Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Energy transfer in Nd:KLiYF5, Henry Weidner

Features of total quality management training and their relationships to effective TQM implementation in k-12 educational organizations, Linda Bell Welsh

A study of the effects computer-assisted algebra instruction has on attitude towards mathematics and computers; student success rate; and success for different personality styles, Jacquelyn A. White


Campus Safety Directors: A Leadership Frame Analysis, Ross A. Wolf

The effects of school experience on juvenile delinquency : a case study, Deborah R. Woodward

The design of passively q-switched solid state lasers, Guohua Xiao


Laser welding of sheet metals, Jian Xie

Investigation of the performance of a coherent array detection system for laser communications and radar, Jing Xu

The referent : a neglected factor in building mathematical concepts at the elementary level, Marai Yaw

Development and applications of TPModel : a queuing model describing traffic operations during electronic toll collection (etc), Marguerite Lucia Zarrillo

Nasa scatterometer beam balance using homogenous land targets, Josko Zec

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

Acquisition of historical knowledge from encyclopedic texts, Richard Douglas Hull

Constrained package millimeter-wave quasi-optical power combining amplifiers, Toni G. Ivanov

Efficient second-harmonic generation in poled polymer waveguides using copropagating geometries, Matthias L. Jager

Metacognitive training for junior team members, Martin Jentsch

A descriptive case study of teacher attitudes related to the implementation of multicultural curriculum and instruction in the various disciplines at the middle school level, Joann Trippi Johns

3-D object recognition via the open-ball scheme using modified domain deormation theory and wavelets, Sung Soo Kim

optical transistors based on second order nonlinearities, Sungwon Kim

Time domain diffraction analysis with application to surface acoustic wave devices, Scott M. Knapp

Teacher performance factors: a comparative study of performance factors as perceived by Florida teachers and Florida building principals, Linda I. Kratzmeier

Parallel computation of constrained spanning trees : heuristics and simd implementations, Nishit Kumar

Sharpening sound localization by signal design, Richard C. Lanier

The effect of the Florida explores! (exploring and learning the operations and resources of environmental satellites!) program on the science process skills of fourth grade students, Susan Rosemary LaVigne

Third order optical nonlinearities and spatial solitary waves in polydiacetylene toluene sulfonate, Brian Lee Lawrence

Dynamic modeling and control of rigid and flexible robot manipulators, Jinbiao Li

Study on long-term oxidation and hot corrosion behavior of gas turbine superalloys, Ming Li

A historical perspective of Florida's human resource management development program, Joanne C. Loggins

Ensemble density functional theory for quantum hall systems, Mark I. Lubin

An Investigation of the Interpretation of Uncertainty Information Displays by Decision Makers, Lois S. Mahoney

Characterization and statistical modeling of the salinity regime in the St. Sebastian River, Frank E. Marshall

Examination of the Florida validation and standard setting procedures for the national teacher examination, Susan Marie Marsh

Factors which influence training efficiency in an industrial setting : an exploratory study, Thomas D. Metcalf


The Effect of Water Immersion on Lactic Acid Kinetics During Swimming Interval Training Recovery Periods, Richard P. Morris

A replicated concurrent-read architecture for scalable shared-memory multiprocessing, Bahman Shahir Motlagh

Visual search performance within figure/ground areas, John Kurt Muller

The relationship between teachers' pedagogical beliefs and the level of instructional computer use, Carol Gutek Olech

Necessary conditions for optimization of multiple response functions and a new multiple response surface methodology, Deborah M. Osborne

Partial analytical numerical method : an unconditionally stable explicit numerical scheme, Xing Ouyang

Studies of far-infrared/submillimeter p-type germanium laser, Kijun Park

Model based inversiona algorithm for ground penetrating radar signal processing with correlation for target classification, Mark D. Patz

Computational geometry techniques for terrain reasoning and data distribution problems in distributed battlefield simulation, Mikel D. Petty

Development of a computer control system with self-tuning growth rate control for the czochralski crystal growth process, Haihong Qiu

AC methods for detection and monitoring of crevice corrosion, Ashwani Kumar Rawat

The impact of experience, education and training on the prosocial decision-making of school board members and school district superintendents in Florida, Sandra G. Rowe

An analytical and experimental investigation of concrete-filled fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) tubes, Michel Sabri Samaan

A comparison of older vs. younger adults in their ability to process various precision levels of knowledge of results, Vickie Lynn Sanchez

Analysis and modeling of physical mechanisms contributing to the A1GaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor reliability, Shyh horng Sheu

Perceptions of community college registrars regarding five essential components of enrollment management, Renee K. Simpson

Estimating 3d motion and structure of multiple objects, Yu Tina Tian

Attitudes towards gender roles across cultures : a comparison of gender role attitudes among college students in Taipei, Taiwan and Florida, USA, Mei Mei Tsai

Phased array antenna analysis using the finite difference time domain method, Gregory M. Turner

Response management timed to real-world alerts, Robert R. Tyler

Multiresolution aspects in genetic algorithms, Liviu Ionel Voicu

The effect of learners with moderate and severe disabilities on peers without disabilities in elementary school classrooms, Theresa A. Ward


Fatigue : investigation of a human factor for aviation curricula, Thomas R. Weitzel

An experimental study of underexpanded supersonic swirling jets, Young Kil Yu

Analysis of microstrip antennas on very small ground planes, Weishu Zhou

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

An exploration of communicator styles of effective community college instructors, Richard L. Abel

The information content of accounting measures in relation to the cross-section of expected stock returns, Sekhar Anantharaman

Expectations and satisfaction of freshmen in higher education, Pamela S. Anthrop

Instructional effectiveness of compressed motion video signals, Ronald Scott Arnold

Five public school districts in Florida : violence on school property and the perceptions of some middle school students directly involved, Anita Bruegger Avery

Dynamic excitation of structures from the space shuttle liftoff, Fady Fouad Barsoum

Indexing-based object recognition, Georgios Bebis

Efficient signal representation using non-orthogonal basis functions with applications to speech and image coding, Albert P. Berg

A Study to Assess the Impact of a Balanced Reading and Technology-based Intervention on Reluctant Readers in Middle School, Michael R. Blasewitz

A study of the relationship between knowledge of disease and adaptational outcome of breast cancer survivors during chemotherapy, Nancy Bottge

The role of instructional leadership in the implementation of cooperative learning, Jenell M. Bovis

Perceptions of Florida secondary school principals concerning multicultural education, Jose Gilberto Boza

Teachers' perceptions of portfolio assessment activities and the elements of a professional culture, Daniel C. Buckman

Cr3+:LiSrAlF6 chirped pulse amplification system for femtosecond white light nonlinear spectroscopy, Paul Martin Buck

Incorporating self-assessment into adaptive computer-assisted instruction, Joann Cole

Contributing factors to the high dropout rate of Daytona Beach community college high school students, John P. Cunnyngham

A scalable bipolar transistor model including quasisaturation and high current effects for bipolar and bicmos circuit applications, Yong Dai

Explaining mutual fund performance : the usefulness of corporate financial information, F. Lauren Detzel

The display configuration, perspective, and intent (cpi) matrix : development of a framework and methodology for advancing the design of graphical deisplays, David A. Dryer

Developing a history of an urban community reform program, Thomas Dumbacher

An analysis of the relationship between stress and public school administrators, Fran Duvall

A study of the distribution of reactive behavior patterns in elementary age children and their relationship to selected demographics, Judith I. Dziuban

Cumulative seismic damage of reinforced concrete bridge piers, Ashraf El Bahy


Analysis of parental choice : islamic school enrollment in Florida, Feryal Y. Elkhaldy

Perceptions of Florida elementary school principals concerning multicultural education, Gloria E. Fernandez

Knowledge and attitudes about hiv disease and aids education among parents of elementary school students in a North Florida County/, Susan M. Fox

Nonlinear, axisymmetric wave analysis of a finite, inelastic cylinder under transient loading, Carl Henry Francois

A methodology for facilitating axoimatic design using network partitioning, Thomas Anthony Gawlik

The predicted impact of interactive multimedia technologies on broadcast education in 4-year colleges and universities, William J. Hall

A study of child and maternal characteristics for a birth to three year old sample of infants and toddlers in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties, Florida, Charlotte M. Harvey

Patient lifting techniques : a comparison of behaviors of rehabilitation and acute care registered nurses, Linda Mills Hennig

High frequency low loss surface acoustic wave filters, Jacqueline H. Hines

Community College Program Administrators' Perceptions of Key Areas of Responsibility, Dorothy Koehler Holtgrefe

Mixing enhancement in supersonic cross flow through a pulsed transverse jet, Kuo Ting Hsia

Dynamic robust recursive control : theory and applications, Richard A. Hull

A study of shared decision making as an instructional model : facilitating democracy, Barbara M. Jenkins

A Study of Factors that Contribute to Success at New Directions Alternative School, Joseph G. Joyner

Ultrafast multi-quantum well integrated all-optical switching devices, Ayman M. Kan'an

Spatial solitons in AIGaAs waveguides, Jin U. Kang

A Comparative Study of Teachers in Single-unit Site Prekindergarten Classrooms with Teachers in Multiunit Site Prekindergarten Classrooms by Assessing Teacher Isolation and Teacher Collaboration in their Effects on Teacher Efficacy, Wayne C. Kennedy

Change through alternative assessment : improving student performance, Keron Hess Kerr

A study to assess orange county elementary school teachers' attitudes toward and knowledge of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973, Cynthia H. Kiffer

The effects of block scheduling on learning environment, instructional strategies, and academic achievement, Bonnie Besten King