The RTD (retrospective thesis or dissertation) collection contains electronic versions of theses and dissertations previously published only in print. UCF Library's RTD project includes all theses or dissertations published at UCF since the first thesis was published in 1972 through mid-2004, after which theses and dissertations were automatically digitized.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Using science journals to promote inquiry in the primary classroom, Angela Dunn

A study of distance education policy at metropolitan universities, Ann B. Eastman

Using mathematical learning centers to improve learning for primary level students with severe emotional disabilities, Jodi Lynn Edwards

Evaluating surface water treatment for disinfection byproduct compliance, Kelcia D. Edwards

They came among us : American perceptions of and reactions to the first Japanese embassy, 1860, Scott Lamar Eidson

An approach to evaluate UML case tools and their current limitations, Shaimaa Elkhawalka

Steriolithographic biomodeling of congenital cardiovascular malformations : feasibility and assessment, Khaled Galal Elsaid

High-speed liquid-spray injection technique for combustion studies behind reflected shock waves, Zaher M. El Zahab

Towards verification of human performance models through formal methods, Lauro Enciso

First-order kinetic gas generation model parameters for wet landfills, Ayman Ahmad Faour

High temperature oxidation study of FeCrAlY fibers and sol gel surface coats for protection and catalytic supports, Weifeng Fei

Development and validation of a defendant and offender screening tool for psychopathology in inmate populations, Christopher J. Ferguson

The Kyoto protocol and the Basel protocol : why international environmental agreements fail, Amanda Leigh Fidler

The development, fabrication, and testing of a miniature centrifugal compressor, Kevin Gregory Finney

A Comparison of N.A.V.D. monuments to the existing N.G.V.D. well site elevations in southwest Florida, Clinton Wallace Finstad

Investigation of persistence in golf professionals through application of the CANE model of motivation, Thomas Joseph Fisher

Comparison of simulated high altitude pilot effective performance time between habitual smokers and non smokers, James F. Fletcher

The effects of inquiry on middle school science students, Heather Suzanne Fontana

An examination of exercise adherence in obese individuals participating in home-based exercise programs utilizing daily or weekly exercise goals, Julia C. Denton Francis

Tricks of the trade : Trickster figures in dialogue within Erna Brodber's Louisiana and Toni Morrison's Tar Baby, David W. Freeman

Personality traits as predictors of a preferred theoretical orientation in beginning counselor education students, Mark S. Freeman

Factors influencing secondary co-teachers' perceptions of co-teaching : a path analytic model, Cathy E. Freytag

An analysis of degree seeking adult learners age fifty-five and over in a community college, J. Patrick Fuller

Modeling of chemical vapor transport inside interior wall spaces in buildings, Venu Madhav Gandi

An Analysis of the students and programs at Cincinnati Virtual High School : an "at-risk" school, Mark Geary

Weighted multiple response optimization methodology : modifications and examination of limitations associated with applications of weighted methods, Ashish G. Gheware

Characterization of a novel mechanism regulating the activity of pro-apoptotic serine protease, OMI/HTRA2, Oliver Ghobrial

The effects of implementing writing in a 6th grade Pre-IB mathematics class, Annette Fanelli Gibson

Characteristics that determine appropriate placement of preschool children with disabilities in Orange County Public Schools, Shanon T. Gibson

The effects of mechanical alloying conditions on hydrogen interaction characteristics and microstructure of mixtures of titanium, magnesium, and nickel, Jason K. Gilbert

The effects of performance based tasks on student understanding of science concepts and science process skills, Clara Joanne Schneberger Gill


Antenna-coupled Infrared Focal Plane Array, Francisco Javier Gonzalez

Fabrication of infrared antennas, Michael A. Gritz

The design, fabrication and testing of a miniature Wankel compressor, Brian Scott Gulliver

Integrating science literature and language arts to teach third grade science concepts, Keri A. Gunn

Behavior of captive Florida manatees, Trichechus manatus latirostris, Barbara C. Gutierrez

Development of a flow through microsensor for continuous monitoring of free chlorine in water, Shekhar Halakatti

Modeling spontaneous undulator emissions using Lienard-Wiechert fields, Susan Hallman

Effect of postdeposition annealing on the electrical and optical properties of ZnO, Omima Hamad

Development and validation of novel Y-STR multiplex and "megaplex" systems for forensic casework, Erin Kae Hanson

Supplemental small group elemntary [i.e. elementary] mathematics lessons : the effects on academic performance and student's attitudes in mathematics, Rebecca Jean Harter

Corporate average fuel efficiency program : a goal-oriented analysis with emphasis on social justice issues, Thurman L. Hart

Irrelevant information : human performance and psychophysiological effects, Phillip A. K. Hash

The great debate : women as citizens in the United States, Kimberly Davis Hayes

Assessing the fit of Tinto's longitudinal model of institutional departure at a community college, James D. Henningsen

Frequency of use of constructivist teaching strategies : effect on academic performance, student social behavior, and relationship to class size, Betsy Binkley Henry

Wotta revoltin' development : the plight of the modern age super heroine, Matthew Craig Henry

Perceptions of computer crime and cyber preparedness in the state of Florida & future policy, Mark Henych

Sciurid phylogeny and the evolution of African ground squirrels, Matthew D. Herron

Analysis of large data sets with linear and logistic regression, Christopher M. Hill

An Investigation of vertical transmission in the spread of disease-associated herpesviruses in marine turtles, Rachel J. Hirschmann

Treasury bills : a comprehensive study of their temporal and cross-sectional behavior, Michael P. Hughes

The changing partisanship of southern whites : a comparison of native southerners and in-migrants, Stacy G. Hughes

A profile of the graduates of the educational leadership doctoral program at the University of Central Florida, Tammy L. Humphrey

Dynamic rendering of multi-resolution terrain databases using the lifting scheme, Chan Huynh

Coordinate regulation of G1 progression by growth factors and extracellular matrix in Schwann cells, Jared Adam Iacovelli

Postmodern boundaries : challenging representation in Breakfast of Champions, "Adult World (I)," and "Adult World (II)", Danielle Impellitier

Effect of water quality on red water release in iron drinking water distribution systems, Syed Abdul Vakell Imran

Finite element analysis of an implanted human tibia under normal gait loading, Irina M. Ionescu

A report on solutions of some non-linear differential equations arising in third grade fluid flows, Vidhya Ithikkat

Non-destructive evaluation of thermal barrier coatings using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Balaji Jayaraj

A bijective proof of the hook length formula of young tableaux, Elizabeth Joslyn

Random mutagenesis of PDZomi and selection of mutants that specifically bind the MYC proto-oncogene and induce apoptosis, Daniela Wangler Junqueira

High frequency link inverters for fuel cell based systems, Shilpa Kaluvala

Historical and current distributions and population status of Lupinus Aridorum McFarlin Ex Beckner, Sharon R. Kane

Development of emergency response model for Orlando International Airport, Om Prakash Kanike

Nymph pembroke and cooke-ham : revisionist impulses in Aemilia Lanyer's classical and pastoral communities, Christina Kapp

Generalizability of letter grades assigned by college Composition I instructors to evaluate student writing, Richard E. Karman

Diversity antennas for wireless local area networks (WLAN), Mohua Kar


The efficacy of affirmations on anxiety reduction, Christine Marie Karper

Earth echoes : evolving a pedagogy for geo-centric rhetoric, Alex J. Katsaros

Student perceptions of relevance, James A. Katt

The theory of cognitive resonance as a foundation for dialectical hermeneutics, Gerald Mark Kenney

Optical and spectral characterization of the water droplet laser plasma EUV source, Christian Keyser

Trust in virtual teams, Yana Keyzerman

Quantifying spatial structure in volumetric neutral models, Lee Anne Kirkpatrick

Novel approaches to contraception : development of oligonucleotide probes to block fertilization, Christina Kittipatarin

Development of confidence intervals for process capability assessment in short run manufacturing environment using bootstrap methodology, Zec Gorana Knezevic

Stability of slopes in Class I landfills with co-disposal of sludges and biosolids, Binoy Koodhathinkal

A model for a partially coherent gaussian beam in atmospheric turbulence with applications for LASERCOM and LIDAR systems, Olga Korotkova

Independent component analysis based interference reduction in cellular systems with co-channel interference, Ivica Nikola Kostanic

Connecting resource constrained devices to a Jini network, Sanjeev Kumar Reddy Kotha

The effects of transport properties on blow-off velocities, lift-off characteristics and maximum temperatures of laminar diffusion flames, Anupam A. Kothawala

Iterative ring and power-aware design techniques for self-timed digital circuits, Weidong Kuang

Growth rates of juvenile green turtles, Chelonia Mydas, from three developmental habitats along the east central coast of Florida, Stacy A. Kubis

Development of scrubber, optimization of deposition parameters for large area CIGS2 solar cells, Sachin Shashidhar Kulkarni

Narco-terrorists : myth or self-fulfilling prophecy?, Teresa Catalina Lamar

Knowledge management across projects, Feo Rafael Ernesto Landaeta

Modeling the activation of an eating expectancy memory network using multidimensional scaling, Jessica Gokee Larose

An experimental evaluation of alcohol expectancies activation and immediate alcohol consumption, Hoyee Cathy Lau

Expectation, satisfaction, and performance gap scores for education students regarding advising services, Gloria M. Laureano

Phase transformations of thermally grown oxide on (Ni,Pt)Al bondcoat during electron beam physical vapor deposition of thermal barrier coatings and during subsequent short term oxidation, Sankar Laxman

A study of the effect of mentoring on teen parents' school attendance, high school completion and aspirations to attend college, Phyllis B. Ledbetter


On the Design and Performance of Cognitive Packets Over Wired Networks and Mobile ad hoc Networks, Marino Ricardo Lent

The Spanish tragedy : an english consciousness, Luke Leonard

The effects of cooperative learning on eighth grade students' attitudes and performance in science, John R. Lien

Empirical modeling of tobacco smoking expectancies in memory, Tiffany L. Linkovich Kyle

Voter behavior of the Florida counties : an examination into the 2000 presidential election, Erik A. Lipham

Noise and linearity analysis for RF CMOS mixers, Fei Liu

Communication of distributed control objects with CORBA : a flexible manufacturing system case study, Jun Liu