The Honors Undergraduate Thesis Program provides students from all disciplines the opportunity to engage in original and independent research as principal investigators. Over the course of two to four semesters, students work closely with a faculty committee to research, write, defend and publish an Honors thesis that serves as the capstone product of their undergraduate career. This thesis is published through the university library and is available to researchers worldwide through electronic databases. Please visit the Honors Undergraduate Thesis website for compete information.

This collection contains records for Honors theses completed at UCF. Links to electronic versions are included when available. If your Honors thesis is only in print, you can help us make it available online for use by researchers around the world by downloading and filling out the distribution consent form here.

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Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Everybody else's girl, Bambi Gerrard

Recycled, Don Goggans

The feasibility of the international space station : economic and political problems faced by the international partners, Jennifer Hoffman

All the king's horses (a 3-dimenslonal fine art piece), David Edwal Jones

Gypsy Lessons, Christina Kapp

Instability in presidential and parliamentary systems : the cases of Costa Rica and Pakistan, Kamran Khurshid

Civil uprising, Michael P. Kloss

The sustainable communities project and its effect on urban development in the city of Orlando, Damon T. Kolb

The short stories of Ivan Turgenev - the link between French and Russian naturalism : a comparative approach, Natalia P. Konstantinova

The impact of basis risk on the hedging of mortgage-backed securities with US treasury futures, Andrew L. Lavelle

A review of pharmacological and psychosocial management of AIDS dementia complex, Rhonda Lovec Theobald

One woman's journey : a collection of creative nonfiction, Patrice M. Lynch

Morning glories, Jill M. Markham

Life as a red blood cell in the artery of a cyborg, Steven M. Mason

US foreign relations in the Caspian Sea region, Dalton Edward McKeever

Circles of light, Jennifer E. Medford

Physical education : now and then, an in-depth investigation into the changes to physical education and organized sport as a result of legal liability, and the positive and negative impact these changes have had on athletic coaches, trainers, and educators - with special emphasis on the Seminole County, Florida public school system, Mary Beth Mergo

The transfer of nuclear technology in the post-cold war era, L. Jason Miller

Relationships among electromagnetic field exposure, frontal eeg characteristics, and a measure of depression, Christina S. Morris

Groups as a factor in flow theory, Laura Nebenfuhr

D. H. Lawrence and submerged cultures in Birds, beasts and flowers, Margaret K. Nichols

Money, film and narrative : a study of the role of money in the production of filmed narrative, Elizabeth A. Nixon

Authenticating voice : authenticating culture, Lalaine Arbuthnot Ortlieb

What constitutes an impeachable offense?, Christina M. Owers

Versions of reality : the integration of themes relevant to critical pedagogy in undergraduate preservice teacher education, Andrea M. Pintaone