Submissions from 2014

An Analytical Stress-Strain Hysteresis Model For A Directionally-Solidified Superalloy Under Thermomechanical Fatigue, Thomas Bouchenot, Ali P. Gordon, Sachin Shinde, and Phillip Gravett

Approach For Stabilized Peak/Valley Stress Modeling Of Non-Isothermal Fatigue Of A Ds Ni-Base Superalloy, Thomas Bouchenot, Ali P. Gordon, Sachin Shinde, and Phillip Gravett

Development Of An Extensive Forensic Handwriting Database: Statistical Components, Michèle Boulanger, Mark E. Johnson, and Thomas W. Vastrick

Factors Influencing Critical Care Nurses' Adoption Of The Aacn Practice Alert On Verification Of Feeding Tube Placement, Annette M. Bourgault, Janie Heath, Vallire Hooper, Mary Lou Sole, and Jennifer L. Waller

Us Foreign Aid, Interstate Rivalry, And Incentives For Counterterrorism Cooperation, Andrew Boutton

Tweeting An Ethos: Emergency Messaging, Social Media, And Teaching Technical Communication, Melody A. Bowdon

Boaters' Perceptions Of A Mobile App For A Marine Conservation Social Marketing Campaign, Kamra Bowerman and Denise E. Delorme

Husserl'S Theory Of Instincts As A Theory Of Affection, Matt E.M. Bower

Cognitive Readiness For Complex Team Performance, Clint Bowers and Janis Cannon-Bowers

Action Recognition By Weakly-Supervised Discriminative Region Localization, Hakan Boyraz, Syed Zain Masood, Baoyuan Liu, Marshall Tappen, and Hassan Foroosh

A New Inventory Model For Cold Items That Considers Costs And Emissions, Ali Bozorgi, Jennifer Pazour, and Dima Nazzal

Measurement Of Thermal Lensing In Gaas Induced By 100 W Tm:Fiber Laser, Joshua Bradford, Konstantin Vodopyanov, Peter Schunemann, Lawrence Shah, and Martin Richardson

Climate Fails To Predict Wood Decomposition At Regional Scales, Mark A. Bradford, Robert J. Warren, Petr Baldrian, Thomas W. Crowther, and Daniel S. Maynard

Alzheimer'S Dementia From A Bilingual/Bicultural Perspective: A Case Study, Alejandro E. Brice, Sarah E. Wallace, and Roanne G. Brice

Naw Bahar District 2010-11: A Case Study Of Counterinsurgency Conducted By Naval Special Warfare In Afghanistan, Thomas Briggs

Human Factors As Both The Embodiment Of And Potential Solution To A Broken System Of Science, J. Christopher Brill, Ben D. Lawson, Francis T. Durso, Peter A. Hancock, and Scott Shappell

Not Too Big, Not Too Small: A Goldilocks Approach To Sample Size Selection, Kristine R. Broglio, Jason T. Connor, and Scott M. Berry

Polarization Correlations In Backscattering From Media With Different Optical Densities, J. Broky and A. Dogariu

Psychological Ownership, Territorial Behavior, And Being Perceived As A Team Contributor: The Critical Role Of Trust In The Work Environment, Graham Brown, Craig Crossley, and Sandra L. Robinson

Toward an understanding of the development of ownership feelings, Graham Brown, Jon L. Pierce, and Craig Crossley

Fine-Scale Population Structure Of Estuarine Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) Assessed Using Stable Isotope Ratios And Fatty Acid Signature Analyses, N. E. Browning, S. D. McCulloch, G. D. Bossart, and G. A.J. Worthy

Resource Partitioning Among South African Delphinids, Nicole E. Browning, Victor G. Cockcroft, and Graham A.J. Worthy

Development And Initial Evaluation Of A Web-Based Program To Increase Parental Awareness And Monitoring Of Underage Alcohol Use: A Brief Report, Pamela C. Brown, Michael E. Dunn, and Alan J. Budney

Beyond Job Creation And Service Learning: Putting The Public Back In Public Affairs Education, Thomas A. Bryer

Cstutor: A Sketch-Based Tool For Visualizing Data Structures, Sarah Buchanan and Joseph J. Laviola

The Effect Of The Type-Pricing Strategy On Perceived Price Fairness And Behavioral Outcomes In Beverage Establishments, Milos Bujisic, Anil Bilgihan, and Joe Hutchinson

Service Failure, Tipping Behavior, And The Effect Of Service Industry Experience, Milos Bujisic, H. G. Parsa, Anil Bilgihan, Jessica Galloway, and Loren Hern

Not All Smiles Are Created Equal: Investigating The Effects Of Display Authenticity And Service Relationship On Customer Tipping Behavior, Milos Bujisic, Luorong (Laurie) Wu, Anna Mattila, and Anil Bilgihan

Joint Convergence Along Different Subsequences Of The Signed Cubic Variation Of Fractional Brownian Motion, Krzysztof Burdzy, David Nualart, and Jason Swanson

A Look Into The Challenging World Of Mts Data Collection, C. Shawn Burke

Organizational Legitimacy, Conflict, And Hypocrisy: An Alternative View Of The Role Of Internal Auditing, Erin Burrell Nickell and Robin W. Roberts

Understanding Internal, External, And Relational Attributions For Abusive Supervision, James P. Burton, Shannon G. Taylor, and Larissa K. Barber

Distributions Of Finite Order As A Space Of Pseudoquotients, Józef Burzyk and Piotr Mikusiński

Second-Class Citizens, First-Class Scientists: Using Sociocultural Perspectives To Highlight The Successes And Challenges Of African American Scientists During The Jim Crow Era, Malcolm B. Butler

Introduction: Culture, Equity, And Social Justice For Science Teacher Educators, Malcolm B. Butler, Mary M. Atwater, and Melody L. Russell

Inclusion In Higher Education: A Case Study, Christopher C. Butts, Kizzy M. Parks, Lavious Felix Daniels, and Elizabeth Sanz

Studies Of The Carbon Footprint For A Port In The Panama Canal, Rebeca Caceres, Hector Mendoza, Luis Rabelo, Sayli Bhide, and John Pastrana

Soliton Manipulation Using Airy Pulses, Wangyang Cai, Matthew S. Mills, Demetrios N. Christodoulides, and Shuangchun Wen

Sustained Inhibition Of Neovascularization In Vldlr-/- Mice Following Intravitreal Injection Of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles And The Role Of The Ask1-P38/Jnk-Nf-Κb Pathway, Xue Cai, Sudipta Seal, and James F. McGinnis

Nanoceria And Thioredoxin Regulate A Common Antioxidative Gene Network In Tubby Mice, Xue Cai, Junji Yodoi, Sudipta Seal, and James F. McGinnis

Preparation And Thermal Conductivity Of Cnts/Sic Nanocomposite Film, Yanzhi Cai, Jihua Gou, Lingqi Chen, and Xiaowei Yin

Addressing Relations And Conclusions By Grouped Modeling For Complex Issues, Zhiming Cai, Kuok Fan Chan, Menghan Wang, and Jiangling Yin

Investigating The Relationship Between Adverse Events And Infrastructure Development In An Active War Theater Using Soft Computing Techniques, Erman Çakit, Waldemar Karwowski, Halil Bozkurt, Tareq Ahram, and William Thompson

Achieving Second Order Advantage With Multi-Way Partial Least Squares And Residual Bi-Linearization With Total Synchronous Fluorescence Data Of Monohydroxy-Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons In Urine Samples, Korina Calimag-Williams, Gaston Knobel, H. C. Goicoechea, and A. D. Campiglia

A Computational Study Of Dsdna Pairs And Vibrational Resonance In Separating Water, Richard J. Calloway, Michael D. Proctor, Victor M. Boyer, and Samantha Napier

Enhancing Home Care Staff Safety Through Reducing Client Aggression And Violence In Noninstitutional Care Settings: A Systematic Review, Colleen L. Campbell, Sean McCoy, Mary Ann Burg, and Nannette Hoffman

Solar System: Evaporating Asteroid, Humberto Campins and Christine M. Comfort

An Existence Theorem For A Nonlocal Global Pandemic Model For Insect-Borne Diseases, John R. Cannon and Daniel J. Galiffa

Comparative Statics Of A Monopolistic Firm Facing Price-Cap And Command-And-Control Environmental Regulations, Michael R. Caputo

Comparative Statics Of A Monopolistic Firm Facing Rate-Of-Return And Command-And-Control Pollution Constraints, Michael R. Caputo and Dmitriy Popov

The Benefits And Challenges Of Mobile And Ubiquitous Technology In Education, Victoria M. Cardullo, Vassiliki Vicky I. Zygouris-Coe, and Nance S. Wilson

Influence Of Relationship Education On Relationship Satisfaction For Low-Income Couples, Ryan G. Carlson, Sejal M. Barden, Andrew P. Daire, and Jennifer Greene

Examining Parental Alliance For Low-Income Participants Who Attended Relationship Education With Or Without A Partner, Ryan G. Carlson, Sejal M. Barden, Andrew P. Daire, and Melissa Swartz

Examining Relationship Satisfaction And Individual Distress For Low-To-Moderate Income Couples In Relationship Education, Ryan G. Carlson, Andrew P. Daire, and Haiyan Bai

Examining Passive And Active Recruitment Methods For Low-Income Couples In Relationship Education, Ryan G. Carlson, Jessica Fripp, Matthew D. Munyon, Andrew Daire, and Jennifer M. Johnson

Does The Frequency Of Speaker-Listener Technique Use Influence Relationship Satisfaction?, Ryan G. Carlson, Daniel Guttierrez, Andrew P. Daire, and Kristopher Hall

Place Matters: The Impact Of Place Of Residency On Racial Attitudes Among Regional And Urban Migrants, J. Scott Carter and Shannon K. Carter

The Impact Of Place? A Reassessment Of The Importance Of The South In Affecting Beliefs About Racial Inequality, J. Scott Carter, Mamadi Corra, Shannon K. Carter, and Rachael McCrosky

Emotion Work Among Pregnant And Birthing Women, Shannon K. Carter and Stephanie Gonzalez Guittar

Investigation And Impact Of Oxygen Plasma Compositions On Cubic Znmgo Grown By Molecular Beam Epitaxy, R. Casey Boutwell, M. Wei, Matthieu Baudelet, and Winston V. Schoenfeld

Poster: Dynamic Adaptation Of 3D Selection Techniques For Suitability Across Diverse Scenarios, Jeffrey Cashion and Joseph J. Laviola

Environmental Factors Affecting Germination And Seedling Survival Of Carolina Willow (Salix Caroliniana), Luz M. Castro-Morales, Pedro F. Quintana-Ascencio, John E. Fauth, Kimberli J. Ponzio, and Dianne L. Hall

Sample Grain Influences The Functional Relationship Between Canopy Cover And Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus Polyphemus) Burrow Abandonment, Christopher P. Catano, James J. Angelo, and I. Jack Stout

Critical Issues, Condition Assessment And Monitoring Of Heavy Movable Structures: Emphasis On Movable Bridges, F. Necati Catbas, Mustafa Gul, H. Burak Gokce, Ricardo Zaurin, and Dan M. Frangopol

Cutpoints For Low Appendicular Lean Mass That Identify Older Adults With Clinically Significant Weakness, Peggy M. Cawthon, Katherine W. Peters, Michelle D. Shardell, Robert R. McLean, and Thuy Tien L. Dam

Developing A Common Currency For Stable Isotope Analyses Of Nesting Marine Turtles, Simona A. Ceriani, James D. Roth, Llewellyn M. Ehrhart, Pedro F. Quintana-Ascencio, and John F. Weishampel

Educating Children In The New Millennium, Part 2, Basanti Chakraborty and Judit Szente

Emergent Irreversibility And Entanglement Spectrum Statistics, Claudio Chamon, Alioscia Hamma, and Eduardo R. Mucciolo

Development Of A Chemical Kinetic Model For A Biosolids Fluidized-Bed Gasifier And The Effects Of Operating Parameters On Syngas Quality, Wyatt M. Champion, C. David Cooper, Kevin R. Mackie, and Paul Cairney

Multiobjective Design Of Linear Antenna Arrays Using Bayesian Inference Framework, Chung Yong Chan and Paul M. Goggans

The Role Of First Language Reversion In Communication And Outreach: An Integrative, Multilingual Approach, Robert C. Chandler

Expanded Access Study Of Patients With Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma Treated With The Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor, Vismodegib, Anne Lynn S. Chang, James A. Solomon, John D. Hainsworth, Leonard Goldberg, and Edward McKenna

Multisensor Analysis Of Teleconnection Signals In Relation To Terrestrial Precipitation And Forest Greenness In North And Central America, N. B. Chang, S. Imen, L. Mullen, C. F. Chen, and M. Valdez

Linkages Between Turbidity Levels In Lake Mead Associated Forest Fire Events In The Lower Virgin Watershed, N. B. Chang, S. Imen, and J. Yang

Rule-Based Expert System For Sensor Deployment In Drinking Water Systems For Rural Communities, N. B. Chang and A. Makkeasorn

Flow Measurements With A Cross-Type Automatic Pulse Tracer Velocimeter (Aptv) In Heterogeneous Environments, Ni Bin Chang, A. James Crawford, and Golam Mohiuddin

System Dynamics Modeling For Nitrogen Removal In A Subtropical Stormwater Wet Pond, Ni Bin Chang, Zachary A. Marimon, Zhemin Xuan, Benjamin Vannah, and Jamie Jones

Comparative Sensor Fusion Between Hyperspectral And Multispectral Satellite Sensors For Monitoring Microcystin Distribution In Lake Erie, Ni Bin Chang, Benjamin Vannah, and Y. Jeffrey Yang

Integrated Data Fusion And Mining Techniques For Monitoring Total Organic Carbon Concentrations In A Lake, Ni Bin Chang, Benjamin W. Vannah, Y. Jeffrey Yang, and Michael Elovitz

Innovative Design Of Low Impact Development In Support Of Green Building Initiative, Ni Bin Chang, Martin P. Wanielista, and Ammarin Makkeasorn

A Novel Subsurface Upflow Wetland With The Aid Of Biosorption-Activated Media For Nutrient Removal, Ni Bin Chang, Martin P. Wanielista, and Zhemin Xuan

Tracer-Based System Dynamic Modeling For Designing A Subsurface Upflow Wetland For Nutrient Removal, Ni Bin Chang, Martin P. Wanielista, and Zhemin Xuan

Floating Treatment Wetlands For Nutrient Removal In A Subtropical Stormwater Wet Detention Pond With A Fountain, Ni Bin Chang, Martin P. Wanielista, Zhemin Xuan, and Zachary A. Marimon

Factorized Similarity Learning In Networks, Shiyu Chang, Guo Jun Qi, Charu C. Aggarwal, Jiayu Zhou, and Meng Wang

A 200 Tw Driving Laser For Generating Microjoule Level Isolated Attosecond Pulses, Zenghu Chang

Approaching The Atomic Unit Of Time With Isolated Attosecond Pulses, Zenghu Chang

Approaching The Atomic Unit Of Time With Isolated Attosecond Pulses, Zenghu Chang

Attosecond Light Sources In The Water Window, Zenghu Chang

Photorefractive Performances Of A Graphene-Doped Patpd/7-Dcst/Ecz Composite, Panit Chantharasupawong, Cory W. Christenson, Reji Philip, Lei Zhai, and Jeffrey Winiarz

Coupling Enhancement And Giant Rabi-Splitting In Large Arrays Of Tunable Plexcitonic Substrates, Panit Chantharasupawong, Laurene Tetard, and Jayan Thomas

Adinkra (In)Equivalence From Coxeter Group Representations:, I. Chappell, S. James Gates, and T. Hübsch

Tropical Landscapes And The Ancient Maya: Diversity In Time And Space, Arlen F. Chase, Lisa J. Lucero, Vernon L. Scarborough, Diane Z. Chase, and Rafael Cobos

Diversity, Resiliency, And Ihope-Maya: Using The Past To Inform The Present, Arlen F. Chase and Vernon Scarborough

Ancient Maya Markets And The Economic Integration Of Caracol, Belize, Diane Z. Chase and Arlen F. Chase

Path Dependency In The Rise And Denouement Of A Classic Maya City: The Case Of Caracol, Belize, Diane Z. Chase and Arlen F. Chase

Message From The Technical Program Chairs, Mainak Chatterjee, Jiannong Cao, Kishore Kothapalli, and Sergio Rajsbaum

A Practical Framework For Constructing Structured Drawings, Salman Cheema, Sarah Buchanan, Sumit Gulwani, and Joseph J. LaViola

A Transform Domain Modular Approach For Facial Recognition Using Different Representations And Windowing Techniques, Ramy C.G. Chehata, Wasfy B. Mikhael, and George Atia

Hole-Pin Joining Structure With Fiber-Round-Hole Distribution Of Lobster Cuticle And Biomimetic Study, Bin Chen, Jinghong Fan, Jihua Gou, and Shiyun Lin

Monitoring Spatiotemporal Surface Soil Moisture Variations During Dry Seasons In Central America With Multisensor Cascade Data Fusion, Chi Farn Chen, Miguel Conrado Valdez, Ni Bin Chang, Li Yu Chang, and Pei Yao Yuan