Submissions from 1987

Algorithm For Q-Factor Measurements Using A Network Analyzer., F. E. Ayoub and C. G. Christodoulou

Computing Estimates Of Waiting Times In Ring Local Area Networks With Priority Classes., M. A. Bassiouni and A. Gupta

Desktop Publishing, Donna J. Baumbach

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Use Of Expert Systems To Develop An Intelligent Simulation Training System., John E. Biegel and Gary E. Whitehouse

Lamb’S Plane Problem In A Thermo-Elastic Micropolar Medium With Stretch, T. K. Chadha, Rajneesh Kumar, and Lokenath Debnath

Two-Section Impedance Transformer With Arbitrary Length, Guangren Chen and M. Hamid

Reflexive Incidence Matrix (Rim) Representation Of Petri Nets, Sajal K. Das, Dilip Sarkar, and V. K. Agrawal

Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) A Centennial Tribute, Lokenath Debnath

Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) And The Theory Of Partitions Of Numbers And Statistical Mechanics A Centennial Tribute, Lokenath Debnath

Society Of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers 1987 Technical Symposium Southeast Optics, Electro-Optics, And Sensors, Richard D. Gilson, David W. Abbott, and Margaret H. Thomas

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Toad: Toward The Automation Of Business Software., Fernando Gomez and Viva Wingate

Software Specification And Design Using Petri Nets., Ratan K. Guha, S. D. Lang, and M. Bassiouni

The Need For A National Maternity Policy In The Usa, Djehane Hosni and Uma Gupta

The Challenge Of Training In Applied Sociology, Doyle Paul Johnson, William R. Brown, and Jerald Hage

Electromagnetic Scattering From Stacked Gratings., P. K. Kwan, C. G. Christodoulou, and P. F. Wahid

Electromagnetic Scattering From Stacked Gratings., Pok K. Kwan, C. G. Christodoulou, and P. F. Wahid

Interpersonal Problem-Solving Skills In Battered, Counseling, And Control Women, Margaret H. Launius and Bernard L. Jensen

Critical Issues Of Materials Selection For Frequency Conversion., J. T. Lin

Choosing A Nonlinear Crystal: Recent Advances In Materials Science Have Led To More Efficient Nonlinear Crystals., J. T. Lin and C. Chen

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Eye Tracking Joy Stick, Robert James Martin and Michael G. Harris

Some Considerations In Developing Expert Systems For The Hospitality Industry, Audrey C. McCool

The Metropolitan Area Location Decisions Of Wholesale Trade Firms, W. Warren Mchone and Brian Rungeling

A Vlsi Chip For Efficient Transmission And Retrieval Of Information, Amar Mukherjee and M. A. Bassiouni

The Capital Budgeting Process Of Large Firms: An Analysis Of Capital Budgeting Manuals, Tarun K. Mukherjee and David F. Scott

Implementation Of Kalman Filters Using Systolic Arrays., George M. Papadourakis and Fred J. Taylor

Crossbar Computer Network Using Motorola Exor-Sets., Benjamin W. Patz, Teh Cheng Song, and Massood Towhidnejad

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Effects Of Task Training And Instructions On Foveal Load, Edward J. Rinalducci and Paul N. Rose

The Road To Stalingrad Revisited, Louis Rotundo

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Optimal Parallel Parsing Algorithm For A Class Of Block-Structured Languages., Dilip Sarkar and Narsingh Deo

Frequency Dependence Of The Two-Photon Absorption Coefficient In Insb: Tunneling Effects, M. Sheik-Bahae, T. Rossi, and H. S. Kwok

Scale Space Technique To Finding Primitives In Images With Application To Road Following, Arun K. Sood and Mubarak Shah

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Fiber Optic Single Mode To Multimode Transition Temperature Sensor., Roy A. Walters

Data Collection With A Portable Microcomputer., James E. Wilkinson and Gary E. Whitehouse

Submissions from 1986

Basic Needs And The Manpower Dilemma Of Kuwait, Sulayman S. Al-Qudsi and Djehane A. Hosni

Interference Analysis In Synchronization Algorithms., M. A. Bassiouni and H. D. Desai

Optimistic Concurrency Control-Schemes For Performance Enhancement., M. A. Bassiouni and U. Khamare

Sinkhole Development In South Georgia And Florida, Usa, And The Founding Of The Florida Sinkhole Research Institute., B. F. Beck

Fiber Optic Fluid Level Sensor, Madjid A. Belkerdid, Navid Ghandeharioun, and Brian Brennan

Building An Expert System For Cost Estimating., John E. Biegel and Mark D. Bearden

Effect Of Time-Base Of Data On The Feasibility Of Cogeneration In An Industrial Plant., P. J. Bishop, A. Minardi, and H. Carpenter

Description Of Fixed-Pattern Noise In Ccd’S Using The Spatial Power Spectrum, G. D. Boreman and P. L. Heron

Characterization Of A Liquid Crystal Television Display As A Spatial Light Modulator For Optical Processing, G. D. Boreman and E. R. Raudenbush

Fiber Optic-Thin Film Temperature Sensor, Glenn Boreman, Roy Walters, and Danial Lester

Generating Marketing Strategy Priorities Based On Relative Competitive Position, Alvin C. Burns

Impact Of Exchange Rates On Air Travel, A. Edward Day

Leaching Characteristics Of Metal Finishing Sludges., John D. Dietz and Christopher M. Cherniak

Automobile Crashworthiness Rating: Legislation And Testing, Camille M. Dixon

Network Technique To Achieve Program And Data Security With Nominal Communications Overhead., J. R. Driscoll, H. N. Srinidhi, and T. S. Chesser

Mrs. O’Leary’S Cow And Other Newspaper Tales About The Chicago Fire Of 1871, Fred Fedler

Treatment Efficiencies For Residential Stormwater Runoff In A Hardwood Wetland, Harvey H. Harper, Martin P. Wanielista, and David M. Baker

Winning The Market-Share Game, Lance P. Jarvis and Edward J. Mayo

Appendant Subsystem Design Using Ritz Vectors., L. Kitis and W. D. Pilkey

Structural Dynamic Reanalysis Using Ritz Vectors., L. Kitis and W. D. Pilkey

Improving The Differential File Technique Via Batch Operations For Tree Structured File Organizations, S. D. Lang, J. R. Driscoll, and J. H. Jou

Content Validation: Conceptual And Methodological Issues, Wendell C. Lawther

Intertemporal Exposure To Country Risk, Jeff Madura and E. Theodore Veit

On Target: Overhead Cost., Raymond L. Martin

Flywheel Optimization Under Speed Fluctuation Effects., S. M. Metwalli

Surface Roughness Effect On Laser Speckle Spectral Density, S. M. Metwalli, A. H. Kamel, and A. A. Saheb

Art—A Creative Teaching Tool, Margaret G. Miller

The Statistical Properties Of Laser-Light Scattered By Two Phase Screens, R. L. Phillips, L. C. Andrews, and E. Jakeman

Noise Problems In Rotation Sensors, Ronald L. Phillips and Larry C. Andrews

Nonlinear Diffraction Of Water Waves By Offshore Structures, Matiur Rahman and Lokenath Debnath

Pouring Of Molten Uo//2, Uc And Al//2O//3 In Sodium: Interactions And Debris; Theoretical Analysis., H. Schins, D. Magallon, and S. Giuliani

Evolution Of Current Sheets Near A Hyperbolic Magnetic Neutral Point, Bhimsen K. Shivamoggi

Principles Of Materials Science And Engineering., William F. Smith

Principles Of Materials Science And Engineering., William F. Smith

On The Geometry Of Some Subset Selection Procedures, Paul N. Somerville

An Analysis Of The Determinants Of Return Covariances Between Different Classes Of Assets, E. Theodore Veit and Stanley M. Atkinson

Best Management Practices Overview., Martin P. Wanielista and Yousef A. Yousef

Analytic Solutions Of Nonlinear Neutral And Advanced Differential Equations, Joseph Wiener, Lokenath Debnath, and S. M. Shah

Design And Effectiveness Of Urban Retention Basins., Yousef A. Yousef, Martin P. Wanielista, and H. H. Harper

Submissions from 1985

Teaching Energy Conservation Principles., Patricia J. Bishop and Antonio Minardi

Visual Observations Of Flow Patterns Through Tube Support Plates Of Circular Hole And Trefoil Designs., G. W. Caille, E. F. Hosler, and F. S. Gunnerson

Automating The Systems Understanding Aid, Terry L. Campbell

Interactive Production Planning Simulation System., Alan W. Carpenter and Corey D. Schou

Water Quality Characterization Of An Eastern Coal Slurry., C. David Cooper, J. D. Dietz, and M. J. Flint

Development Of A Commercial Energy Audit Program For A Public Utility Company., Robert D. Doering and Richard G. Denning

An Organizational Analysis Of Political Action Committees, Theodore J. Eismeier and Philip H. Pollock

Tq: A Specification Language Based On Conceptualizations Underlying Natural Language., Fernando Gomez

Technology And The Liberal Arts: Some Observations From Cutha., J. Paul Hartman

Microcomputer Programs For Thermodynamics. Part Ii: Programs For Tektronix-4051., E. Ramon Hosler

Microcomputer Programs For Thermodynamics. Part I: Programs For Ibm-Pc., E. Ramon Hosler

Picture Programming: A Graphical Programming Environment., Charles E. Hughes and J. Michael Moshell

Marriage Of Artificial Intelligence And Robotics In The Manufacturing Environment., Leslie D. Interrante and John E. Biegel

Industry-University Collaboration: A Board Of Advisors., Gloria W. Jaffe

Technical Writing Textbooks And Technical Writing As A Profession., Daniel R. Jones

An Application Of Institutional Change Theories In The Health Care Industry: Implications For Planning, M. L. Joyce and J. J. Cronin

Assessing The Country Risk Of A Bank'S Foreign Loan Portfolio, Jeff Madura

Production And Procurement Strategy Formulation., Raymond L. Martin