The UCF Faculty Bibliography is a unified bibliography of scholarship authored by University of Central Florida faculty since 1978. The records included here were taken from Web of Science.


Works from 2017

A Selected Bibliography on Postsecondary Writing Assessment, 1979-1991, E. Notle, S. Murphy, P. Belanoff, K. Bell, R. Betz, D. Daiker, F. Thomas, K. B. Yancey, and L. C. Sayers

High-Energy Carbon-Ions Implantation - An Attempt to Grow Diamond Inside Copper, Z. H. Zhang, L. Chow, K. Paschke, N. Yu, Y. K. Tao, K. Matsuishi, R. L. Meng, P. Hor, and W. K. Chu

Works from 2007

Effect of packing parameter on phase diagram of amphiphiles: An off-lattice Gibbs ensemble approach, G K. Bourov and A Bhattacharya

A double patching technique for efficient bandwidth sharing in video-on-demand systems, Y Cai, W Tavanapong, and K A. Hua

Study on polymeric precursor pyrolysis synthesis and growth mechanism of Si3N4 nanobelts, Z P. Xie, W Y. Yang, H T. Wang, G Q. Liu, H Z. Miao, and A Linan

Works from 2006

Ultraviolet irradiation-induced photoluminescence degradation in gamma-alumina nanoparticles, S F. Liu, L G. Zhang, Y Fan, J S. Luo, P P. Zhang, and L A. An

Works from 2004

In favour of poetry in 'Mutaciones', 2 (1983-1986), by Enrique Fierro, A Villanueva

Works from 2000

Community Based Service Use With Service Coordinators And Case Managers In A Shared Cost Program, M. Bear, M. Sauer, and F. Jentsch

Effects Of Repeated Burning On Species Richness In A Florida Pine Savanna: A Test Of The Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis, B. Beckage and I. J. Stout

Other Duties As Assigned: Emerging Trends In The Academic Library Job Market, P. M. Beile and M. M. Adams

Near-Ir, Two-Photon-Absorbing Dyes And Photoinitiated Cationic Polymerization, K. D. Belfield, J. Liu, and K. J. Schafer

Synthesis Of Polyurethanes And Polyimides For Photorefractive Applications, K. D. Belfield, O. Najjar, and S. R. Sriram

Near-Ir Two-Photon Photoinitiated Polymerization Using A Fluorone/Amine Initiating System, K. D. Belfield, X. B. Ren, E. W. Van Stryland, D. J. Hagan, V. Dubikovsky, and E. J. Miesak

Synthesis And Characterization Of A Perylene-Based Luminescent Organic Glass, K. D. Belfield, K. J. Schafer, and M. D. Alexander

Fluorene Derivatives With High Two-Photon Absorption Cross Sections: Synthesis And Nonlinear Optical Characterization, K. D. Belfield, K. J. Schafer, D. J. Hagan, E. W. Van Stryland, and R. Negres

Multiphoton-Absorbing Organic Materials For Microfabrication, Emerging Optical Applications And Non-Destructive Three-Dimensional Imaging, K. D. Belfield, K. J. Schafer, Y. U. Liu, J. Liu, X. B. Ren, and E. W. Van Stryland

Synthesis Of New Two-Photon Absorbing Fluorene Derivatives Via Cu-Mediated Ullmann Condensations, K. D. Belfield, K. J. Schafer, W. Mourad, and B. A. Reinhardt

A test of Monroe's Motivated Sequence for its effects on ratings of message organization and attitude change, T Micciche, B Pryor, and J Butler

Large beam-column tests on concrete-filled composite tubes, A Mirmiran, M Shahawy, C El Khoury, and W Naguib

Characterization of reactive transition metal precipitates using scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM), K Pecher, E Kneedler, D McCubbery, G Meigs, and B Tonner

Literature of Haskalah in the late 18th century, M Pelli

Adaptive wavelet empirical Bayes estimation of a location or a scale parameter, M Pensky

Linear empirical Bayes estimation in the case of the Wishart distribution, M Pensky and K Kirtane

Extended linear empirical Bayes estimation, M Pensky and P Ni

Small-tilt micromirror-device-based multiwavelength three-dimensional 2x2 fiber optic switch structures, N A. Riza and S Sumriddetchkajorn

Works from 1999

Analysis and design of digital simulation via control theory, A Rahrooh

The vacuum field is real - and the most ethereal of fields, M T. Raiford

Computational experience with a parallel algorithm for tetrangle inequality bound smoothing, K Rajan and N Deo

Industrial pretreatment: Trickling filter performance and design - Closure, A A. Randall, J M. Sullivan, J Dietz, and C W. Randall

Visible light emission from dyes excited by simultaneous absorption of two different frequency beams of light, A Rapaport, K Ayrault, E St. Matthew-Daniel, and M Bass

Optical spectroscopy of erbium-doped lutetium orthophosphate, A Rapaport, V David, M Bass, C Deka, and L A. Boatner

Works from 1998

Developing teacher-parent partnerships across cultures: Effective parent conferences, L Jordan, M E. Reyes-Blanes, B B. Peel, H A. Peel, and H B. Lane

Les 'Sauvages Americains': Representations of Native Americans in French and English colonial literature, M L. Kamrath

One-dimensional spatial solitons in AlGaAs waveguides, J U. Kang, J S. Aitchison, G I. Stegeman, and N Akhmediev

Two-photon transitions between bound-to-continuuan states in AlGaAs/GaAs multiple quantum well, J U. Kang, J B. Khurgin, C C. Yang, H H. Lin, and G I. Stegeman

Role of kinetics in laser processing, J S. Kapat, Z Wei, and A Kuman

Works from 1997

The Politics Of Educators' Work And Lives - Ginsburg,Mb, K. L. Biraimah

Teaching Behaviors Of Middle School And High School Band Directors In The Rehearsal Setting, L. Blocher, R. Greenwood, and B. Shellahamer

American Penology: Words, Deeds, And Consequences, T. Blomberg, M. Yeisley, and K. Lucken

Briefing: Beam Reconstruction By Iteration Of An Electromagnetic Field With An Induced Nonlinearity Gauge, M. A. Bolshtyansky, N. V. Tabiryan, and B. Y. Zeldovich

Stabilization Of Transmission Function: Theory For An Ultrathin Endoscope Of One Multimode Fiber, M. A. Bolshtyansky and B. Y. Zeldovich

Effects Of Disorder On Anharmonic Phonon Relaxation, S. K. Bose, S. Kirkpatrick, and W. M. Dennis

Absorption Of Iron And Water In The Na2O-Cao-Mgo-Sio2 Glasses. I. Separation Of Ferrous And Hydroxyl Spectra In The Near Ir Region, E. N. Boulos, L. B. Glebov, and T. V. Smirnova

Seismic Performance And Retrofit Evaluation Of Reinforced Concrete Structures, J. M. Bracci, S. K. Kunnath, and A. M. Reinhorn

A Path-Dependent Approach To Security Valuation With Application To Interest Rate Contingent Claims, D. T. Breeden and J. H. Gilkeson

Pairs Of Maximal "Almost" Disjoint Isomorphic Subgraphs Of Spiders, R. C. Brigham and R. D. Dutton

Reflections On A Comparative Study Of Attitude, G. J. Brutten and M. Vanryckeghem

Laser system for investigation of nonlinear properties of optical materials, I. A. Bubnov, O. M. Efimov, L. B. Glebov, Y. A. Matveev, A. M. Mekryukov, V. S. Popikov, M. J. Soileau, and A. I. Stepanov

Robust Controller Design For A Parallel Resonant Converter Using Mu-Synthesis, J. Y. Bu, M. Sznaier, Z. Q. Wang, and I. Batarseh

Case Management: Considerations For Coordinating Quality Services In Rural Communities, A. Bushy

Key Factors Influencing Pharmacists Drug Therapy Decisions, K. D. Campagna and M. H. Newlin

''For You May Touch Them Not'': Misogyny, Homosexuality, And The Ethics Of Passivity In First World War Poetry, J. S. Campbell

A Free Boundary Value Problem Related To The Combustion Of A Solid: Flux Boundary Conditions, J. R. Cannon and A. L. Matheson

Quadratic Spatial Soliton Generation By Seeded Downconversion Of A Strong Harmonic Pump Beam, M. T. G. Canva, R. A. Fuerst, S. Babiou, G. I. Stegeman, and G. Assanto

Modernization'S Effects On The Mortality Costs Of Reproduction, A. D. Carey

Finite Impulse Response Utilizing The Principle Of Superposition, S. E. Carter and D. C. Malocha

Lisgaf Offers Performance Edge Over Lisaf, A. Cassanho and H. Jenssen

Simplicial Gravity In Dimension Greater Than Two, S. Catterall, G. Thorleifsson, J. Kogut, and R. Renken

Parallel Machine Scheduling With Release Time And Machine Eligibility Restrictions, G. Centeno and R. L. Armacost

Transcriptional Regulation Of Rat Glutamine Synthetase Gene By Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha, R. Chakrabarti

L-Asparaginase - Perspectives On The Mechanisms Of Action And Resistance, R. Chakrabarti and S. M. Schuster

Mathematical Model For Laser Densification Of Ceramic Coating, J. Cheng and A. Kar

Studies For Laser Densification Of Ceramic Coating, J. Cheng and A. Kar

Real-Time Fluid Simulation In A Dynamic Virtual Environment, J. X. Chen, N. D. Lobo, C. E. Hughes, and J. M. Moshell

Effects Of Fuel Lewis Number On And Damkohler Number Scaling Of Nitric Oxide Emission Level Of Burke-Schumann Type Flames, R. H. Chen, J. E. Navedo, and L. Chew

Nonlinear Evolution Of The Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Of Supersonic Tangential Velocity Discontinuities, S. R. Choudhury

Stability And Persistence Of Two-Dimensional Patterns, S. R. Choudhury

Catastrophes And Nonlinear Dynamics In The Standard Geometry Of Optically Induced Reorientation Of Nematic Liquid Crystals, G. Cipparrone, D. Duca, and N. V. Tabiryan

The Decay Of Unstable Orientational States Of Nematic Liquid Crystals Interacting With A Laser Field, G. Cipparrone, D. Duca, C. Versace, C. Umeton, and N. V. Tabiryan

The Fastest Kid On The Block: The Marty Glickman Story - Glickman,M, Isaacs,S, R. C. Crepeau

Assessing Neurologic Function In Older Patients, N. Crigger and W. Forbes

The Trouble With Caring: A Review Of Eight Arguments Against An Ethic Of Care, N. J. Crigger

Base Transit Time Of The Bipolar Transistor In Quasi-Saturation, Y. Dai and J. S. Yuan

Methodological And Analytical Concerns On The Pilot Selection Research Of Park And Lee (1992), D. L. Damos and J. M. Koonce

Characterization Of Glutamine Synthetase Transcript, Protein, And Enzyme Activity In The Human Placenta, V. DeMarco, M. D. McCain, D. Stauss, R. Chakrabarti, and J. Neu

Vibrational Frequency Shifts As A Probe Of Hydrogen Bonds: Thermal Expansion And Glass Transition Of Myoglobin In Mixed Solvents, F. Demmel, W. Doster, W. Petry, and A. Schulte

Nonlinear Absorption Of Soluble Octasubstituted Metallophthalocyanines At 1.064 Mu M, M. A. DiazGarcia, A. Dogariu, D. J. Hagan, and E. W. VanStryland

Family And Formal Assistance With Activity Limitations: Who Helps The Mexican American Elderly?, T. L. Dietz

A Generalized Boundary-Element Method For Steady-State Heat Conduction In Heterogeneous Anisotropic Media, E. Divo and A. Kassab

Conference Review - Solid-State Laser Research Focuses On Practicality, G. J. Dixon

Oem Markets Open To Diode-Based Visible Lasers, G. J. Dixon

Polarization Asymmetry In Waves Backscattering From Highly Absorbant Random Media, A. Dogariu, M. Dogariu, K. Richardson, S. D. Jacobs, and G. D. Boreman

Low Frequency Raman Gain Measurements Using Chirped Pulses, A. Dogariu and D. J. Hagan

Time-Domain Depolarization Of Waves Retroreflected From Dense Colloidal Media, A. Dogariu, C. Kutsche, P. Likamwa, G. Boreman, and B. Moudgil

Purely Refractive Transient Energy Transfer By Stimulated Rayleigh-Wing Scattering, A. Dogariu, T. Xia, D. J. Hagan, A. A. Said, E. W. VanStryland, and N. Bloembergen

Balancing Demands Of Cancer Surveillance Among Survivors Of Thyroid Cancer, K. H. Dow, B. R. Ferrell, and C. Anello

Quality-Of-Life Changes In Patients With Thyroid Cancer After Withdrawal Of Thyroid Hormone Therapy, K. H. Dow, B. R. Ferrell, and C. Anello

The Cancer Survivor As Co-Investigator - The Benefits Of Collaborative Research With Advocacy Groups, K. H. Dow, B. R. Ferrell, S. Leigh, and C. H. Melancon

Mascagni 'Silvano' + Wolverton, Sparer, Knezevic, Disimone, Tiboris - Elyzium-Grk-707, J. A. Drake

Design Of An Integrating Sphere As A Uniform Illumination Source, A. Ducharme, A. Daniels, E. Grann, and G. Boreman

Time Delay Measurement In A Real-Time Simulation Environment, J. D. Dumas and H. I. Klee

Sase X-Ray Radiation Via Lienard-Wiechert Fields, L. R. Elias and I. Kimel

Characterization Of A Specific Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis Recombinant Clone Expressing 35,000-Molecular-Weight Antigen And Reactivity With Sera From Animals With Clinical And Subclinical Johne'S Disease, F. A.K. ElZaatari, S. A. Naser, and D. Y. Graham

Performance Of Radial-Basis Function Networks For Direction Of Arrival Estimation With Antenna Arrays, A. H. ElZooghby, C. G. Christodoulou, and M. Georgiopoulos

Quality Of Life In Women With Ovarian Cancer, M. Ersek, B. R. Ferrell, K. H. Dow, and C. H. Melancon

Television Dramas And Homicide Causation, D. Fabianic

Integrin-Dependent Signal Transduction Leading To Schwann Cell Myelination, C. FernandezValle, V. J. Obremski, and L. M. Chen

Writing Like An Engineer: A Rhetorical Education - Winsor,Da, M. Flammia

Detecting Anomalies In Constraint-Based Systems, L. M. Flannery and A. J. Gonzalez

Rural Tourism In Israel, A. Fleischer and A. Pizam