Submissions from 2014

Mesh-Free Sparse Representation Of Multidimensional Lidar Data, Kristian L. Damkjer and Hassan Foroosh

An Evidence-Based Comparison Of Operational Criteria For The Presence Of Sarcopenia, Thuy Tien Dam, Katherine W. Peters, Maren Fragala, Peggy M. Cawthon, and Tamara B. Harris

Supply Chain Channel Coordination Under Sales Rebate Return Policy Contract Using Simulation Optimization, M. Darayi, H. Eskandari, and C. D. Geiger

Highly Sensitive Palladium Oxide Thin Film Extended Gate Fets As Ph Sensor, Atanu Das, Danny Hsu Ko, Chia Hsin Chen, Liann Be Chang, and Chao Sung Lai

Anomalous Decrease Of Off-State Drain Leakage Current In Gan/Algan Hemts With Dual Optical Excitation, Atanu Das, Danny Hsu Ko, Ray Ming Lin, Liann Be Chang, and Lee Chow

Therapeutic Potential Of Nanoceria In Regenerative Medicine, Soumen Das, Srinivasulu Chigurupati, Janet Dowding, Prabhakaran Munusamy, and Donald R. Baer

Optimal Design Of Cooperative Guidance Law For Simultaneous Strike, Edward Daughtery and Zhihua Qu

Evaluating Trust-Based Fusion Models For Participatory Sensing Applications, Erfan Davami and Gita Sukthankar

Integration Of Fiber-Optic Sensors In Measuring Machines, Ashkan Davanlou

Motion Of Spherical Droplets Against Marangoni Flow In A Thin Liquid Film, Ashkan Davanlou, Hyoung J. Cho, and Ranganathan Kumar

Anticoagulation, Andrew Davenport, Kar Neng Lai, Joachim Hertel, and Ralph J. Caruana

Microparticle Association And Heterogeneity Of Tumor-Derived Tissue Factor In Plasma: Is It Important For Coagulation Activation?, M. Davila, L. Robles-Carrillo, D. Unruh, Q. Huo, and C. Gardiner

2013 Statement On Human Papillomavirus Dna Test Utilization, Diane Davis Davey, Robert Goulart, and Ritu Nayar

A Phenotypic Culture System For The Molecular Analysis Of Cns Myelination In The Spinal Cord, Hedvika Davis, Mercedes Gonzalez, Maria Stancescu, Rachal Love, and James J. Hickman

Model Selection For Classification With A Large Number Of Classes, Justin Davis and Marianna Pensky

Pareto Analysis Of Critical Challenges For Emerging Manufacturing Technologies In Silicon Photovoltaics, K. O. Davis, R. P. Brooker, H. P. Seigneur, M. Rodgers, and A. C. Rudack

Optical Properties Of Screen-Printed Aluminum Contacts, K. O. Davis, J. Sun, K. Jiang, R. P. Brooker, and W. V. Schoenfeld

A Review Of Manufacturing Metrology For Improved Reliability Of Silicon Photovoltaic Modules, Kristopher O. Davis, Joseph Walters, Eric Schneller, Hubert Seigneur, and R. Paul Brooker

Evaluating The Effects Of Climate Change On Water Reliability In Iran'S Karkheh River Basin, Rahman Davtalab, Kaveh Madani, Alireza Massah, and Manouchehr Farajzadeh

Developmental Validation Of The Paradna® Screening System - A Presumptive Test For The Detection Of Dna On Forensic Evidence Items, Nick Dawnay, Beccy Stafford-Allen, Dave Moore, Stephen Blackman, and Paul Rendell

Life Fraction Hardening Applied To A Modified Theta Projection Creep Model For A Nickel-Based Super-Alloy, W. David Day and Ali P. Gordon

Spectrum Map Aided Multi-Channel Multi-Hop Routing In Distributed Cognitive Radio Networks, Saptarshi Debroy and Mainak Chatterjee

Contention Based Multichannel Mac Protocol For Distributed Cognitive Radio Networks, Saptarshi Debroy, Swades De, and Mainak Chatterjee

Obesity And Non Adherence Correlate With Elevated Serum Estradiol Levels In Postmenopausal Women Receiving Adjuvant Aromatase Inhibitor Therapy, David A. Decker, Robert B. Reynolds, David C. Molthrop, Elizabeth Griffith, and Tiffany Encarnacion

Multimodal Shape Oscillations Of Droplets Excited By An Air Stream, P. Deepu, Saptarshi Basu, and Ranganathan Kumar

Improving Semantic Concept Detection Through The Dictionary Of Visually-Distinct Elements, Afshin Dehghan, Haroon Idrees, and Mubarak Shah

Who Do I Look Like? Determining Parent-Offspring Resemblance Via Gated Autoencoders, Afshin Dehghan, Enrique G. Ortiz, Ruben Villegas, and Mubarak Shah

Beyond Cytology. Why And When Does The Oncologist Require Core Tissue?, Sebastian G. de la Fuente and J. Pablo Arnoletti

Terahertz Oscillating Devices Based Upon The Intrinsic Josephson Junctions In A High Temperature Superconductor, Kaveh Delfanazari, Hidehiro Asai, Manabu Tsujimoto, Takanari Kashiwagi, and Takeo Kitamura

Ultra-Wideband Coherent Optical Signal Processing Using Semiconductor Laser Based Optical Frequency Combs, Peter J. Delfyett, T. Klee, K. Bagnell, and S. Bhooplapur

Evaluation Of Maxim Module-Integrated Electronics At The Doe Regional Test Centers, Chris Deline, Bill Sekulic, Josh Stein, Stephen Barkaszi, and Jeff Yang

Temperature Sensitivity Of Composite Propellants Containing Novel Nano-Additive Catalysts, Andrew R. Demko, James C. Thomas, Thomas Sammet, Eric L. Petersen, and David L. Reid

Impact Of A University-Based Practicum Experience On Counseling Students’ Levels Of Empathy And Assessed Counseling Competencies, M. Kristina Depue and Glenn W. Lambie

Theorizing And Analyzing Agency In Second Language Learning: Interdisciplinary Approaches, Ping Deters, Xuesong Andy Gao, Elizabeth R. Miller, and Gergana Vitanova

The Spai-18, A Brief Version Of The Social Phobia And Anxiety Inventory: Reliability And Validity In Clinically Referred And Non-Referred Samples, Wieke de Vente, Mirjana Majdandžić, Marisol J. Voncken, Deborah C. Beidel, and Susan M. Bögels

Attributed Graph Distance Measure For Automatic Detection Of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disordered Subjects, Soumyabrata Dey, Ravishankar Rao, and Mubarak Shah

Diastereomeric Preference Of A Triply Axial Chiral Binaphthyl Based Molecule: A Concentration Dependent Study By Chiroptical Spectroscopies, Zahra Dezhahang, Mohammad Reza Poopari, Florencio Eloy Hernández, Carlos Diaz, and Yunjie Xu

The Missing Piece: Noncognitive Stereotypes And Stereotype Threat, Lindsay Y. Dhanani and Amanda M. Wolcott

Reliability Of Hybrid Photovoltaic Dc Micro-Grid Systems For Emergency Shelters And Other Applications, Neelkanth G. Dhere and Susan Schleith

Device For Comprehensive Analysis Of Leakage Current Paths In Photovoltaic Module Packaging Materials, Neelkanth G. Dhere, Narendra S. Shiradkar, and Eric Schneller

Evolution Of Leakage Current Paths In Mc-Si Pv Modules From Leading Manufacturers Undergoing High-Voltage Bias Testing, Neelkanth G. Dhere, Narendra S. Shiradkar, and Eric Schneller

Device To Analyze Leakage Current Pathways In Photovoltaic Modules In Real-Time, Neelkanth Dhere, Narendra Shiradkar, and Eric Schneller

Individual (Co)Variation Of Field Behavior And Locomotor Performance In Curly Tailed Lizards, K. Diamond, D. Trovillion, K. E. Allen, K. M. Malela, and D. A. Noble

Two-Photon Circular Dichroism Of An Axially Dissymmetric Diphosphine Ligand With Strong Intramolecular Charge Transfer, Carlos Díaz, Lorenzo Echevarria, Antonio Rizzo, and Florencio E. Hernández

Interdiffusion And Reaction Between Zr And Al Alloys From 425° To 625 °C, J. Dickson, L. Zhou, A. Paz Y Puente, M. Fu, and D. D. Keiser

Secondary Special Education And Inclusive Practices: Pitfalls And Potential For The Success Of All, Lisa A. Dieker and Selma Powell

Learning From Virtual Students, Lisa A. Dieker, Carrie L. Straub, Charles E. Hughes, Michael C. Hynes, and Stacey Hardin

The Use Of Motivational Interviewing In Conjunction With Adapted Dialectical Behavior Therapy To Treat Synthetic Cannabis Use Disorder, Alyssa R. Dietz and Michael E. Dunn

Interdependence Of Reabsorption And Internal Energy Losses In Luminescent Solar Concentrators, Jennefir Digaum and Stephen M. Kuebler

Toward An Aspirational Learning Model Gleaned From Large-Scale Assessment, Read M. Diket, Lihua Xu, and Thomas M. Brewer

The Sustained Attention To Response Task (Sart) Does Not Promote Mindlessness During Vigilance Performance, Michael B. Dillard, Joel S. Warm, Gregory J. Funke, Matthew E. Funke, and Victor S. Finomore

Adolescent Pregnancy And Mental Health, Mary E. Dillon

Adolescent Pregnancy In Ireland (Eire): Medical, Psychosocial, And Public Health Responses, Mary E. Dillon

An International Perspective On Adolescent Pregnancy, Mary E. Dillon and Andrew L. Cherry

Siomics: A Novel Approach For Systematic Identification Of Motifs In Chip-Seq Data, Jun Ding, Haiyan Hu, and Xiaoman Li

The Role Of Communication In Intuitive And Analytical Employee Selection, Robert L. Dipboye

Redefining The Whole: Common Errors In Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Self-Authored Word Problems For Fraction Subtraction, Juli K. Dixon, Janet B. Andreasen, Cheryl L. Avila, Zyad Bawatneh, and Deana L. Deichert

Geographic Distribution Of Cercosaura Vertebralis O’Shaughnessy, 1879 (Reptilia: Squamata: Gymnophthalmidae) And The Status Of Cercosaura Ampuedai (Lancini, 1968), Tiffany M. Doan and Juan C. Cusi

Jacobi-Gauss-Lobatto Collocation Method For The Numerical Solution Of 1 + 1 Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations, E. H. Doha, A. H. Bhrawy, M. A. Abdelkawy, and Robert A. Van Gorder

A Jacobi Rational Pseudospectral Method For Lane–Emden Initial Value Problems Arising In Astrophysics On A Semi-Infinite Interval, E. H. Doha, A. H. Bhrawy, R. M. Hafez, and Robert A. Van Gorder

Water-Stable Manganese(Iv) Complex Of A N2O4-Donor Non-Schiff-Base Ligand: Synthesis, Structure, And Multifrequency High-Field Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies, Malay Dolai, Asma Amjad, Mainak Debnath, Johan Van Tol, and Enrique Del Barco

Trapping Of Rhizophora Mangle Propagules By Coexisting Early Successional Species, Melinda Donnelly and Linda Walters

Composite Conjugated Polymer/Fullerene Nanoparticles As Sensitizers In Photodynamic Therapy For Cancer, Mona Doshi, Kirsten Treglown, Alicja Copik, and Andre J. Gesquiere

Optical Simulation Of Nonlinear Twisted-Ring Defect States With Planarwaveguide Arrays, Alexander A. Dovgiy, Andrey E. Miroshnichenko, Alexander Moroz, Alexander Szameit, and Demetrios N. Christodoulides

The Sole Tryptophan Of Amicyanin Enhances Its Thermal Stability But Does Not Influence The Electronic Properties Of The Type 1 Copper Site, Brian A. Dow, Narayanasami Sukumar, Jason O. Matos, Moonsung Choi, and Alfons Schulte

Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Protect Against Aβ-Induced Mitochondrial Fragmentation And Neuronal Cell Death, J. M. Dowding, W. Song, K. Bossy, A. Karakoti, and A. Kumar

Erratum To: Toxicological Effects Of The Sunscreen Uv Filter, Benzophenone-2, On Planulae And In Vitro Cells Of The Coral, Stylophora Pistillata (Ecotoxicology (2014) 23, (175-191) Doi: 10.1007/S10646-013-1161-Y), C. A. Downs, Esti Kramarsky-Winter, John E. Fauth, Roee Segal, and Omri Bronstein

Toxicological Effects Of The Sunscreen Uv Filter, Benzophenone-2, On Planulae And In Vitro Cells Of The Coral, Stylophora Pistillata, C. A. Downs, Esti Kramarsky-Winter, John E. Fauth, Roee Segal, and Omri Bronstein

Thermal Tuning Of Volume Bragg Gratings For Spectral Beam Combining Of High-Power Fiber Lasers, Derrek R. Drachenberg, Oleksiy Andrusyak, George Venus, Vadim Smirnov, and Leonid B. Glebov

Conducting Applied Experimental Research, James E. Driskell, Jennifer King, and Tripp Driskell

The Language Of Lies: A Content Analytic Approach, T. Driskell, L. Neuberger, J. E. Driskell, C. S. Burke, and E. Salas

Training Teams To High Performance: Efficacy And Implications For Practice, Tripp Driskell and Eduardo Salas

Reducing The Effects Of Game Day Pressures Through Stress Exposure Training, Tripp Driskell, Steve Sclafani, and James E. Driskell

Application Of Blind Source Separation Methods To Ion-Selective Electrode Arrays In Flow-Injection Analysis, Leonardo T. Duarte, João M.T. Romano, Christian Jutten, Karin Y. Chumbimuni-Torres, and Lauro T. Kubota

Evaluation Of Silt Fence Materials During And After Rainfall Events, Gregg Dubinsk, Ikiensinma Gogo-Abite, and Manoj Chopra

Transvestism, Sexual Ambiguity And Homosexuality In The Tales Of Female Soldiers Of The Late 17Th Century, Charlotte Trinquet Du Lys

Enhanced Magnetism In Highly Ordered Magnetite Nanoparticle-Filled Nanohole Arrays, Binh Duong, Hafsa Khurshid, Palash Gangopadhyay, Jagannath Devkota, and Kristen Stojak

Printed Multilayer Microtaggants With Phase Change Nanoparticles For Enhanced Labeling Security, Binh Duong, Helin Liu, Cheng Li, Weiwei Deng, and Liyuan Ma

High Throughput Printing Of Nanostructured Carbon Electrodes For Supercapacitors, Binh Duong, Zenan Yu, Palash Gangopadhyay, Supapan Seraphin, and N. Peyghambarian

Experimental Piezospectroscopic Measurements To Study Load Transfer In A Single Alumina Particle Embedded Within An Epoxy Matrix, Erik Durnberg, Imad Hanhan, Gregory Freihofer, Donovan Lui, and Jihua Gou

Monitoring Strain Rate Effects On Nanocomposites Using Piezospectroscopy, Erik Durnberg, Ashley Jones, Joseangel Rosas, George Sunny, and Seetha Raghavan

Continuous And Discrete Fourier Frames For Fractal Measures, Dorin Ervin Dutkay, Deguang Han, and Eric Weber

Monic Representations Of The Cuntz Algebra And Markov Measures, Dorin Ervin Dutkay and Palle E.T. Jorgensen

Representations Of Cuntz Algebras Associated To Quasi-Stationary Markov Measures, Dorin Ervin Dutkay and Palle E.T. Jorgensen

The Role Of Transfer Operators And Shifts In The Study Of Fractals: Encoding-Models, Analysis And Geometry, Commutative And Non-Commutative, Dorin Ervin Dutkay and Palle E.T. Jorgensen

Some Reductions Of The Spectral Set Conjecture To Integers, Dorin Ervin Dutkay and Chun Kit Lai

Uniformity Of Measures With Fourier Frames, Dorin Ervin Dutkay and Chun Kit Lai

Generalized Walsh Bases And Applications, Dorin Ervin Dutkay and Gabriel Picioroaga

Orthonormal Bases Generated By Cuntz Algebras, Dorin Ervin Dutkay, Gabriel Picioroaga, and Myung Sin Song

Interfacial Atomic Number Contrast In Thick Samples, Aniruddha Dutta and Helge Heinrich

Change In Consumer Patronage And Willingness To Pay At Different Levels Of Service Attributes In Restaurants: A Study In India, Kirti Dutta, H. G. Parsa, Rahul A. Parsa, and Milos Bujisic

Complementary Practices And Herbal Healing: A New Frontier In Counseling Practice, Sophia F. Dziegielewski

Preserving The Right To A Fair Trial: An Examination Of Prejudicial Value Of Visual And Auditory Evidence, Emily R. Edwards and Karen E. Mottarella

Intra- And Inter-Individual Variation In Δ13C And Δ15N In Human Dental Calculus And Comparison To Bone Collagen And Apatite Isotopes, Jelmer W. Eerkens, Alex de Voogt, Tosha L. Dupras, Samuel C. Rose, and Eric J. Bartelink

Towards A More Plausible Dragon, Costas Efthimiou

Spherical Harmonics In P Dimensions, Costas Efthimiou and Christopher Frye

Erratum: Supply Chain Sustainability Assessment Of The U.S. Food Manufacturing Sectors: A Life Cycle-Based Frontier Approach (Resources, Conservation And Recycling (2014) 82 (8-20)), Gokhan Egilmez, Murat Kucukvar, Omer Tatari, and M. Khurrum S. Bhutta

Supply Chain Sustainability Assessment Of The U.S. Food Manufacturing Sectors: A Life Cycle-Based Frontier Approach, Gokhan Egilmez, Murat Kucukvar, Omer Tatari, and M. Khurrum S. Bhutta

High School Inclusion For The 21St Century, Barbara J. Ehren and Mary E. Little

High School Inclusion For The 21St Century, Barbara J. Ehren and Mary E. Little