Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Novel nonlinear optical properties and instabilities in magnetic fluids, Tengda Du

Response surface optimization techniques for multiple objective and randomly valued independent variable problems, Todd M. Dvorak

Transport control protocols for the success of the Internet, Hala A. Elaarag

Statistical estimation of the locations of lightning events, Aicha Elhor

Teacher and Principal Leadership: Florida Teachers of the Year and Their Principals, Tina Bickelhaupt Erwin

Impacts of ozonation and membrane filtration on drinking water biostability and the effects of sample strorage on the assimilable organic carbon (AOC) bioassay, Isabel Cristina Escobar

Second order cascading effect in LiNbO3 waveguide devices and applications, Hui Fang


Crash Quality- An Approach For Evaluating Spending on Quality Improvement Initiatives, Labiche Ferreira

High power ultra short external cavity modelocked semiconductor lasers, Sangyoun Gee

At-risk students and educational software: are we on target?, Karen Michele Grimm

Assessment of time stress effects on decision accuracy at multiple phases of skill acquisition, Mike Guest

Microstructural design of mechanical properties for laser-fabricated stainless steel parts, Wen Guo

Power scaling of diode-pumped Nd3+ AND Yb3+ -DOPED YCa4 O(BO3)3 (YCOB): a new self-frequency doubling laser, Dennis Allen Hammons

Design, analysis and simulation of a microcompressor driven by a vertical comb-drive actuator, Zhili Hao

Neural network based movement models to improve the predictive utility of entity state synchronization methods for distributed simulations, Amy Elizabeth Henninger

The clinical utility of the use of rapid assessment instruments for general distress and consumer satisfaction in a private psychotherapy practice, Herschel Hughes

An environmental assessment of community college faculty satisfaction, Sonja Peters Jackson

The effect of developmental advising on community college students' retention rates, Sonya Joseph

A study of the impact of long reactive behavior patterns on grade nine placement and achievement in mathematics, Nicolene R. Junkins

Plasma and mechanical properties and process parameter selection criteria for laser rapid manufacturing, Franz Josef Kahlen

Leadership orientations of chief executives of nonprofit organizations in Cental Florida : a frame analysis, Christie K. Knudsen

Science learning and literacy performance of typically developing, at-risk, and disabled, non-English language background students, Patria M. Larrinaga McGee

Effects of aging on pilot performance measured in response time during emergency situation, Jae Woong Lee

Development of improved methodology for characterization and simulation of electrostatic discharge (ESD) in mos devices and ICS, Jui Chu Lee

A study of academic characteristics of successful and unsuccessful community college statistics students, Maryke L. Lee

Sources of bias in textbooks for children of francophone guadeloupe, Marie A. Leticee

On design and implementation of parallel video servers, Chow Sing Lin

Correlation and modeling of laboratory and field scale integrated membrane system productivity and water quality, William Al Lovins

Localized adaptive networks for hybrid symbolic and subsymbolic processing, Yousuf C. H. Ma

Leadership orientations of student personnel professionals, Holt Jean McClellan

A study of the success of the refocus opportunity program of education and services (ROPES) alternative school, Thomas W. McIntyre

Predicting success in WIMP environments using isoperformance methodology, Laura Miller

A microscopic simulation and animation model for electric toll plazas, Ayman A. Mohamed

Integration of adjunct faculty into the culture of a metropolitan community college: an analysis, Elizabeth M. Morrison

Parametric effects of spray characteristics on spray cooling heat transfer, Jose E. Navedo


Efficient Techniques for Management and Delivery of Video Data, Junghwan Oh

The secular school: the secularization of values in American public education, Jack R. Owen

Optimization of rare-earth-doped fluorides for infrared lasers, Rita Dedomenica Peterson

The use of humor and effective leadership styles by elementary principals in central Florida, Kathy A. Philips

Pool boiling and spray cooling with FC-72, Daniel Porter Rini

A simulation analysis of the effect of autonomy on warehouse cycle time, Lobna Okashah Rubin

The relationship between student personality types and traits and instructor corrective feedback in dance education, Suzanne R. Salapa

Nonlinear filtering of color images, Lloyd J. Sartor


View-centric Reasoning About Parallel and Distributed Computation, Marc L. Smith

Perceived instructional methodology, formative assessment, summative assessment, school size, and class size employed in United States charter schools: which factors attribute to student achievement?, Eric Laurence Smitt

Electronic design techniques to enhance NASA's payload ground support transfer operations, Felix Alberto Soto Toro

A comparison of a computer-mediated graduate course in measurement and evaluation with a similar traditionally taught course, Donald F. Spencer

A generalized boundary integral method for transient heat diffusion in isotropic heterogeneous media, Adrian Stefanescu

Fiber-optic beam control systems using microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn

New, efficient, room temperature mid-infrared laser at 3.9 uM IN HO BAY2F8 and visible PR:LIYF4 laser for holography, Anna M. Tabirian

Electrochemical aspects of metal CMP, Dnyanesh Tamboli


Optical performance of grazing incidence x-ray / EUV telescopes for space science applications, Patrick Louis Thompson

A study of central Florida elementary teachers' attitudes toward inclusion and the factors which affect those attitudes, Lance J. Tomei

High performance termination detection techniques supporting multithreaded execution, Yili Tseng

Clinical nutrition managers' perceptions of nutrition teams in acute care institutions: roles and responsibilities, characteristics, benefits, and barriers, Karen Marie Volante

Collaboration and co-teaching among interns at a professional development school, Knight Donna Walker

A study of the effect of a web based computer game on national certification examinations for dental hygiene students at Valencia Community College, Dennis F. Weeks

A general-purpose model for heterogeneous computation, Tiffani L. Williams

Optimization of passive optical limiters, Sidney S. Yang

Stress corrosion cracking of high strength steel under cyclic environmental exposure, Hanlin Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

An extreme value probabilistic theory of fracture and fatigue under mixed-mode, Yoonwhan Ahn

School health education : perceptions of African Americans, Hispanics and Muslims, Anne Albright

Collaborative academic scheduling as a case study in holistic production planning, Lisa Rae Armour

Personal and educational profiles of students drawing Montgomery GI bill education benefits at the University of Central Florida, Ronald Harrison Atwell

Image acquisition through a single multimode fiber, Maxim A. Bolshtyansky

Stability of performance-based ability tests during simulated flight training, William James Bramble

Linear and nonlinear kelvin-helmholtz instabilities of high velocity magnetized shear layers with generalized polytrope laws, Kevin G. Brown

The identification, evolution, and impact of personal theorizing on the transition from the k-12 to higher education setting : a case study of a newly inducted college instructor, Richard H. Chant

A model of wayfinding in virtual environments : strategies for navigational aids, Jui Lin Chen

Predictive scalable and fair protocols for distributed systems, Ming Hsing Chiu

Level coteries for distributed systems, Jenn Luen Chu

The oral history of Midway as seen through the eyes of the women, Rosalie Wright Cook

Administration facilitation of opportunities for University of Central Florida educational leadership interns, Cecille Diez

A case study of the effectiveness of a community college faculty and staff development program, Jacalyn M. Dimartino

The effect of viewing conditions on visual stress, sickness, and distance estimation in a helmet-mounted display, Jennifer Ehrlich

Charting the retention of tasks learned in synthetic virtual environments, Neal M. Finkelstein

Mao's prey : the history of Chen Renbing, liberal intellectual, Jeannette Filomena Ford

Correlation error in multiple resolution entity simulations, Robert W. Franceschini

New physics and applications of kerr spatial solitons, Lars Friedrich

Properties and applications of two dimensional optical spatial solitons in a quadratic nonlinear medium, Russell Alexander Fuerst

High powered, short-pulsed laser facility for hard x-ray and hot electron generation, Steven Edward Grantham

Strategic planning in community and technical colleges : a survey of four southern states, Linda Bartlett Greer

A framework for the design of event detectors, Niels Haering

Social control in the university : faculty attitudes about student cheating and student crime, Daniel E. Hall

Improved family of resonant DC-to-DC and DC-to-AC power converters, Aslam F. Khan

Synthesis of novel carbon materials and their applications, Stephen H. Kleckley

Estimation of traversed distance in a virtual environment, Paul Brian Kline

Laser beam propagation through bulk nonlinear media : numerical simulation and experiment, Dmitriy Kovsh

Effects of graphing calculators on students' confidence and performance in college algebra : race and gender related differences, Thelma Cuttino Lawton

Electron scattering from and photoionization of open-shell atoms, Dong Lin

Practitioner attitudes concerning professional satisfaction in the cardiopulmonary profession, Jeffery E. Ludy

Algorithms for the degree-constrained minimum spanning tree and the hierarchical clustering problems using the nearest-neighbor techniques, Li Jen Mao

Solid-state power amplifiers for MMICs based on an extended resonance power-combining technique, Adam L. Martin

Teacher and principal perspectives on grade retention in selected elementary school in four Central Florida School districts, James Barry Midgett

Femtosecond tunable light source, Edward J. Miesak

A critical analysis of the State of Florida's ESE/FEFP proposed funding model project for funding exceptional student education, Michael E. J. Mongelli

A study of congruency between student and teacher perceptions of behavior type and trait, Dana M. Moreau

Partner-finder : a framework to study peer collaboration in web-based education, Borja Hector Morelos

The perceptions of the role of the library media program and the library media specialist in selected national blue ribbon schools in Florida/, Barbara Ray Mosqueda

Image compression and transmission using wavelets and vector quantization, Kunal Mukherjee