The UCF Faculty Bibliography is a unified bibliography of scholarship authored by University of Central Florida faculty since 1978. The records included here were taken from Web of Science.


Works from 2007

Effect of packing parameter on phase diagram of amphiphiles: An off-lattice Gibbs ensemble approach, G K. Bourov and A Bhattacharya

A double patching technique for efficient bandwidth sharing in video-on-demand systems, Y Cai, W Tavanapong, and K A. Hua

Study on polymeric precursor pyrolysis synthesis and growth mechanism of Si3N4 nanobelts, Z P. Xie, W Y. Yang, H T. Wang, G Q. Liu, H Z. Miao, and A Linan

Works from 2006

Ultraviolet irradiation-induced photoluminescence degradation in gamma-alumina nanoparticles, S F. Liu, L G. Zhang, Y Fan, J S. Luo, P P. Zhang, and L A. An

Works from 2004

In favour of poetry in 'Mutaciones', 2 (1983-1986), by Enrique Fierro, A Villanueva

Works from 2000

A test of Monroe's Motivated Sequence for its effects on ratings of message organization and attitude change, T Micciche, B Pryor, and J Butler

Large beam-column tests on concrete-filled composite tubes, A Mirmiran, M Shahawy, C El Khoury, and W Naguib

Characterization of reactive transition metal precipitates using scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM), K Pecher, E Kneedler, D McCubbery, G Meigs, and B Tonner

Literature of Haskalah in the late 18th century, M Pelli

Adaptive wavelet empirical Bayes estimation of a location or a scale parameter, M Pensky

Linear empirical Bayes estimation in the case of the Wishart distribution, M Pensky and K Kirtane

Extended linear empirical Bayes estimation, M Pensky and P Ni

Small-tilt micromirror-device-based multiwavelength three-dimensional 2x2 fiber optic switch structures, N A. Riza and S Sumriddetchkajorn

Works from 1999

Analysis and design of digital simulation via control theory, A Rahrooh

The vacuum field is real - and the most ethereal of fields, M T. Raiford

Computational experience with a parallel algorithm for tetrangle inequality bound smoothing, K Rajan and N Deo

Industrial pretreatment: Trickling filter performance and design - Closure, A A. Randall, J M. Sullivan, J Dietz, and C W. Randall

Visible light emission from dyes excited by simultaneous absorption of two different frequency beams of light, A Rapaport, K Ayrault, E St. Matthew-Daniel, and M Bass

Optical spectroscopy of erbium-doped lutetium orthophosphate, A Rapaport, V David, M Bass, C Deka, and L A. Boatner

Works from 1998

Developing teacher-parent partnerships across cultures: Effective parent conferences, L Jordan, M E. Reyes-Blanes, B B. Peel, H A. Peel, and H B. Lane

Les 'Sauvages Americains': Representations of Native Americans in French and English colonial literature, M L. Kamrath

One-dimensional spatial solitons in AlGaAs waveguides, J U. Kang, J S. Aitchison, G I. Stegeman, and N Akhmediev

Two-photon transitions between bound-to-continuuan states in AlGaAs/GaAs multiple quantum well, J U. Kang, J B. Khurgin, C C. Yang, H H. Lin, and G I. Stegeman

Role of kinetics in laser processing, J S. Kapat, Z Wei, and A Kuman

Works from 1996

Modeling and impact of metal accumulation in bottom sediments of wet ponds, Y A. Yousef, D M. Baker, and T HvitvedJacobsen

Study of AlGaAs/InGaAs pseudomorphic HEMT using a two-dimensional device simulator, J S. Yuan

Transient analysis of bipolar transistors including built-in field and recombination in quasi-neutral base, J S. Yuan and Y Gu

Effects of incomplete ionization of impurity dopants on the performance of bipolar junction transistors, Y Yue and J J. Liou

An analytical insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) model for steady-state and transient applications under all free-carrier injection conditions, Y Yue, J J. Liou, and I Batarseh

Works from 1995

Inelastic Response of the Cypress Viaduct to the Loma-Prieta Earthquake, S K. Kunnath and J L. Gross

Gravity Load-Designed Reinforced-concrete Buildings .2. Evaluation of Detailing Enhancements, S K. Kunnath, G Hoffman, A M. Reinhorn, and J B. Mander

Attitudes and Practices of Federal Probation Officers Towards Pre-plea Trial Investigative Report Policy, M M. Lanier and C H. Miller

The Legacy of Oakley,Annie - Riley,G, S A. Leckie

The Most Promising Young Officer - A Life of Mackenzie,Ranald,Slidell - Pierce,MD, S A. Leckie

Works from 1993

Computer-Generated Noise Images for the Evaluation of Image-Processing Algorithms, A R. Weeks, H R. Myler, and H G. Wenaas

A Proposed Testbed for Evaluating Adaptive Routing Algorithms, S M. West, W W. Swart, and M A. Shaikh

Autonomous Lawmaking - The Case of the Gypsies, W O. Weyrauch and M A. Bell

Edge Characterization Using Normalized Edge Detector, D J. Williams and M Shah

Using Knowledge, Skill and Ability (KSA) Data to Identify Career Pathing Opportunities - An Application of Job Analysis to Internal Manpower-Planning, W Wooten

Absorption and Thermal-conductivity of Oxide Thin-Films Measured by Photothermal Displacement and Reflectance Methods, Z L. Wu, M Reichling, X Q. Hu, K Balasubramaian, and K H. Guenther

Works from 1992

Strong Consistency Of A Sieve Estimator For The Variance In Nonlinear-Regression, B B. Bhattacharyya and G D. Richardson

Will Simulation Survive The Arrival Of Intelligent Control-Systems, J E. Biegel and R V. Rogers

Womens Work, Education, And Family Welfare In Peru - Herz,Bk, K Biraimah

Hadron Spectrum in QCD with Valence Wilson Fermions and Dynamic Staggered Fermions at 6/G2=5.6, K M. Bitar, T Degrand, R Edwards, S Gottlieb, U M. Heller, A D. Kennedy, J B. Kogut, A Krasnitz, W Liu, M C. Ogilvie, R L. Renken, P Rossi, D K. Sinclair, R L. Sugar, D Toussaint, and K C. Wang

Dbp Control By Nanofiltration - Cost And Performance, T J. Blau, J S. Taylor, K E. Morris, and L A. Mulford

Trans-Triacontyl-4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxycinnamate, A New Compound From The Thai Plant Bridelia-Ovata, S Boonyaratavej, S Tantayanontha, P Kitchanachai, C Chaichantipyuth, V Chittawong, and D H. Miles

Games Teams Play - A Method For Investigating Team Coordination And Performance, C Bowers, E Salas, C Prince, and M Brannick

Central Florida Theme Park Pricing - Following The Mouse, B M. Braun, M D. Soskin, and M Cernicky

A Computer-Based Model For System Level Reliability And Maintainability Allocation, W Byrd, C A. Ntuen, and E H. Park

Scaling Behavior Of The Ising-Model Coupled To 2-Dimensional Quantum-Gravity, S M. Catterall, J B. Kogut, and R L. Renken

The String Susceptibility Of The Crumpling Transition, S M. Catterall, J B. Kogut, and R L. Renken

An Extremal Problem Concerning Finite Dimensional Subspaces of C A, B Pertinent in Signal Theory, P H. Halpern, R N. Mohapatra, P J. Ohara, and R S. Rodriguez

Hanging Out for the Hypersonic Plane, R Handberg, J Johnsonfreese, and D C. Webb

Science and Technology Policy in China - National Strategies for Innovation and Change, R Handberg and X M. Liu

Angular Grating Anomalies - Effects of Finite Beam Size on Wide-angle Diffraction Phenomena, J E. Harvey and E A. Nevis

A General Framework for Concurrent Simulation of Neural network Models, G L. Heileman, M Georgiopoulos, and W D. Roome

New Resonators for 2-Stage Fels, I Kimel and R Elias

Current Voltage Characteristics Of Submicrom Gaas-Mesfets With Nonuniform Channel Doping Profiles, K M. Shih, D P. Klemer, and J J. Liou

Exact Analytical Solution Of Coupled Landau Equations, B K. Shivamoggi

Ideal And Resistive Magnetohydrodynamic Modes, B K. Shivamoggi

Multifractal Aspects Of The Intermittency Corrections To The Spectrum Of Temperature-Fluctuations In Isotropic Turbulence, B K. Shivamoggi

Spectral Laws For The Compressible Isotropic Turbulence, B K. Shivamoggi

Confederate Florida - The Road To Olustee - Nulty,Wh, J H. Shofner

Inter Intra Process Communications In Ists, T Sidani, Y Cengeloglu, and A Sidani

A Fortran-77 Program For Testing Trends Among Independent Correlations, N C. Silver, M S. Finger, and R T. Burkey

Investigation Of The Laser Properties Of Cr3+Lisrgaf6, L K. Smith, S A. Payne, W L. Kway, L L. Chase, and B H T Chai

Works from 1990

On-Axis And Off-Axis Propagation Of Gaussian Beams In Gradient Index Media, J Alda and G D. Boreman

Total Quality Management - An Approach And A Case-Study, N A. Aly, V J. Maytubby, and A K. Elshennawy

The Gamma-Distribution As A Model For Temperature Dissipation In Intermittent Turbulence, L C. Andrews and B K. Shivamoggi

Automatically Generating Visual Syntax-Directed Editors, F Arefi, C E. Hughes, and D A. Workman

An Expert System For Paperwork Optimization In Production Systems, S Awoniyi and S Khajenoori

Effect Of Experience With Nontraditional Workers On Psychological And Social Dimensions Of Occupational Sex-Role Stereotyping By Elementary-School-Children, B A. Bailey and A S. Nihlen

Womens Rights And Roles - Attitudes Among Black And White Students, W T. Bailey, N C. Silver, and K A. Oliver

Synthesis Of Infrared Spectral Signatures, K J. Barnard and G D. Boreman

Central Processor Scheduling Using I/O Behavior Models, M A. Bassiouni

Genetic Algorithms And Job Shop Scheduling, J E. Biegel and J J. Davern

Expert Systems In Manufacturing - Promises And Perils, J Biegel and U G. Gupta

Generation Of Laser Speckle With An Integrating Sphere, G D. Boreman, Y K. Sun, and A B. James

Automation Technologies For The Industrialized Housing Manufacturing-Industry, T R. Branson, A K. Elshennawy, W W. Swart, and S Chandra

Measuring The Influence Of Public Authorities Through Economic-Impact Analysis - The Case Of Port Canaveral, B M. Braun

Bounds On The Domination Number Of A Graph, R C. Brigham and R D. Dutton

Factor Domination In Graphs, R C. Brigham and R D. Dutton

A Numerical-Analysis Of The Resonant States Of Quantum-Well And Superlattice Devices, H K. Brown, A G. Whittaker, and N T. Rollins

An Exploratory-Study Of Lottery Playing, Gambling Addiction And Links To Compulsive Consumption, A C. Burns, P L. Gillett, M Rubinstein, and J W. Gentry

Photoionization Of Neon Between The 2P Fine-Structure Limits, C D. Caldwell and M O. Krause

A Comparative-Study Of The Effect Of Inlet Conditions On A Free-Convection Flow In A Vertical Channel, P R. Chapppidi and B E. Eno

The Classic Maya City - Reconsidering The Mesoamerican Urban Tradition, D Z. Chase, A F. Chase, and W A. Haviland

The Narrative Paintings Of India Jitwarpuri Women, J J. Chavda

Bisrcacuo Superconducting Thin-Films On Lagao3 And Srtio3 By Rf-Sputtering, J Chen and L Chow

The Design And Implementation Of An Ada-Based Inference Engine, M A. Cianci and D G. Linton

The Impact Of Deregulating Domestic Airline Transportation On The Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing-Industry, P A. Cleveland

Montesquieu Comparative Politics And The Spirit Of American Constitutionalism - Cohler,Am, T Colbourn

Exploring Folk Art - 20 Years Of Thought On Craft, Work And Aesthetics - Jones,Mo, K G. Congdon

Teacher Personal Practical Theories And Their Influence Upon Teacher Curricular And Instructional Actions - A Case-Study Of A Secondary Science Teacher, J W. Cornett, C Yeotis, and L Terwillinger

Baseball History 2 - An Annual Of Original Baseball Research - Levine,P, R C. Crepeau

Coroebus Triumphs - The Alliance Of Sport And The Arts - Bandy,Sj, R C. Crepeau

The Creation Of American Team Sports - Baseball And Cricket, 1838-72 - Kirsch,Gb, R C. Crepeau

An Integrated Approach To The Teaching Of The Principles And Practice Of Chromatography In A Chemistry Curriculum, G Cunningham, S Elseheimer, J Gupton, and B Madsen

Divide-And-Conquer-Based Optimal Parallel Algorithms For Some Graph Problems On Erew Pram Model, S K. Das and N Deo

Parallel Hungarian Algorithm, S K. Das and N Deo