The RTD (retrospective thesis or dissertation) collection contains electronic versions of theses and dissertations previously published only in print. UCF Library's RTD project includes all theses or dissertations published at UCF since the first thesis was published in 1972 through mid-2004, after which theses and dissertations were automatically digitized.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2002

In-situ remediation of DNAPL using emulsified zero-valent iron : subsurface transport and treatment, Mary Conners Huggins

Black native americans, Patrice Firth Hughes

Rational cubic splines, Daniel Gerard Hulmes

An iterative approach to determine data set consistency and identify error-prone modules, Yan Huo

Chemical vapor deposition of carbon nanomaterials, Ashfaq Hussain

Elementary school character education plans : teachers' perceptions of traits and instructional methods, Annette S. Husson

A study of the effects of virtual reality on the retention of training, Carl R. Jacquet

Development of Photoelectrochemical Cells Using Copper Indium Gallium Disulfide Culn1-xGaxS2 Thin Film, Anant H. Jahagirdar

Timing measurements for sattelite [i.e. satellite] ground control station, Vinit Jatkar

Design approach for industrial manufacturing and finishing robots, Maen Jauhary

A historical investigation of school desegregation in Seminole County School District, Sallie S. Jenkins

Seismic performance of steel reduced beam section mement frame buildings, Jun Jin

The juvenile justice system in Florida and its interaction with public schools in deterring juvenile crime, Adriana L. Jones

Extreme patriots: "proper inference" and language communities in american literature, Warren G. Jones

Network performance simulation involving bus traffic, Vinay Jonnalagadda

Development of large area copper indium gallium disulfide (CIGS2) thin film solar cells on stainless steel foil for space application, Ankur A. Kadam

An evaluation of strategies used to improve the retention in online courses taken by community college students, Holly Erler Kahler

Visual tracking of people and object-based video segmentation, Sohaib Ahmad Khan

The behavior intervention plan : is it effective in reducing low level behaviors in middle school students with disabilities?, Suzanne M. Knight

Foodworld, Lynn Koller

RRMP : rate based reliable multicast protocol, Naveen Kondapalli

The effects of using multiple intelligence mathematics instruction on primary students in a rural multi-ethnic school, Tamara L. Kraft

Body motion extrapolation for human avatar distributed visualization, Priya Krishnamachary

The effects of inquiry and brain-based learning on the understanding of scientific concepts and student attitudes toward science, Stephanie Krutzler

Electron microscopy of carbon nanotube paper, Marilyn Valles Kuehn

The agenda-setting role of the online media in intercutural communication : a study of international headlines in Yahoo!; Yahoo! China and Yahoo! Taiwan (Kimo), Chen Lun Kwan

Validating software usage indicates high maintenance legacy software, Daniel Jonathan Lacks

Explicit calculation of smoothed sensitivity coefficients for linear problems, Rachid Ait Maalem Lahcen

An analysis of the effects of instructional and motivational strategies on the mathematics levels of fifth grade students at selected low-performing public elementary schools, Ronald B. Large

Parametric evaluation of modal-combination techniques for pushover analysis of structures, Andrew Hang Leung Law

A disconcerting riddle : the struggle for Soviet leadership between Stalin and Trotsky, Zed Clark Layson

A case study of a community college teacher : the relationship of her personal practical theories to her teaching practice, Kathleen Lazarus

Communicating with multiple audiences in space advocacy, Bart D. Leahy

The impact of self-efficacy and task value on satisfaction and performance in a web-based course, Cheng Yuan Lee

Estimation of p(x, Sonya Lenhof

Development of HAZUS relative loss methodology for multi-hazard mitigation programs, Katie Lessard

Kinetic modeling study for the gas phase oxidation of nitric oxide using hydrogen peroxide with and without sulfur dioxide, Piyavadee Limvoranusorn

Safe schools: staff development training opportunities, Evon Lisle

Laser micro-processing and thermomechanical modeling of plasticity for dieless wire drawing, Yonggang Li

Motivations for the Chinese space program, Zhen Li

Frequency analysis using Szego polynomials and the levinson algorithm, Timothy Edward Long

Spatiotemporal heterogeneity of seagrass beds in the Indian River Lagoon, Matthew Stephen Love

The effects of team-building on middle school science students, Robert Lowell

Heat transport and parametric simulation of a porous ceramic combustor in a gas turbine environment, Wei D. Lu

Distributed intrusion detection system, Vishal Malik

Ecology of the bobcat in the Mallory Swamp, Timothy John Mallow

Real-time software development for a satellite ground control station, Ammar Mandviwala

Modeling infrared antennas with complex conductivity, Tasneem Mandviwala

The environmental aesthetic, Steven M. Mason


New architecture for heterogeneous real-time simulation, Mandar Anil Mathure

Random distributions and their application to direct-interaction approximation, Pablo Matos

Low cost high frequency inverter design for residential applications, Joy Mazumdar

An approach for process alignment, Bonnie J. McIlrath

Seen any good movies lately? : demographic and attitudinal predictors of female x-rated film viewership, Corina Diane Medley

Acercamiento al sistema poetico de Jose Lezama Lima a partir de la expresion americana : un discurso de la especificidad de la cultura de America Latina, Ronald A. Garcia Medrano

Elementary principal leadership orientations and selected professional and school variables, Janice E. Messer


Techniques and Applications of Quantum and Classical Statistical Mechanics, Fredrick N. Michael

Parallel graph algorithms for molecular conformation and tree codes, Paulius Micikevicius

Current initiatives to improve the nurse work setting, Jo Ann Miller

Effects of inquiry-based technological learning on students attitudes and performance in science, Julie S. Miller

Blue sky syndrome, Justin Edward Misik

Using technology with high school algebra students to enhance attitudes and academic performance, Peggy L. Moch

Analysis of Plasmodium falciparum pre-replication complex and search for new antimalarials, David Jason Moe

Design of a ring array of high gain antennas, Mohamed W. Mohamed

Modeling the effect of driver distraction on traffic safety, Amr M. Mohammed

El discurso de la injusticia y la opresion del espacio vivencial en Chile y en Espana a traves de una comparacion de los cuentos de Sub-terra de Baldomero Lillo y la Mina de Armando Lopez Salinas, Maria M. Montalvo

Adiabatic invariants of damped oscillator systems with slowly varying frequencies, Calandra Moorman

Meta-raps : an effective approach for combinatorial problems, Reinaldo J. Moraga

College students' attitudes about computers related to gender-identity and learning-style interactions, Timothy R. Morris

Alternative school success factors : a program evaluation of PACE Center for Girls, Inc, Marilyn B. Moser

Locus of control as a predictor of treatment acceptability of competition anxiety intervention strategies in NCAA division i athletes, Christopher Aaron Myers

Simulation and performance analysis of a wireless local area network, Sylvester Maurice Nabritt

Adaptive balancing of direct conversion wireless receivers using finite arithmetic, Nikunj Madhu Nathani

The effects of a supplemental computerized reading program on the comprehension of first grade readers in rural south Florida, Deborah A. Nauss

Job satisfaction of Florida's high school assistant principals as a factor in the maintenance of an administrative work force, Mary E. Neal

Location of zeros of polynomials and their polar derivatives, Lan Dusty Nguyen


Information on the assembly line : a review of information design and its implications for technical communicators, Jason Nichols

Hybrid learning approach based on adaptive resonance theory and reinforcement learning for computer generated agents, Susumu Ninomiya

Raman spectroscopy of novel TeO2-based glasses for advanced raman gain applications, Stephens Sommers Nonnenmann

Bandwidth adaptors for heterogeneous broadcast-based video-on-demand systems, David Oger

Use of recycled concrete made with Florida limestone aggregate for a base course in flexible pavement, Jose E. Ortega

Performance of health centers in networks, Judith Ortiz

Recognition of code-mixed words by Spanish/English bilinguals : a focus on proficiency levels, Mirthia L. Otero

Balance delete : minimizing peer-to-peer delay after a node leaves the tree, Udomying Suntana O

Analysis of ultra-wide band communication system in urban environment, Raviskankar Palaniappan

Exploring a pc based aviation team micro trainer as augmentation for the AVCATT-A, Michael E. Panko

Application of intelligent methods for improved testing and evaluation of military simulation software, Robert M. Patton

The effect of music infused into the middle-grades mathematics curriculum on student attitudes and performance, Genene Pearson

Induction activities and main sources of assistance : third year teachers' perceptions of support, Nancy Ann Pender

Development of a comprehensive quantitative ergonomic evaluation methodology for bio-defense detection systems, John A. Picciuto

Seasonal changes in the reproductive system of the male Atlantic stingray, Dasyatis Sabina, Andrew Piercy

Propagation of low-coherence fields in inhomogeneous media, Gabriel Popescu

Simulation based acquisition : capable and reusable simulations and models, Macalintal Amy Posey

Electrostatic vector control of an ionized compressible fluid flow in vacuum, Dale Powers

Using economic models for process improvement to evaluate the performance of control charts, Chintanai Praisont

Accurate speaker identification employing redundant waveform and model based speech signal representations, Pravinkumar Premakanthan

Reclamation as resistance : identity, the individual, and community in Toni Morrison's Beloved, Leandra A. Preston


High Frequency Communication System Modeling and Performance Enhancement, Employing Novel Adaptive DSP Techniques, Murad M. Qahwash

Caudal luring and defensive tail display in the dusky pigmy rattlesnake, sistrurus miliarius babouri, with comments on ontogeny and evolution, Ali Rabatsky

Building real-time software models with automatic tools, Haripriya Rajamani