aboalfazl Salimi

Learning situational knowledge through observation of expert performance in a simulation-based environment, Taha A. Sidani

Analysis of selected instructional supervisory practices of elementary principals in Orange County, Florida, Barbara Moorefield Skorija

Effects of planning on the shared understanding of team member information requirements and efficient communication strategies, Renee Johann Stout

The effects of a college-level reading course on students' reading and semester grade point averages, Margaret Z. Warren

A study of the effects of a community college mentoring program on student academic performance and retention, Jinkun Wei

Modeling and experimental studies of nonlinear optical self-action, Tiejun Xia

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

Training with images : real and representational, Sandra S. Bailey

Hyper-linear instructional design : the effectiveness of combining hypertext and linear designs in tutorials for adult learners, Mary L. Bird


The Cry-Wolf Phenomenon and its Effect on Alarm Responses, James P. Bliss

Perceptions of hazard as a function of color and signal word in product warnings, Curt D. Braun

Application of multicultural and global concepts in senior elementary interns' classrooms, Susan C. Brown

On the nature of sequence order and structure of computer menus, Stephen G. Cinq Mars

Analysis of the relationship between principal leadership styles, school size and disciplinary suspensions in Central Florida high schools, Quentin P. Ciolfi

Incidence and prevalence of critical incidents and critical incident stress among maternal-infant nurses, Shelley F. Conroy

A review of selected planning methods and a case study of the breakthrough thinking model, Tace Taylor Crouse

On nonlinear refraction and two-photon absorption in optical media, John Richard DeSalvo


Current accessibility of, knowledge of, and experience with distance education technologies at three small colleges in Kelskemet Hungary, Richard Adams Dietzel

Personal, educational, and career success demographics of instructional technology graduates : a survey of instructional technology gradutes from selected graduate programs across the United States, Cheryl Marie Donahey

A dynamic probabilistic approach to multisensor fusion, Robert E. Douglas

An analysis of selected black male achievers and non-achievers of the 1992 graduating class of Jones High School Orlando, Florida, Thelma V. Jackson Dudley


Measuring and Compensating for Transport Delay in Real-time Interactive Driving Simulation, Joseph D. Dumas II

Development of a stream pollutant mixing model with calibration and verification and its application to the econlockhatchee river basin, Ronald Dean Eaglin

Band acquisitions and contagion effects: an empirical analysis, Frank R. Flanegin

A study of the relationship between teacher hardiness and job satisfaction at selected elementary schools, Barbara A. Jarvis