Theses/Dissertations from 1996

At-risk student and teacher attitudes towards computers, Robert Louis Tonsetic

Nonlinear phase shifts in second-order nonlinearities and their applications, Zuo Wang

Modeling and real-time simulation of two-party negotiations : an integrated fuzzy logic approach, Ayman M. Wasfy

Economic model for process improvement and statistical quality control in manufacturing systems, Gamal Weheba

The impact of mentoring on the career advancement of district-level female administrators, Paula McKinster Whittier

A method for substructure identification and its application to space shuttle tile bond evaluation/, Jinzhi Wu

A study of high-level free-carrier injection in semiconductor devices, Yun Yue

Solution of two-and three-dimensional inverse elasticity problems by bem and internal strain data, Fan Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 1995

The use of conductive polymers to produce environmentally friendly multispectral screening materials, Ghassan Farouk Afiouni

A vibration-damped, piezoelectric-actuated, microscanning device for forward-looking infrared systems, Christopher J. Albrecht

Photoluminescence studies of thermally diffused porous silicon layers for optoelectronic device applications, Ameemuddin Sayed Ali

International mutual fund performance: an evaluation of returns, investment objectives, and political risk, Barrie A. Bailey

On robust algorithms for plyhedral solids, Pradeep Kumar Banerjee

Estimating loan losses using markov chains, Luis Betancourt

The effects of an inservice program using cooperative learning on changing knowledge and attitudes of general education teachers regarding inclusion of students with learning disabilities in general education classrooms, Jittinun Boonsathirakul

Infusing technology into the preservice teacher education curriculum: four case studies in mentoring of university faculty by practitioner graduate students, Sarah M. Brewer

Priority rule search technique for resource constrained project scheduling, James Taylor Brown

Misconceptions of fourth and fifth grade students about alligators and use of a simple instructional unit to bring about conceptual change, Terrence M. Caselnova

A study of the relationship between summer school courses and SAT-mathematics scores, Marie J. Causey

Physically-based modeling and real-time simulation of fluids, Jim X. Chen

Line greatest common subgraphs, Kathleen G. Cherry

A description of reactive behavior patterns in gifted adolescents, Diane Harper Cioffi

An investigation of firms choosing early adoption of sfas number 106: employers accounting for postretirement benefits other than pensions, Barbara Boyette Clevenger

Cross-training of respiratory care personnel for multicompetent practice in Florida acute care hospitals, Oliver J. Drumheller

Signal and noise in sprite detectors, Frank J. Effenberger

An analysis of factors that determine the level of job/life satisfaction for principals in the department of defense dependent schools, Terry R. Emerson

An optimal solution to the resource constrained project scheduling problem with stochastic task durations, Abel A. Fernandez

A kbes to analyze the environmental impact of proposed highway design alternatives, Wellington C. Figueiredo

Persistence in telecourses : exploring a motivation orientation/attributional link, Claudia G. Follet

Navigating the mine fields: mentoring as a pathway for career development for non-tenured female faculty on tenure track, Jane M. Fuller

Models for estimating freeway incident congestion, Atef M. Garib

Volume rendering algorithms and architectures, Vineet Goel

Assessment of trustee education and training methods used in the Florida community college system, Jared Scott Graber

Subwavelength grating structures for artificial media applications, Eric B. Grann

Nonlinear learning control: theory and applications, Chan Ho Ham

A study in the use of cooperative learning to teach the writing process to students with learning disabilities, Witty Katheryn Hammer

Improving computational efficiency in the discrete event simulation of non-uniformly distributed autonomous spatial objects, Gary Joseph Harless

High intensity laser interactions with narrow gap semiconductors, Michael P. Hasselbeck

An empirical comparison of traditional statistical techniques and neural networks in the auditing domain, Thomas John Hofferd

Toward a paradigm for validating decision making in man-in-the-loop simulations, William C. Hopkinson

Analytical process disaggregation procedure supporting competitive benchmarking initiatives, Andrew E. Jackson

Advanced laser plasma EUV source, Feng Jin

Training for unpredictable situations in virtual environments, William Reed Johnson

Robust control designs for nonlinear uncertain systems: theory and applications, Joseph Kaloust

The perceptual relevance of two dimensional cues, Jada D. Kearns

Perceptions of the position of building level technology coordinator within the state of Florida, Ann P. Kohler

A decomposition-based strategy for simulated annealing, Wen K. Lee

A study of the motivation for the results from business partnerships with public schools in Orange, County, Florida, Ann F. Manley

Job satisfaction among certified athletic trainers working in educational settings, Lisa L. Marsh

A thermodynamic model of neuronal charge flow associated with neuronal firing : implications for neuroarchitectural plasticity and the constructivist learning model, Scott A. McCord

Extending domain expertise through student modeling, Jenifer Sargeant McCormack


Tender offer outcome prediction based upon efficient market hypothesis, James I. Montgomery

Analysis of risk of extreme events in scheduling problems with stochastic task durations, Cathy R. Moo Young

A scaling study of the university health risk behavior survey, Patsy D. Moskal

Scattering by rough surfaces and atmospheric turbulence in monostatic laser radar systems, Robert A. Murphy

Lossless compression of one- and mulit- dimensional signals, Yousef W. Nijim

Second order optical nonlinearities and wave mixing devices in poled polymer waveguides, Akira Otomo

A molecular and genetic study of the drosophila melanogaster tuh-1 gene, Gerlild Rathmann Packert

Exciton saturation and spin relaxation in GaAs multiple quantum wells, Margaret T. Perozzo

Multiresolution image reconstruction, Wissam A. Rabadi

Decision maker weighting and usage of indicators of university service efforts and accomplishments, Barbara B. Ratti

Rapid coarse acquisition of dsss signals using an expanding-search algorithm, John Steven Seybold

The disordering of GaAs/A1GaAs multiple quantum wells and its application in the fabrication of integrated optical devices, Xinyue Shi

The impact of personal theorizing on reflective practice: a qualitative analysis of a teacher education philosophy and its manifestation in the personal theorizing of triad participants, Barbara Slater Stern

Study of the southern association's school renewal method of regional accreditation in Florida secondary schools, Shaune Mcginn Storch

A competition-based connectionist model for information retrieval, Inien Syu

Operational characteristics and modeling of membrane systems incorporating recycle of concentrate water, Donald M. Thompson


Shape reconstruction from shading using linear approximation, Ping Sing Tsai

Effects of task differentiation and status differentiation on the perceptions, communication, and performance of three person teams, Julie M. Urban

Transient electro-optical nonlinearities in strained multiple quantum well inGaAs/GaAs(A1As) modulators, Hai sheng Wang

The impact of individual differences on state anxiety and performance in teams exposed to stressors, Jeanne Weaver

Identifying coping strategies of adolescents, Gregory A. Wiens

Two dimensional modeling of chemical reactions in an aluminum plasma in cacuum produced by laser irradiation, Kuang Tai Yen

Multidimensional, transform domain, system modeling and signal representation with applications, Haoping Yu

Modeling of the flow field and the heat transfer of slush hydrogen in transfer lines for the national aerospace planes, Nadim Zakhia

Passive optical locking techniques for diode lasers, Quan Zhang

Shape from photomotion, Ruo Zhang

Theoretical and experimental investigations of the thermosyphon, Zhijun Zuo

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

Spatial knowledge acquisition in a virtual environment, John H. Bailey

An Analysis of the Policies and Practices that Govern the Selection and Acquisition of Information Technology at Selected Mid-sized Public Universities, Linda M. Barrow


An analysis of the early retirement programs offered during the 1992-1993 school year by the public school districts in the state of Florida, Peter B. Berry

Metaphor-the language we write by : a study of metaphor in the writings of advanced placement english literature and composition students, Robert Bruce Boehm

Identifying factors in the diffusion and implementation of the Florida information resource network, Zella Moore Boulware

An analysis of middle manager competencies in the hospital setting : a comparative study of upper level and middle level manager perceptions, Barry J. Brock

Values in Children's Literature: Recognition by Adults and Fifth Grade Children, Patricia E. Bush

Total quality management in higher education : implementation and barriers, Timothy W. Carroll

Third order nonlinear optical spectroscopy of organic materials, Myoungsik Cha

A framework of congestion control for multimedia traffic classes in high-speed integrated networks, Samir Chatterjee

Hospitality administration program administrators' perceptions of core areas of knowledge, Jerald W. Chesser

An analysis of the implementation and impact of the professional development portfolio : an alternative teacher assessment model, Joyce Clark

Design and optimization of random targets for modulation transfer function (MTF) testing in the visible and infrared spectral ranges, Arnold Daniels

An architecture for job shop scheduling with genetic algorithms, James J. Davern

On the coupling of boundary element method and experimental modal analysis, Thomas Winder Davies

Signal-processing and flux-transfer issues for laser speckle, Alfred Dale Ducharme

The effect of participation in consultation training on regular education teachers' perceptions of serving learning disabled students in middle schools, Natalie Ann Eager

An investigation of the role of a home school association in the lives of its members, William Eckenwiler

Theoretical and experimental study of tribodynamic phenomena in sliding wear, Shahram Elmi

Optimal multidimensional adaptive signal processing algorithms with applications, Shomit Ghosh

The relationship between teacher esol inservice training and implementation in the classroom, Betty Neilsen Green

Separation of streamflow components in the Econlockhatchee river system using environmental stable isotope tracers, Paul T. Gremillion