Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Values in children's literature : a descriptive content analysis of Beatrix Potter's 23 tales for children, Beth A. Braboy

What is the effect of block schedules on algebra 1 achievement?, Carol L. Breneman

A comparison of classification algorithms for use in dynamic-adaptive (D-A) information systems, Roger E. Brill

The effects of facility design and equipment acquisition on curriculum offered in preschool centers, Elaine M. Camerin


Development and saw device implementation of a new weighted stepped chirp code signal for direct sequence spread spectrum communications systems, Scott Edward Carter

Parallel machine scheduling with specified release dates, due dates, and machine eligibility restrictions for minimizing makespan and maximum lateness, Grisselle Centeno Rodriguez

The influence of surface chemistry and operating conditions on RO/NF membranes for pesticide removal, Shiao Shing Chen

Pilot scale study for control of industrial boiler nitrogen oxide emissions using hydrogen peroxide treatment coupled with wet scrubbing - system design, Michelle Maynard Collins

The application of U.S. immigration laws to higher education, Karen Spring Day

A new boundary integral method for anisotropic heat conduction in heterogeneous media, Eduardo Divo

Generation of high powers from diode pumped Cr3+ doped colquiriites, Jason M. Eichenholz

Neural network based smart antennas for cellular and mobile communications systems, Ahmed El Zooghby

Development of a model for quantification of agent intelligence : a fuzzy decision-making tool, Rhonda L. Freeman

A study of select college music education professors' assessment practices regarding knowledge of background musical experiences of preservice elementary classroom teachers enrolled in elementary music methods courses, Linda Sue Gibson

Enhanced pushover procedure and inelastic demand estimation for performance-based seismic evaluation of buildings, Balram Gupta

An investigation into factors influencing faculty behavior concerning distance learning instruction using the theory of planned behavior, Carol S. Halfhill

An Investigation of Factors Related to the Application of Instructional Technology by Florida High School Teachers, Lori Ann Hiatt

Application of artificial neural networks to automatic freeway incident detection, Sherif S. Ishak

A case study of intersections between a physics classroom and industry, Capildeo Jadonath

Effects of restraint on vection and simulation sickness, Sherrie A. Jones

Teachers' perceptions of the effectiveness of inclusion for limited english proficient students, Sharon Hunt Kelley

Temporal propagation characteristics of ultrashort space-time gaussian pulses in laser satellite communication system, Deborah E. Tjin Tham Sjin Kelly

Manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) with concurrent processing - optimal modeling and computerized system, Hyun Joon Kim

Intense capillary discharge plasma extreme-ultraviolet sources for EUV lithography and other EUV imaging applications, Marc A. Klosner

Self-guiding effects in gallium arsenide semiconductor optical amplifiers, Carl Alan Kutsche


Numerical, Image, and Signal Processing Algorithms Applied to Radar Rainfall Estimation, John Eugene Lane

Nonlinearities of polymethine and squarylium molecules for optical limiting, Jin Hong Lim

A framework for distributed computation of recursive, physically-based models, Curtis R. Lisle

Ferroelectric liquid crystal device based photonic controllers for microwave antenna arrays, Nicholas Madamopoulos

Applying a fuzzy logic expert system in the selection of bridge deck joints, Haytham Mahmoud

Landfill leachate recirculation systems : mathematical modeling and validation, Philip T. McCreanor

Regularity and compactness in fuzzy convergence spaces, Gary Minkler

On the regularity of probabilistic convergence and filter spaces, Jing Q. Minkler

Simulation of a direct sequence spread spectrum communication system using simulink, Sylvester Maurice Nabritt

A profile of early faculty innovators using web-based distributed learning in classes at the University of Central Florida, Patricia A. Niemczyk

Comparison of perceptions of competence for medical laboratory personnel, Raheshree Parikh

Methodology for the increased computational efficiency of discrete-event simulationa of autonomous objects in 3-dimensional space, Eugene P. Paulo

Case study of curriculum change in a college of business administration, Linda Beats Putchinski

A study of student retention and attitudes in a community college preparatory mathematics course, Jolene M. Rhodes

Applying a construct oriented approach to the use of advance organizers for training, Katrina Edinger Ricci

High school administrators' perceptions of underachieving students in low-performing schools, Ison Rivers

An analysis of placement systems for new and returning community college students, specifically in the college preparatory and entry-level college-level mathematics courses, Shawn H. Robinson

The effectiveness of reading recovery for limited english proficient students with varying personality types, Catherine L. Rock

Mathematical problem solving and communication using email and the internet, David Rock

A picosecond visible optical parametric oscillator as a tool for nonlinear spectroscopy, T. Sean Ross

Application of ultrasound to enhance the zero-valent iron-initiated abiotic degradation of halagenated aliphatic compounds, Nancy E. Ruiz

An analysis of behavior response and censorship belief of undergraduate education majors, Tom Scelza

High speed multiple wavelength modelocked semiconductor laser for advanced optical telecommunications, Hong Shi

Analysis and modeling of SiGe heterojunction bipoloar transistors, Jiling Song

Young women reading : listening to female voices in literary response, Janean L. Stallman

Documenting changes in a middle school science classroom : an action research case study, Herbert L. Steffy

Supporting the development of self-efficacy in first year teachers, Deborah Ann Sulzer

One and two dimensional coherent structures of nonlinear partial differential equations via painleve analysis, Ugur Tanriver

An investigation of improved student behavior through character education with a focus on respect and self-control, Nancy A. Tattner

Scattering effects of machined optical surfaces, Anita Kotha Thompson

Novel effects in waveguide second harmonic generation, Carlos Gerardo Trevino Palacios

An analysis and comparison of the attitudes and perceptions of school-based administrators and their respective teaching staffs concerning culture, climate, and the inclusion of students with disabilities in gerneral education, Cheryl A. Van De Mark

Adult student reaction to teacher response, Nancy O. Veerman

Monitoring of automation failures : effects of age, workload and expertise, Dennis A. Vincenzi

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) : protection techniques and induced fusing in aluminum interconnect, James Edwin Vinson

Energy transfer in Nd:KLiYF5, Henry Weidner

Features of total quality management training and their relationships to effective TQM implementation in k-12 educational organizations, Linda Bell Welsh

A study of the effects computer-assisted algebra instruction has on attitude towards mathematics and computers; student success rate; and success for different personality styles, Jacquelyn A. White


Campus Safety Directors: A Leadership Frame Analysis, Ross A. Wolf

The effects of school experience on juvenile delinquency : a case study, Deborah R. Woodward

The design of passively q-switched solid state lasers, Guohua Xiao


Laser welding of sheet metals, Jian Xie

Investigation of the performance of a coherent array detection system for laser communications and radar, Jing Xu

The referent : a neglected factor in building mathematical concepts at the elementary level, Marai Yaw

Development and applications of TPModel : a queuing model describing traffic operations during electronic toll collection (etc), Marguerite Lucia Zarrillo

Nasa scatterometer beam balance using homogenous land targets, Josko Zec

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

Acquisition of historical knowledge from encyclopedic texts, Richard Douglas Hull

Constrained package millimeter-wave quasi-optical power combining amplifiers, Toni G. Ivanov

Efficient second-harmonic generation in poled polymer waveguides using copropagating geometries, Matthias L. Jager

Metacognitive training for junior team members, Martin Jentsch

A descriptive case study of teacher attitudes related to the implementation of multicultural curriculum and instruction in the various disciplines at the middle school level, Joann Trippi Johns

3-D object recognition via the open-ball scheme using modified domain deormation theory and wavelets, Sung Soo Kim

optical transistors based on second order nonlinearities, Sungwon Kim

Time domain diffraction analysis with application to surface acoustic wave devices, Scott M. Knapp

Teacher performance factors: a comparative study of performance factors as perceived by Florida teachers and Florida building principals, Linda I. Kratzmeier

Parallel computation of constrained spanning trees : heuristics and simd implementations, Nishit Kumar

Sharpening sound localization by signal design, Richard C. Lanier

The effect of the Florida explores! (exploring and learning the operations and resources of environmental satellites!) program on the science process skills of fourth grade students, Susan Rosemary LaVigne

Third order optical nonlinearities and spatial solitary waves in polydiacetylene toluene sulfonate, Brian Lee Lawrence

Dynamic modeling and control of rigid and flexible robot manipulators, Jinbiao Li

Study on long-term oxidation and hot corrosion behavior of gas turbine superalloys, Ming Li

A historical perspective of Florida's human resource management development program, Joanne C. Loggins

Ensemble density functional theory for quantum hall systems, Mark I. Lubin

An Investigation of the Interpretation of Uncertainty Information Displays by Decision Makers, Lois S. Mahoney

Characterization and statistical modeling of the salinity regime in the St. Sebastian River, Frank E. Marshall

Examination of the Florida validation and standard setting procedures for the national teacher examination, Susan Marie Marsh

Factors which influence training efficiency in an industrial setting : an exploratory study, Thomas D. Metcalf


The Effect of Water Immersion on Lactic Acid Kinetics During Swimming Interval Training Recovery Periods, Richard P. Morris

A replicated concurrent-read architecture for scalable shared-memory multiprocessing, Bahman Shahir Motlagh

Visual search performance within figure/ground areas, John Kurt Muller

The relationship between teachers' pedagogical beliefs and the level of instructional computer use, Carol Gutek Olech

Necessary conditions for optimization of multiple response functions and a new multiple response surface methodology, Deborah M. Osborne

Partial analytical numerical method : an unconditionally stable explicit numerical scheme, Xing Ouyang

Studies of far-infrared/submillimeter p-type germanium laser, Kijun Park

Model based inversiona algorithm for ground penetrating radar signal processing with correlation for target classification, Mark D. Patz