The RTD (retrospective thesis or dissertation) collection contains electronic versions of theses and dissertations previously published only in print. UCF Library's RTD project includes all theses or dissertations published at UCF since the first thesis was published in 1972 through mid-2004, after which theses and dissertations were automatically digitized.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Extensive experimentation of the angle of arrival estimation stage of neural network based smart antennas multiple source tracking (N-MUST) algorithm, Aliasgar A. Birader

A non-paraxial scalar treatment of diffraction grating behavior, Dijana Bogunovic

Singing all the songs: exploring the Canaan myth in Toni Morrison's Sula and Paradise, Anastasia K. Bojanowski

The impact of disciplinary referral consequences on repeat offenders in the middle school, Janice M. Boyd

Long-term outcomes of a multidisciplinary hospital-based wellness program designed for patients with congestive heart failure : increasing their quality of life while reducing hospitalization, Craig Brubaker

Roam : a resource offering agency and mobility for efficient network and system management, Steven Douglas Bruce

An analysis of program implementation and student and faculty perceptions of a learning community model at Florida Gulf Coast University, Alice Mcleod Brunner

An evaluation of face-to-face mentoring vs. electronic mentoring, Gregg A. Buckingham

The use of conservative protocols in dynamic system (wargaming) simulation, Phuong Bui

A case study : Florida teacher recruiting strategies, Betsy B. Bulter

Principal perceptions of national board certified teachers, Constance E. Cain

Processing range-monitoring queries in mobile computing environment, Ying Cai

Identification of transposon-tagged genes associated with stubble-stubbloid function during leg morphogenesis in drosophilia melanogaster, Troy Douglas Camarata

Technical communicator : self-image through emerging technologies, Michelle D. Chadwick

Generation and composition of construction and demolition waste in Florida, Soumya Chakrbarti

The relationship of the accountability practices of elementary principals to student achievement, Carol L. Chanter

A human behavior modeling environment for implementing emotional characteristics in simulated entities, Nopphamas Charoenlap

An electrochemical investigation on Ti/TiN barrier layer CMP, Venkatraman S. Chathapuram

Three dimensional full wave package design of RF SAW duplexer, Kamran Safdar Cheema

Heat transfer coefficient reconstruction in conjugate compressible flow heat transfer problems, Abdullatif Chehab

Recognition of code mixed words by Taiwanese/English bilinguals, Yea Tzy Chen

A study of the perceptions of orange county florida first year teachers regarding the effectiveness of selected induction activities and the main sources of assistance for first year teachers, Connie Petro Chisena

Young tableaux and the robinson-schensted-knuth algorithm, Chinyen Chuo

Effects of hands-on instruction on students' attitudes and academic performance in science, Wendi L. Ciesla

Motorcycle rider posture prediction : the prediction of spinal curvature as a function of anthropometrics and point-of-contact chassis design, Robert A. Claflin


Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 and implications for school-based administrators, Connie Woods Collins

Gesturing in mediated communication environments, Betty Curry Conley

Kindergarten students writing about science, Debra H. Connaughton

Spectral properties and absolute determination of singlet oxygen production by fluorene-based photosensitizers with potential application in two photon photodynamic cancer therapy, Claudia Corredor

Canopy structure analysis of rainforest cover types using lidar remote sensing, Charles Clark Cowden

Equilibration of pilot-scale distribution systems, Charles J. Cullen

Linear stability of zonal stratified shear flows with a free surface, Patrick Earl Cureton

The virtual sandtable : an evaluation of a commercial-off-the-shelf wargame to train tactical concepts at the company and platoon level, John F. Curley

Characterization of a novel inhibitor and its use to study the function of the pro-apoptotic protease OMI/HtrA2, Hedvika Davis

Language (Un)becoming a lady, Sheila M. Decker

An investigation of noise properties in actively-modelocked semiconductor diode lasers for application in next-generation optoelectronic analog-to-digital converters, Christopher M. Depriest

The college experience of Native American students: factors associated with their choice of major, performance, and persistence, Martha L. Dillman

An examination of content area reading in five Central Florida middle schools, Jennifer K. G. Dillon

The information processing effects of a handout on a pro-attitudinal oral message, Lee A. Dumas

Professional development support: a study of the needs of national board certification-seeking teachers, Norine Eckstrom

Analysis of Bluetooth communication under Linux, Latika K. Eifert

Atmospheric effects on traffic noise propagation behind noise barriers, Ahmed El Aassar

Identifying Itzamna : Maya god of creation, Michael E. Elam


Design and analysis of class AB RF power amplifier for wireless communication applications, Mohamed El-Dakroury

Developing a truck route assignment model using simulation approach with specific application to the port of Tampa, Ahmed M. Elhelw

Implementation of inquiry-based instruction on an 8th grade science classroom and its effect on students, Trisha A. Elliott

Adversaries and collaborators in collective bargaining negotiations between teacher unions and school districts : perceptions of key stakeholders in Florida public schools, Amy A. Falvey

The use of AERMOD for CAL3QHC applications, Jiwen Fan

Modified macro-scale model as applied to simple and complex micro-channels under low Reynolds number flow conditions, Christian E. Feldt

Metrics collecting tool for load balancing of distributed applications, Michael P. Fernandes

The effects of language proficiency and anticipated partner resistance on the creation of message plans, Raquel S. Filipek

Design and analysis of a miniature rotary wankel compressor, George Wayne Finger

An analysis of the evolution in public high school principal's roles and leadership theories as compared to high school principal certification requirements in five states in the United States from 1980-2001, Paul V. Flores

A correlational study of Heath and Long typologies in adult students, Suzanne Groth Foglesong

The effectiveness of the collaborative approach to collective bargaining, versus the traditional approach, in selected Florida school districts, Danielle Misiano Franco

Hydrogeologic assessment of groundwater under direct influence of surface water, Mark Fulkerson

Development of copper indium gallium disulfide, CuIn1-xGaxS2(CIGS2) thin film solar cells on large area ultralightweight titanium foils coated with SiO2 barrier layers, Vivek Sandipan Gade

Comparing the achievement and attitude of students using a supplemental, web-based, learning tool for municipal solid waste management, Kacey Anne Gajewski

Design and analysis of terrain adapting wheeled mobile robot for Mars exploration, Bhargav Ishwarlal Gajjar

Charter school contract renewal: a process analysis, Rita M. Galbraith

A study of the effect of a school-wide approach to discipline on the frequency of problem behaviors in nine Central Florida public elementary schools, Maritza C. Galceran

Modeling and simulation of electrostatic discharge (ESD) in MOS devices and circuits, Xiaofang Gao

The historical and cultural images of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, Jose Antonio Garcia

An analysis of multiple means of providing library media orientation to sixth grade students, Cheryl Perkins Gardieff


The Magical and the Mundane: Individualism, Corporate Identity, and Postmodern Pastiche in the Detective Novels of Haruki Murakami, Diana Lynn Garland

Teacher retention: an analysis of selected altruistic and practical motivators as contributors to teacher job satisfaction, Karyn E. Gary

Compatibility of concurrent resistance and endurance training : a comparison of two lower-body modes of endurance training and their effect on lower-body strength development, Jeffrey Christopher Gergley

The characterization of a homologue of the regulatory subunit of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase a in Giardia lamblia, Candace S. Gibson

Technopedagogy : an exploration of practice and pedagogy in the online writing classroom, Amber Feldman Goldberg

Design considerations for a 5GHZ superheterodyne wireless receiver, Ashwin K. Gonibeed

Human resource capitalization : the impact of Florida school principals' time on task on principal retention, Heidi Pape Gooch

Information processing model for non-critical warnings, Amy B. Graft

The model components of tax effectiveness : a cross-sectional analysis of tax effectiveness in 80 countries, J. David Granger

Fabrication of two-port resonators using different types of metal electrodes and substrates, Anirban Guha

Recruitment and retention of traditional vs non-traditional mathematics and science teachers, Diane V. Gullett

A software tool to support more efficient computation of the stationary distribution for Markov chain usage models, Hongyan Guo

Personal practical theories and their influence on a teacher's practice : a case study of a secondary algebra teacher, Gene Vernon Hair

Electrical characterization of thin nitrous oxide for flash memory and anti-fuse applications, Tina M. Haley

Effect of integrated thematic units on sixth grade students' attitudes and performance in science, Rachel Hallett

Technique for a window inspection system using optical coherence, Gregory Allen Hall

Interactive simulation training system for the objective individual combat weapon, Thomas G. Harris

Models of practice in distributed learning : a catalyst for institutional transformation, Joel L. Hartman

Spray cooling with ammonium hydroxide, Bin He

Effects of elementary student participation in an aerospace and aviation magnet program on attitudes and achievement in science, Julie Ann Helton

The effect of goal setting on high school students' dietary nutrient intake, Dorothy Henson

Being caught outside, Terry Lee Hess

A meta-analysis of the effects of exercise training and physical activity on health-related physical fitness, cognitive and physical functioning, and behavior of individuals with alzheimer's disease and related cognitive disorders, Patricia Heyn

Learning in projects, Mirja Elisabeth Christina Hjelm

Motivational factors and personality traits of individuals who decide to enter a career as a firefighter/paramedic, Robert D. Holborn

Assessment of a newly developed fouling-resistant low pressure ro membrane using raw and processed high organic surface water, Sonia M. Holmquist

The relationships among students' self-directed learning readiness, perceived self-efficacy, and self-assessment of task performance in a community college public speaking course, Mayra Holzer

Optical wave propagation in cholesteric liquid crystal using the finite element method, Qi Hong

Effects of cooperative learning in second grade science instruction, Pamela Netrese Hoover

The effects of using technology on students' attitudes towards mathematics and on student performance, Patricia Ann Horel

The presence of behavioral contagion in an experimental motion environment, Paul W. Houchens

Dependability as a computational quality attribute, Charles Andrew Houchin

The effect of clinical instructor credentialing on the clinical performance outcomes of physical therapist students, Natalie R. N. Housel

Synthesis and characterization of random fluorinated ter-polymers and poly (vinylidene fluoride) telomers, Jinyu Huang

Mametspeak : the power of language, Susan Wheeler Hudmon

The impact of personal handheld computers on the time management effectiveness of Florida public school superintendents, JoAnn Huggins