Submissions from 1981

Planning For The Management Of Hazardous Wastes, C. D. Cooper and F. C. Alley

Sport, Heroes And Myth, Richard C. Crepeau

Corrections Policy In Rural And Small Town America: A Proposal For Change, Roger Handberg

Inventories, Surveys And Historic Preservation., J. P. Hartman

Operation Of An Ultrasensitive Superconducting Accelerometer, W. C. Oelfke

Humanistic Parallels Between Law And Anthropology, Ransford C. Pyle and Duane L. Davis

The Use Of Semi-Probabilistic Grading To Motivate Decision Analysis Students, Gary E. Whitehouse

Submissions from 1980

Some New Worldwide Cloud Cover Models., S. T. Bean

Changing Times: Congress And Defense, Robert L. Bledsoe and Roger Handberg

A reconsideration of the physical laws for transforming environmental resources in post-Keynesian production theory, P. P. Christensen and R. G. Fritz

The Effect Of The Wife'S Working Status On Familial Dominance Structure, Robert M. Cosenza

Grasp: An Interactive Environment For Software Development And Maintenance, L. K. Cottrell and D. A. Workman

Total Energy Plant - Simulation Model, R. D. Doering and Y. A. Hosni

Explaining Recent Vietnamese Behavior, Lee E. Dutter and Raymond S. Kania

Science Education And The Acquisition Of Information About Science And Technology: The Two Cultures Emergent, Roger Handberg and James L. McCrae

Police Handling Of Mental Patients: Crisis Intervention Requirements And Police Behavior, Roger Handberg and Steven Pilchick

A computer program to develop laboratory schedules, G. R. Hertel

A Proposal For A Hardware Text Processor, Amar Mukhopadhyay

A Proposal For A Hardware Text Processor, Amar Mukhopadhyay and Andrew J. Schou

Mini Baja Southeast 1978-79, Charles E. Nuckolls

Leadership Style And Leadership Flexibility: Some Transnational Observations, Peter M. Storm and P. N. Somerville

Current Criminal Justice Projects Here and Abroad, Charles M. Unkovic and Albert G. Hess