The RTD (retrospective thesis or dissertation) collection contains electronic versions of theses and dissertations previously published only in print. UCF Library's RTD project includes all theses or dissertations published at UCF since the first thesis was published in 1972 through mid-2004, after which theses and dissertations were automatically digitized.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Structure, chemistry and synthesis of non-linear optical materials, Wenyan Li

A coupled model of fluid flow, thermal transport, and hydrogeochemical transport through saturated-unsaturated media, Yuan Li

Mental models, maintenance and complex physical systems, Favio Llanes Lopez

Ion implant tool throughput optimization for semiconductor manufacturing, Raymond W. Lo

Habitat use by largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus), and redear sunfish (Lepomis microlophus) in two Central Florida lakes, Ronald Earl Lundy

Novel voltage regulator controllers and transient compensators for powering microprocessors, Jia Luo

A quarterlife study, Angela D. Manning

Alma latina/latin soul, Ana C. Marrero

Structural design of tall absorptive sound barrier to control highway noise, Judy J. Martinez

Effects of simulation fidelity and control usability on strategy development and execution, Daniel K. Mayes

Grade inflation : the relationship between math report card grades and standardized test results at the elementary level, Mark D. McCann

How problem-based learning affects students' attitudes and performance in the elementary mathematics classroom, Deanna L. McDuffie

Applying the analytical hierarchy process to the semiconductor facility layout problem, Mariah McMurran

Development of a framework for managing the product life cycle using chaos and complexity theories, Phillip T. Meade

Undergraduate students' adaptation to college : does being married make a difference?, Dawna Cricket Martita Meehan

Impact of blending source waters on release of iron corrosion products in potable water distribution system, Avinash Mehta

Moscow city housing, Yulia Melikyan

An examination of police canine use of force in the state of Florida, Charles Mesloh

Multiwavelength modelocked semiconductor lasers for photonic access network applications, Michael M. Mielke

The Götterdämmerung, Georgianna Oakley Miller

Effects of supplementary reinforcing on anchor breakout under tension loading, James Richard Mitchell

A Multi-site analysis of administrative perspectives regarding best educational practices impacting Hispanic LEP students in the public high schools, Robert Moll

A study of flow improvers in wet gas pipelines, Parimal P. More

Nonlinear finite element analysis of fiber composite reinforced concrete bridge deck system, Ghada Salah Moussa

Advanced high-frequency electronic ballasting for gas discharge lamps, Zaki Moussaoui

Assessing employer perceptions of recent high school graduates, Dale E. Moxley

Strategic planning process used in school districts in the southeastern United States, Susan E. Moxley

Quadratic filters for automatic pattern recognition, Robert Raymond Muise

Characterization of thermally grown oxide on long-term isothermally oxidized CMSX-4 superalloys with protective aluminide coatings, Nan Mu

The creation and utilization of current computer multimedia in the instruction of archaeology, Neil A. Murray

A sensitivity analysis for a tidally-influenced riverine system, Ryan Roberts Murray

A novel model for the prediction of iron release in drinking water distribution pipe networks, Ginasiyo Mutoti

Dimensions of service quality in home building, Isabelina Nahmens

Study of defects associated with implantation of high dose vanadium and chromium into (100) single crystal silicon, Rajesh Neelakantan

Educational benefits available to full-time non-faculty employees at public doctoral-granting institutions, Diane I. Neff

Gain improvements in p-Ge lasers by neutron transmutation doping, Eric Walters Nelson

Interactive global illumination on the graphics processing unit, Mangesh Nijasure

Characterization and selection of RO/NF membranes for the treatment of highly organic brackish surface water, David Norberg

Effects of technology on students' science learning and attitudes, Marty Todd Norris

CPN as a framework for QoS on the internet, Juan Arturo Nunez

Capacitance based mass metering for cryogenic fluids, Mark A. Nurge

The impact of race and wealth on diagnostic evaluation of school performance in Florida, Kevin D. O'Farrell

Using "Bottle Math" in a first grade classroom, Kelly J. Oglesby

Mathematical robotic algorithms for mowing a field, Rex R. Oleson

Understanding the differences in organizational citizenship behavior among full-time and part-time employees : a motives approach, Christopher Olwell

Finite element model for impact response of the human cranio-cerebral complex, Binu K. Oommen

Prestressing concrete beams using shape memory alloy tendons, Rosales Juan Ortega

They fought in the field : the women's land army in Britain in World War II, Deirdre P. O'Shea

Study of innovative teachers' use of technology and the perceived influence principals have upon the integration of instructional technology in the classroom, Tamela S. Owens

Effects of use and quality of transitions and mode on speaker credibility, message comprehension, and message evaluation, Seth A. Oyer

System use of WebCT in the light of the technology acceptance model : a student perspective, Cheng Chang Pan

Classification of real-time traffic speed patterns to predict crashes on freeways, Anurag Pande

Thermo-mechanical and optical analyses of high-power solid-state lasers, Manoj Kumar Patel

Real-time software development for data storage and event recording of a satellite ground control station, Prashant R. Patel

Study of transparent conducting ZnO/ZnO:Al layer, front grid contact, for photovoltaic cells and ruthenium sulfide photoanode for photoelectrochemical cells, Harshad Pandharinath Patil

Development of robotic system for biomass production chamber : mechanism and its dynamic modeling, Rahul Patil

Synthesis and applications of nanocrystalline ceria, Swanand D. Patil

Characterization of cell cycle regulatory proteins in Plasmodium falciparum, Shelley Ann Patterson

A qualitative analysis of student learning experiences in online community college undergraduate education courses, Melissa D. Pedone

Didactic literature and the role of the middle-class victorian housewife, Christine L. Persons

A content analysis of local television news in Orlando, Florida, Erik Peterson

High intensity beam propagation in media with strong nonlinearities, Sergey Vladimirovich Polyakov

A development of a conceptual framework for principal evaluation and comparison of the framework to evaluation formats currently utilized in 7 southeastern states, Jason W. Powell

Novel calamitic liquid crystalline compounds : synthesis, characterization and texture observations, Maher A. Qaddoura

Flyboost derived single stage power factor correction converter, Weihong Qiu

An efficient image compression technique using vector quantization in multiple transform domains, Pradeep Ragothaman

Commissioning of an instrumented nanoindenter for studies of deformation in shape memory alloys, Sudhir Rajagopalan

Strategies for low copy number DNA analysis, Virginia L. Raker

National Board Certified teachers' views of the certification process and its effect on the professional school culture, Douglas E. Ralph

Photolytic decomposition of hydrogen sulfide into hydrogen and sulfur, Karthikeyan Kallupalayam Ramasamy

Invariance in human action analysis, Cen Rao


Video Categorization Using Semantics and Semiotics, Zeeshan Rasheed

Social Support in Elderly Nursing Home Populations: Manifestations and Sociopolitical and Economic Influences, Elizabeth M. Rash

Investigating the efficacy of reflecting teams in a community mental health setting by observing changes in symptom distress, self-esteem and client satisfaction, Scott D. Rasmus

An in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of stress-induced transformations in NiTi, Chandrasen Rathod

Fighting the growth machine : can minorities be saved from its harmful effects?, Nicole Reale

The role of mathematics anxiety in mathematical motivation : a path analysis of the CANE model, James Michael Reynolds

A study of the effects of using the 5-E inquiry model in science instruction, Wendy M. Richards

TOC removal from a surface water supply on a volcanic island using enhanced coagulation and granular activated carbon, Sheila Maria Guevara Rios

Signs and other stories, Christopher Rohner

Evaluating the intelligibility and naturalness of shadowed speech and exploring verbal shadowing as an effective method of enrolling in a speech recognition system, Wallace J. Sadowski

The use of heart rate monitors in enabling children to self-regulate physical activity behaviors, Karen Saenz

Comparative analysis between friction stir welding and automatic riveting in the assembly of aircraft structures, Serge N. Sala Diakanda

Laser doping and metallization of wide bandgap materials : SiC, GaN and AlN, Islam A. Salama

Coupling of modes model and analysis of one-port SAW resonators on langanite and langanate, Nancy Saldanha

Conditional probability of death and worker heterogeneity in risk perceptions and risk premiums, Matthew J. Salois

Situational awareness through context based situational interpretation metrics, Angela M. Alban Salva

Evaluation of two neural network methods for generating heavy truck trips at Port Canaveral using vessel freight data, Pradeep Reddy Sarvareddy

The Whack-a-mole king and other stories, Michael F. Scileppi

The modeling of plant growth and cellular layers using Lindenmayer systems and multifractals, Cynthia A. Scofield

A context-based approach to command and control in the military planning program, Joseph Brian Scott

Open-loop control of a super high-speed miniaturized PMSM using the TMS320LF2407 digital signal processor, Hubert P. Seigneur

The optical engineering of imaging spectrometers based on the Sagnac interferometer, R. Glenn Sellar

The influence of hormones and sexual swellings on social interactions in female mandrills (mandrillus spinx), Rebecca Sellin

Vehicle collision with bridge piers, Edward Severino

Effect of biotic degradation of halogenated aliphatic compounds on zero-valent iron, Hala A. Sfeir

Detecting internal and external changes in a supply chain and predicting its behavior using neural networks, Ankit S. Shah

Application of model reference adaptive control for Czochralski crystal growth technique, Dhaval Shah

Qualitative inquiry of teachers' ability to provide skills-based and culturally responsive instruction to multicultural learners in the area of reading, Monika W. Shealey

Exploring the social determinants of gambler motives, Sada Sheldon