Submissions from 1989

Numerical Experiments Of Partial Phase Conjugation Due To A Random Phase Screen, Gisele Welch and Ronald Phillips

Multiple Scale Edge Linking, Donna J. Williams and Mubarak Shah

Better Breast Milk For Preemies? Breast Has Always Been Best. Can The New Fortifiers Make It Even Better?, D. M. Wink

Statistical Sensitivity Analysis Of Mosfet Integrated Circuits Using Process Database, Waisum Wong, Raymond S. Winton, and Juin J. Liou

The Investigation Of New Nonlinear Organometallic Complex Crystals-Correlation Between Optical Properties And Structural Radicals, D. Xu, M. H. Jiang, and X. T. Tao

Expert Systems For Conceptual Mechanical Design, Zhentao Zhang and S. L. Rice

Conceptual Design: Perceiving The Pattern, Zhentao Zhang and Stephen L. Rice

Submissions from 1988

New Lpc Excitation Signal., Yacoub A. Alsaka and William Andrew Pearson

Efficient Algorithm For Implementing The Relative Entropy Method., Yacoub A. Alsaka, Nicolas S. Tzannes, and William A. Marinelli

Multisignal Spectral Estimation Using An Iterative Relative Entropy Method., Y. A. Alsaka, N. S. Tzannes, and D. M. Gregory

Phase Models For Weak Fluctuations, L. C. Andrews and R. L. Phillips

Education And The Medical Record Professional: Obligation Or Opportunity?, C. J. Barr

Logic For Handling Time In Temporal Databases, M. A. Bassiouni

Generalized Logical Operators For Temporal Languages, M. A. Bassiouni and M. Llewellyn

Scheme For Data Compression In Supercomputers, M. A. Bassiouni, N. Ranganathan, and Amar Mukherjee

How Clip Art Saved My Life (Or What To Do If You Can'T Draw), Donna Toler Baumbach

A Comparison Of Nonparametric Unweighted And Length-Biased Density Estimation Of Fibres, B. B. Bhattacharyya

Boats, Bait, And Fishing Paraphernalia: A Local Folk Aesthetics, Doug Blandy, Kristin G. Congdon, and Russell McKnight

Two-Photon Absorption And Free-Carrier Absorption In Semiconductor-Doped Glasses., E. Canto, E. Miesak, and D. J. Hagan

Fast Triaxial Shear Device, William F. Carroll

Corrigendum Lamb’S Plane Problem In A Thermo-Elastic Micropolar Medium With Stretch, T. K. Chadha, Rajneesh Kumar, and Lokenath Debnath

An Investigation Into The Conditions Of Hotel Front Office Automation: An Organizational Approach, Venkat Chandrasekar

Natural Convection In A Heated Parallel Plate Vertical Channel; Influence Of Inlet Conditions, P. R. Chappidi and B. E. Eno

Numerical Study Of The Drag And Heat Transfer Characteristics Of A Wedge In Film Boiling Flow, P. R. Chappidi and F. S. Gunnerson

Australia Revisited: 1973-1988, Richard A. Cornell

Media Specialist As Tv Producer . . . Ten Quick Steps Into The World Of Television, Richard A. Cornell

Improving Library Services For Nursing Students In An Academic Library, Carol W. Cubberiey and Barry Centini

Segmenting Local Residents By Their Attitudes, Interests, And Opinions Toward Tourism, Duane Davis, Jeff Allen, and Robert M. Cosenza

The Fractional Calculus And Its Role In The Synthesis Of Special Functions: Part I, Lokenath Debnath and William J. Grum

Propagation Of Edge Waves In A Thinly Layered Laminated Medium With Stress Couples Under Initial Stresses, Lokenath Debnath and Pijush Pal Roy

Making Self- Confidence And Communication Skills Work For The Media Specialist, Roberta M. Driscoll

Networking Your Computer Lab: Benefits And Pitfalls, Behshld Farsad

Putting Artificial Intelligence And Expert Systems To Work For The Hospitality Industry, Behshld Farsad

Modeling Of Crosstalk In Coupled Microstrip Lines., M. Fletcher, A. Abel, and P. F. Wahid

Packet Error Probabilities In Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Packet Radio Networks With Bch Codes, Michael Georgiopoulos

Simulation Study Of A Limited Sensing Random Access Algorithm For A Local Area Network With Voice Users., Michael Georgiopoulos and Robert M. Spillers

Resources For Dealing With Chemically Dependent Students, Gina Giovinco

Programmatic Research On Communication Barriers To Learning, Steven P. Golen and Alvin C. Burns

Wup: A Parser Based On Word Usage., Fernando Gomez

Classification-Based Inferences In Retrieving Information From A Database Of Scientific Facts., Fernando Gomez and Carlos Segami

The Fractional Calculus And Its Role In The Synthesis Of Special Functions: Part Ii, William J. Grum and Lokenath Debnath

Coating Of Plastics - Coatings On Plastic, Karl H. Guenther

Reactive Ion Plating. A Novel Deposition Technique For Improved Optical Coatings, Karl H. Guenther, Charles W. Fellows, and Ron Willey

Non-Transform Methods Of Picture Compression Applied To Medical Images, Ratan K. Guha, Arthur F. Dickinson, and Gautam Ray

Thermoelasticity In Metals And Interatomic Attraction In A Normal Gas, A. G. Guy

Picosecond Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing Studies In Znse., D. J. Hagan, E. Canto, and E. Miesak

Moment Method Solution Of Double Step Discontinuities In Waveguides, A. K. Hamid, I. R. Ciric, and M. Hamid

Optimized Program For Factoring Higher Order Polynomials On The Hp - 41., Richard C. Harden and Fred O. Simons

How Not To Be Sued Successfully- A Warning For Media Specialists, David E. Hernandez

New Approach To Broadband Saw Diffraction Theory, J. H. Hines, B. P. Abbott, and M. A. West

Sex Discrimination In The Labour Market Of Kuwait, Diehane A. Hosni and Sulayman S. Al-Qudsi

Transfer Of Microelectronics Technology To The Third World., Djehane E. Hosni

Microcomputers Technology Transfer: Case Of Developing Multilingual Software (English To Arabic Conversion)., Yasser A. Hosni

Enhanced Backscattering Through A Deep Random Phase Screen, E. Jakeman, P. R. Tapster, and A. R. Weeks

Properties Of A Special Class Of Doubly Stochastic Measures, A. Kamiński, P. Mikusiński, and H. Sherwood

Simulation As A Tool For Understanding Linearization Of Nonlinear Models., Harold Klee

Two Viewpoints: The Preparation Of A Request For Proposal, L. A. Kuyper and C. K. Shanks

Extended Campus Library Services: Guidelines Or Standards?, Lynn LaBrake-Harrison

Search-Aid: A Mark-Up Language And Interpreter To Provide Online Documentation For Database Searchers., William Leigh, Noemi Paz, and Paul Wen Sheng Chiang

Recent Advances Of Nonlinear Optical Crystals, J. T. Lin

Type I Versus Type Ii Bbo Crystal For Frequency Conversion, J. T. Lin

Experiment And Modeling Of Diode-Pumped Tb: Nd: Yap Laser, J. T. Lin, S. L. Savrda, and C. Chow

Compact Bipolar Transistor Model For Circuit Simulation., J. J. Liou and J. S. Yuan

Transient Wave Motions Due To An Asymmetric Shear Stress Discontinuity In A Layered Elastic Medium, Narayan Chandra Maiti and Lokenath Debnath

Methods Of Computer Aided Analysis And Design For Surface Acoustic Wave Devices, D. C. Malocha, S. M. Richie, and B. P. Abbott

Beyond The Gravity Model, Edward J. Mayo, Lance P. Jarvis, and James A. Xander

Older Workers: Understanding, Reaching And Using This Important Labor Resource Effectively In The Hospitality Industry, Audrey C. Mccool

Reduced Bit-Rate Representation Of Speech Using Mixed Fourier-Walsh Transforms, Wasfy B. Mikhael and Andreas S. Spanias

Market Identification Of A New Theme Park: An Example From Central Florida, Ady Milman

Coupled-Wave Analysis Of Two-Dimensional Dielectric Gratings, M. G. Moharam

Improving Bandwidth Of Communication Controllers., Amar Mukherjee, M. A. Bassiouni, and N. Ranganathan

Automated Knowledge Base Generation From Cad Databases Using Relaxation Techniques, Harley R. Myler and Avelino J. Gonzalez

Decision Support Systems: Applications In Statistics And Hypothesis Testing, Christopher R. Olsen and William C. Bozeman

Saying What You Mean, Judy Olson

Dynamics Of Multilayered Orthotropic Viscoelastic Plates Of Maxwell Solids, P. Pal Roy and L. Debnath

On Elastic Waves In A Thinly-Layered Laminated Medium With Stress Couples Under Initial Stress, P. Pal Roy and L. Debnath

On Rayleigh Waves In A Thinly Layered Laminated Thermoelastic Medium With Stress Couples Under Initial Stresses, Pijush Pal Roy and Lokenath Debnath

High Speed Implementation Of Matrix Inversion Algorithms In Orthogonal Systolic Architectures., George M. Papadourakis and Haritini Andre

Vlsi Design Of Processing Element For Reconfigurable Systolic Architectures Based On Lns., George M. Papadourakis and John Condorodis

The Significance Of The Class Of K-Distributions, Ronald L. Phillips and Larry C. Andrews

Frequency Domain Analysis Of Crosstalk In Coupled Microstrip Lines., G. Pourparviz, G. Goforth, and P. F. Wahid

Expert System Prototype Developments For Nasa-Ksc Business And Engineering Applications, James M. Ragusa and Avelino Gonzalez

Scale-Space Chip, N. Ranganathan and Mubarak Shah

Influence Of Self-Focusing On Bulk Laser-Induced Damage, M. J. Soileau and Eric W. Van Stryland

Training School Administrators In Computer Use, Dennis W. Spuck and William C. Bozeman

Management Of Amphibians, Reptiles, And Small Mammals In Xeric Pinelands Of Peninsular Florida, I. J. Stout, D. R. Richardson, and R. E. Roberts

Two-Photon Absorption Induced Transmission Changes In Znse Interference Filters, E. W.Van Stryland

Optical Damage Protector Based On Self-Defocusing In Semiconductors, E. W. Van Stryland, M. J. Soileau, and D. J. Hagan

Central American Health Clinic Project., G. G. Ventre and D. Kilfoyle

Linguistic Analyses Of The Discourse Narratives Of Young And Aged Women, Virginia G. Walker, Patricia M. Roberts, and Dona Lea Hedrick

Interim Shop Floor Control Function In A Job Shop Environment., Gary S. Wasserman

Evaluating Sinkhole Hazards In Mantled Karst Terrane., William L. Wilson and Barry F. Beck

Simplifying The Writing Of Specifications: A Language And Its Interface, Viva Wingate and Fernando Gomez

Analyses Of Bbo And Ktp Crystals For Optical Parametric Oscillation., J. Q. Yao, J. T. Lin, and N. Due

Method For Finding The Mechanical Properties Of Arbitrary Solids, Z. Zhang

Low And Non-Polarizing Dielectric Multilayer Coatings For Beamsplitters, Muamer Zukic and Karl H. Guenther

Optical Coatings With Graded Index Layers For High Power Laser Applications: Design, Muamer Zukic and Karl H. Guenther

Submissions from 1987

Electroglottography In Speech Processing., Y. A. Alsaka

Fate Map Of The Eye-Antennal Imaginal Disc Of The Tumourous-Head Mutant Of Drosophila Melanogaster, D. J. Andrew

Growth Of Hmos Challenges Traditional Health Care, S. Atkinson