The RTD (retrospective thesis or dissertation) collection contains electronic versions of theses and dissertations previously published only in print. UCF Library's RTD project includes all theses or dissertations published at UCF since the first thesis was published in 1972 through mid-2004, after which theses and dissertations were automatically digitized.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Sensory image, Karen Shelley

Children's perception of quality of life : congenital physical disabilities vs acquired physical disabilities, Jamie Lyn Sheriff

Analytic and numeric modeling of diode laser pumped YB:YAG laser oscillators and amplifiers, Hong Shu

Quality constraint approach : a six sigma / throughput approach in manufacturing to achieve company success and continuous improvement, Jose E. Sierra

Finding a voice : motivating characteristics of broadcasters with speech disorders, Diane Mims Silkey

Safe for whom? : a feminist deconstructionist reading of the felix culpa in Leo Tolstoy's "Father Sergius", C. J'Lyn Simonson

An Analysis of the relationship between students' preferences in genre and gender of the protagonist and their reading performance, Nicole Julie Sindone

Metastable phases in mechanically alloyed Al-Mg powders, Devender Singh

Expression of CaF1 and LcrV as a fusion protein for development of a vaccine against Yersinia Pestis via chloroplast genetic engineering, Michael Lee Singleton

Hearing voices : locating a feminist home for real women's narratives about mental health, Alison D. Smith

Integrating writing into the sixth grade mathematics curriculum and its effects on student attitude and performance, Christine E. Smith

An analytical analysis of the effects of oxide breakdown on Class E power amplifiers, Randall Wade Smith

The Y-Haplotypes of the South Dakota native American Sioux, Stacey Jo Smith

Pentimento : examining the conceptual change model in an elementary science classroom, Joyce M. Smolik

Study of sputtered tantalum pentoxide and aluminum oxide thin films and their multistacks for embedded capacitor applications, Sumant Sood

Feminine desire and the way there : Eudora Welty's feminine voice, Rachel Ellen Squires

Study of co-disposal of biosolids and municipal solid waste in landfills, Aparna Sreedharan

Mixed-service environment for distributed real-time systems, Ramakrishna Srinivasan

Measurement of surface displacements in structures using an advanced image correlation technique, Bhaskar Srivastava

University technology transfer activity and the metropolitan new economy : an empirical analysis of its relationship, Kenneth P. Stackpoole

Using journals in science : integrating reflective journals in a fifth grade mathematics science technology curriculum, Jennifer Daley Stickle


It's All in the Rhetoric: Using Affective Design to Change Users' Perceptions of Online Help, Robert C. Stultz

The effects of using multiple intelligences on curriculum design and improved student achievement and attitudes toward science, Donna Kathelin Stutin

Electromagnetic simulation and design of the MAGLEV system to launch super Loki sounding rocket, Jin Su

Evaluation of a microwave radiative transfer model using satellite radiometer observations, Yan Sun

The effects of a mentor-supported model of technology professional development on middle school mathematics teachers' attitudes and practice, Bonnie A. Swan

Coral castle after dark, Frank K. Swanson

Modeling and predicting the performance of coordinate measuring machines, Sompoap Talabgaew

The Eagle in twilight, Michael Talley

Effect of source water blending on iron and lead release : thermodynamic and statistical modeling, Zhijian Tang

Revictimization by the media : a content analysis of the portrayal of femicide in crime news, Shauna Rae Taylor


A Study of High School Students' Perceptions of their Safety in School, Christina L. Testani Cafiero

Development and evaluation of intelligent agent based search system, Malarrvizhi Thiagarajan

Laser communications utilizing Molniya satellite orbits, Russell Lee Thornton

A National Study of Support Programs (Efforts) in Baccalaureate and Associate Degree Nursing Programs to Enhance Retention and Success of Students, Gail L. Tracey


Online giving and university development, Peter A. Trakas

Overlay multicast solutions to media streaming, Duc A. Tran

Bluetooth ad hoc scatternet routing protocol analysis, design, and simulation, Dawid Marcin Trawczynski

School accountability and non-English speaking students' academic performance, Cristina E. Treffner

An assessment of the needs of part-time faculty in a comprehensive multi-campus university environment, Patricia Hanrahan Valley

Inequalities involving complex rational functions, Sidra I. Van de Car


Larger-first partial parsing, Sebastian Alexander Van Delden

Library anxiety, the information search process and doctoral use of the library, Doris Judy Van Kampen

Path tracing algorithm for signature verification system using genetic algorithm, Meera Vasudevamurthy

Polishing studies on tantalum barrier layer in copper chemical mechanical planarization, Arun Vijayakumar

Knowledge discovery from structured data represented by graphs, Roy Villafane

The effects of treatment frequency on treatment outcome for foster care children, Joanne Elise Vogel

Biological pattern simulation using transmission line modeling, Varunyu Vorachart

Design of an inverted microstereolithography systm using uv light, Casey M. Walsh

Examining student assessment in middle school science, Tricia A. Whisonant

The Effect of Parent Education on Maternal Self-efficacy and Preference for Pain Control During Labor, Aubrey Willard

What's In a Name? Exploring the Influence of Maternal Last Name on Attitudes Toward Children, Teresa Napolitano Wise

In citing ethos : creating a successful cross-cultural paradigm for technical communicators, William Harrison Wood

Teacher degree levels : the impact on student achievement in mathematics on high-stakes tests, Mary J. Woolridge

Advanced techniques of single-stage power factor correction AC-DC converters, Wenkai Wu

Self-assembly of polyelectrolyte-coated silver nanoparticles with metanil yellow for use in Raman amplification, Dequan Xiao

CMOS RF circuit design and reliability for wireless communications, Enjun Xiao

Flight simulation on parallel computers, Zheng Xia

Analysis and design of CMOS integrated circuits for low switching noise, Li Yang

Analysis of gap acceptances for left turn maneuver at the two way stop-controlled intersection using a driving simulator, Xuedong Yan

Grating-based real-time smart optics for biomedicine and communications, Zahid Yaqoob

Modelocked external-cavity semiconductor laser noise characterization and application to photonic arbitrary waveform generation, Tolga Yilmaz

Multiphoton effects in the polydiacetylene poly bis(p-toluene sulfonate) of 2,4-hexadiyne-1,6-diol (pts), Fumiyo Yoshino

Analysis of cone beam reconstruction in computer tomography, Alexander Zamyatin

JEmu : a legacy system emulation framework, Yanshen Zhu

Effects of technology on student's performance and attitude in science, William Paul Zima

TiO2 catalyzed photodecomposition of oleic acid, carbon black and nitrogen dioxide, Meimei Zou

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Exploring the viability of non-conventional crash modeling techniques in enhancing traffic safety research, Hassan Tahsin Abdelwahab

Settlement preferences, recruitment, and dispersal potential of the bryozoan Bugula neritina on drift macroalgae in mosquito lagoon, Volusia County, Florida, Marie Josee Abgrall

Design, simulation, and optimization of a fully dynamic x process control procedure, Hani Mohammad Aburas

Relationships between perceived instructor power behaviors and student academic performance, Kerri Allison Adams

Decision-making styles associated with accidents : defining the high risk pilot, Richard J. Adams

The impact of media exposure on male body image, Daniel Agliata

Assessing the effects of daily traffic on the safety of Orlando metropolitan intersections, Jose L. Aguilar

Estimation of vertical velocity and its significance in precipitation measurements using sensor fusion approach, Parvez Ahammad

Spinal orthosis validation model, L. Gabriella Ahlqvist

Surface water management tool for arid lands of Jordan using GIS, Saad M. Alayyash

Tangles, Rhys Alexander

Power system stability : a comparative study using eigenvalue analysis and nonlinear simulation, Faisal Alhasawi

Smart compositional wrappers, Saleh Matar Mohammed Al Hatali

The impact of increased music notation instruction on the perceptual speed of third grade students in a public school setting, Artie Almeida

Collisionless driven magnetic reconnection, Nasser Said Al Salti

Steady state analysis of soft-switching DC-DC and magamp forward converters, Abdelhalim M. Alsharqawi

The design of an enterprise information system : a document approach, Mohammed Arif

Integrating conflict resolution skills in the middle school classroom to enhance cooperative learning, Sandra Harman Arnold

Web-based enhancements for an undergraduate computer network course, Aminuddin Aslam

Going home, Janelle Maxine Aslin

A periodic broadcast protocol for heterogeneous receivers, Olivier Bagouet

Animation and interactivity as an aid in teaching via the web, Raymond Bahana

Assessment of sequence variation within commonly encountered human alpha fibrinogen (HumFGA) alleles, Jeffrey David Ban

Leadership values and roles of Florida school district superintendents, Walter Bartholomew

A study of reactive behavior patterns and online technological self-efficacy, Thomas Eugene Bayston

Curriculum reform: classroom teachers' perceptions on implementation of new curriculum standards, Karen L. Beattie


Legacy To the People: Community and the Orange County Regional History Center, Robert L. Beatty II

The application of non-linear hyperelastic mathematical models to experimental data from the anterior longitudinal ligament, Christopher Michael Beckett

A case study of developmental writing students' interpretation of and response to instructor's feedback on their writing assignments, Nicholas J. Bekas

The effects of teacher collaboration and flexible age grouping in a primary mathematics setting, Sarah Jane Bemiller


Three Surveys on Adult ESOL Pronunciation: Teachers, Students, Textbooks, Hortensia Louro Bernal

Component based software engineering to design real-time software, Manu Bhatia

Perspectives of school leaders concerning school safety and the discipline provisions of the 1997 reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Kimberly V. Bias