The RTD (retrospective thesis or dissertation) collection contains electronic versions of theses and dissertations previously published only in print. UCF Library's RTD project includes all theses or dissertations published at UCF since the first thesis was published in 1972 through mid-2004, after which theses and dissertations were automatically digitized.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2004

The use of humor as a leadership tool by Florida public high school principals, Paula Cain Vickers

A #culturally based problem-solving curriculum# : the effects on academic performance and students' attitudes in mathematics, Ana Vila

Finite element profile optimization of nanocrystalline aluminum flywheel under rotation, Chih Chung Wang

Parameter extraction of LGT and STGS stiffness constants using the swept frequency technique, Kenneth H. Watson

Student-led conferences using portfolios in mathematics and science and their affects on student attitudes and parental involvement, Karen Weaver

Student perceptions of teaching as a chosen major, Brenda Hosaflook Wells

Effects of guided inquiry on students' attitudes and academic performance in science, Julie K. Wilkinson

A miniature reverse-Brayton cycle cryocooler and its key components : high effectiveness heat recuperator and miniature centrifugal compressor, Lei Zhou

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Modeling multiple route choice paradigms under different types and levels of ATIS using correlated data, Mohamed Fathy Abdalla


The Effect of the 2000 Election on Low-income African American Voters, Barbara Compton Abney

Investigating the potential of route diversion through its application on an Orlando transportation network using PARAMICS simulation model, Hatem Ahmed Abou Senna

High-density high-current fast-transient low-voltage DC-DC converters, Jaber A. Abu Qahouq

Objective video quality analysis of MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and Windows Media video formats, Praveen Aeluri

Interpretation of Teasing During Adolescence, Allison L. Kanter Agliata

Ontologies for supply chain management, Ali Ahmad

Metal and dielectric film deposition stress to silicon substrate, Aziz Alakan

Integrability characteristics of higher order nonlinear PDES using regular and invariant Painleve analysis, Asma Al Ghassani

Impact of meteors and space debris on Leo satellites, Zulfiqar Ali

On-line damage detection in rotating machinery, Tareq Jawad Alkhalifa

Investigation of pile length variability between design and construction, Jessica M. Alkhub

The effects of using graphing calculators in the middle school classroom, Patricia E. Allanson

Analysis, detection, and modeling of attacks in computer communication networks, William H. Allen

Empirical bayes estimation via wavelet series, Mohammed B. Alotaibi

Characterization of scaling sets of multiresolution analysis, Ahmed Ameur

The design and implementation of a low cost GPS-MEMS/INS precision approach algorithm with health monitoring, Richard P. Anderson

Effects of integrating writing with mathematics on students' mathematical learning through problem solving, Sara E. Apple

Improved data processing techniques for the High Efficiency HyperSpectral Imager (HEHSI), Anand Arabatti

Emission inventory for Central Florida, Marten Arbrandt

Modelling the effect of pipe material, water quality and time on chlorine dissipation, Jorge Miguel Arevalo

Improving the quality of teaching and learning through dialogue math journals, Maria Gallo Avila

The home range and response of gopher tortoises in Cental Florida to habitat manipulation by prescribed burning, Leslie Katherine Backus

Characterizing juvenile green turtles, (Chelonia mydas), from three east central Florida developmental habitats, Dean A. Bagley


Multiple damage detection in structures using a coupled modal analysis and wavelet transform technique, Nasser S. Bajabaa

Development of computer controlled characterization of volume Bragg gratings in photo-thermo-refractive glass, Aruna Balasubramaniam

Dynamic analysis of 2-hydroxy ethyl methacrylate and methyl methacrylate copolymer as an interface material in total hip replacement using finite element methods, Ashokkumar Balasubramaniam

Energy and nature based split multiple transform domain split vector quantization for speech coding, Moheb Mokhtar Basta

An analysis of the career orientation of secondary assistant principals in the state of Florida, Cecilia S. Bates

The effects of online staff development training on teacher attitude and technology integration, Esther Lynn Beatty

Environmental health management of Trinidad carnival : challenges and implications for cultural tourism development, Koren Bedeau

Islam and democracy, AbdelHay Belfakir

Simulating a block queuing system at a drive-thru restaurant to examine tradeoffs between fuel consumption and customer service, Jon Berglin

Color inheritance patterns of modern hemerocallis hybrids, Linda Sue Berlin

High voltage bias testing of thin film pv modules, adhesional strength and surface analysis for pv module durability and study of back contact molybdenum for thin film cigs2 solar cells, Sachin Madhukar Bet

Synthesis and oxidation behavior of polymer-derived SiCN and SiAlCN amorphous ceramics, Lavanya Bharadwaj

Semi-supervised learning in exemplar based neural networks, Madan Bharadwaj

A new shock tube facility for the study of heterogeneous combustion phenomena, Sandeep V. Bhosale

Teacher and student perceptions of error feedback behaviors, Janet Allison Biehl

The emanation of privacy rights in public schools : search and seizure and drug testing, Wendy Anne Blyth

Applying an information system framework to the Army's simulation support plan process, Robert A. Boerjan

Investigation of performance enhancements in wireless lans using IEEE 802.11 b, Vinodh Bojan

Studies in tight frames and polar derivatives, John J. Boncek

Perceived control and alcohol expectancies as predictors of relationship abuse, Wiveca I. Borjesson

Fear of crime, civil liberties, and tolerance of the use of technological anti-crime devices : will a fearful public exchange civil liberties for safety?, Cynthia A. Boyles

Development of a program for the determination of in-situ unit weight of soils from cone penetrometer data and soil properties, Charles John Braun

Quantitative analysis of domestic drug abuse arrests, Steven J. Breen

Social studies in theory and practice : University of Central Florida's elementary interns' perceptions of social studies, Ernest Andrew Brewer

Design of twin E plane sectoral horns for power division, Wendell A. Brokaw

School counselor effectiveness as determined by classroom teachers' perceptions, Michael Brooks

An analysis of a protoclassic female costume from the site of Caracol, Belize, Shayna L. Brown

How principles of effective online instruction correlate with student perceptions of their learning, Keith Buckley

An Investigation of the Educational Technology Methods and Strategies that Secondary School Principals Utilize to Enhance Student Achievement, Carolyn M. Burhans

Effects of project-based learning on students' attitudes toward science and performance, Eugene Warren Bush

The Effects of Kagan's approach to cooperative learning on mathematics performance and attitude of second graders, Lisa Cain

The effects of music instrumental training on performance on the reading and mathematics portions of the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test for third grade students, Diane M. Cardarelli

A study of respiratory dysfunction associated with the severity of Parkinson's disease, Christine M. Carmichael

A place constructed, Robert Spencer Carr

Recovery from virtual environment exposure : assessment methods, expected time-course of symptoms and potential readaptation mechanisms, Roberto K. Champney


A Planar Laser-induced Fluorescence Study on the Effects of Unsteadiness and Fuel Lewis Number in Hydrogen Laminar Diffusion Flames, Marcos Chaos

Soar CGFs that learn inductively : a hybrid autonomous approach based on a modified naive bayes learning algorithm, Chien Wei Chia

Data filtering algorithms and imputation schemes for real-time traffic data from dual loop detectors on Interstate 4, Srinivasa Ravi Chandra Chilakamarri Venkata

Nonlinear robust control and modeling of an inverted pendulum under the uncertain perturbations, Hae Woon Choi

Indicators and predictors of sexual behavior problems in sexually abused children : psychological, behavioral and victimization characteristics, Samantha Jane Chromy

Charlemagne and his relationship with the papacy from 768-800, Heather Kimberly Citta

The effect of chloramines on diffusion controlled membrane degradation, Yihua Ci

Anuran tadpole assemblages in natural and man-made wetlands in east-central Florida, Kimberly K. Colstad

Storytelling in middle school science, Fada Concepcion

Laboratory optimization and field demonstration using in-situ reductive dehalogenation of DNAPLS by the use of emulsified zero-valent iron particles, Christina Clausen Coon

The integration of technology into the middle and high school science curriculum, Jan Frederic Corbin

A performance study and analysis of the role of "Luisa" in the Fantasticks, Natalie M. Cordone

Exact solutions of zonal shear fluid flow with free surface and density stratification, Edwin A. Cortes

A comparative study of attrition factors of Central Florida exceptional education teachers based on certification preparation program, Stacey Roberts Cristophel

The extent to which the teaching for understanding instruction/assessment practices in my classroom facilitate students' understanding of scientific processes and experimentation, Gwyndolyn Graham Crittenden

Hierarchical and predictive design techniques for improving QoS and performance in modern wired and wireless networks, Wei Cui

A study of the relationship between school culture and student achievement, Brenda Carol Adams Cunningham

The effects of instructional leadership on reading improvement in middle school, Jennifer P. Cupid McCoy

Instrumented nanoindentation studies of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) pads, Surendramohan Dakshinamurthy

SWGDAM developmental validation of a 19 locus Y-STR multiplex for forensic casework, Darlene L. Daniels

Economic dependency and the division of household labor : examining the impact of relative earnings on household labor patterns, Kimberly A. Daniels

Employment status and community college student satisfaction, Rafael A. Davila

The effects of noticeable dialect on information processing and attitude change, Tami Mullens Davis

Nineteenth century American racial attitudes and their effects upon territorial expansion, Michael A. Deliz

Synthesis and thermal analysis of a liquid phase polyaluminasilazane towards Si-Al-C-N ceramics, Abhijeet A. Dhamne

Analysis of oscillations in supply chains, Ashish Dhar

Study of addition of non-hazardous industrial and municipal wastewater to bioreactor landfills, Parminder Singh Dhesi

Self-efficacy and diploma status of high school students with specific learning disabilities, Allison P. Dickey

Exit ramp, Tamara Doehring

Optical limiting : numerical modeling and experiment, Vladislav Dubikovskiy

Intracavity wavelength selectors for the p-Ge far infrared laser, Todd William Du Bosq

The effect of pressure on the performance of flow improvers in slug and annular flow conditions, Shaun Dunbar

The democratic order as a supra-civilization : novus ordo seclorum, Phillip Brooks Duncan