Submissions from 1989

A Coupling-Of-Modes Analysis Of Chirped Transducers Containing Reflective Electrode Geometries, B. P. Abbott, C. S. Hartmann, and D. C. Malocha

Managing Collections In An Automated Network Environment, Anne Marie Allison

New Temperature Spectrum Model Based On Fluctuations In The Average Dissipation Rates, L. C. Andrews and R. L. Phillips

Sinkhole Density Of The Forest City Quadrangle, A. Bahtijarevic

On Software And Hardware Techniques Of Data Engineering, M. A. Bassiouni, A. Mukherjee, and N. Ranganathan

Efficient Coding For Integrated Information Systems And Multimedia Databases, M. A. Bassiouni and C. A. Waters

On The Definition And Maintenance Of Database Views With Time-Varying Domains, M. Bassiouni and M. Llewellyn

Engineering And Environmental Impacts Of Sinkholes And Karst. Proceedings Of The 3Rd Multidisciplinary Conference, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, October 1989, B. F. Beck

Analysis Of Chirp Transducers Using A Circuit Model Approach, M. A. Belkerdid, P. G. Zablocky, and D. C. Malocha

Energy: Markets And Regulation Richard L. Gordon, Henry D. Jacoby, And Martin B. Zimmerman, Eds. The Mit Press, 1987, 384 Pp., Bradley M. Braun

Decision-Framing Helps Make The Sale, Scot Burton and Laurie A. Babin

Nonlinear One-Dimensional Wave Analysis Of A Triaxial Soil Specimen, William F. Carroll

Novel Schemes For Sidelobe Reduction In Horn Antennas, W. A. Chamma and M. Hamid

Qualitative Modelling Of The Cover-Collapse Process, J. Chen and B. F. Beck

Crystallographic Shear Planes And Stacking Disorders In Perovskites Knbo3 And Nanbo3, Jun Chen and Duan Feng

A Computerized Displacement Data Analysis In Laser Speckle Photography, B. Chitsaz and F. A. Moslehy

Scattering From Periodic Strip Gratings Via The Secant-Spectral Iterative Method, Christos G. Christodoulou and Robert J. Middel VEEN

Hyperkinesis: A Review Of Literature, M. W. Churton

Enhancement Of The Kinetics Of Incineration Of Dilute Hazardous Organic Vapors, C. David Cooper and Christian A. Clausen

Persistence Factors For Carbon Monoxide Modeling Near Intersections, C. David Cooper, D. Scot Lefwich, and Pwu Sheng Liu

High Touch In The High Tech World Of Education: Impact '89, R. A. Cornell and R. M. Bollet

Editorial, Richard A. Cornell

Optical Limiting In Solutions Of Metallo-Phthalocyanines And Naphthalocyanines, Daniel R. Coulter, Vincent M. Miskowski, and Joseph W. Perry

The Cauchy-Poisson Problem In An Inviscid Stratified Liquid, Lokenath Debnath and Uma B. Guha

An Eigenvector Characterization Of Cospectral Graphs Having Cospectral Joins, NARSINGH DEO, FRANK HARARY, and ALLEN J. SCHWENK

Control Of Nocardia In A Municipal Activated Sludge Facility, John D. Dietz, Julius F. Charba, and Robert K. Anderson

On The Error Probability Of Frequency-Hopped Spread-Spectrum Multiple-Access Systems With More Than One Code Symbols Per Dwell Interval, Michael Georgiopoulos

Performance Evaluation Of Frequency Hopped Receiver Oriented Spread Spectrum Packet Radio Networks, Michael Georgiopoulos

Training Templates Utilizing Advanced Simulation, Stephen C. Gibbons, Joann Rullo, and Richard D. Gilson

Training Templates Utilizing Advanced Simulation., Stephen C. Gibbons, Joann Rullo, and Richard D. Gilson

Finding And Learning Explanatory Connections From Scientific Texts, Fernando Gomez and Carlos Segami

The Recognition And Classification Of Concepts In Understanding Scientific Texts, Fernando Gomez and Carlos Segami

Automatic Programming For End Users: The Toad System, Fernando Gomez and Viva Wingate

Intelligent Instructor Support System For Training Simulators, Avelino J. Gonalez and Harley R. Myler

Automated Knowledge Generation In Support Of Shuttle Ground Operations., A. J. Gonzalez, H. R. Myler, and M. Towhidnejad

Trajectory Primal Sketch: A Multi-Scale Scheme For Representing Motion Characteristics, Kristine Gould and Mubarak Shah

Visual Assessment And Instrumental Quantification Of Optical Surfaces And Thin Film Coatings Relative To Their Roughness And Light Scattering, Karl H. Guenther

Infrared Properties (3-5 Μm) Of Ion Plated Thin Films, K. H. Guenther, P. Sachdeva, and Z. Taubenfeld

Passive Broadband High Dynamic Range Semiconductor Limiters, D. J. Hagan, E. W. Van Stryland, and Y. Y. Wu

Nonlinear Optical Characterization Of Cdte As Applied To Limiting At 1.06 Μm, D. J. Hagan, J. Young, and M. Sheik-Bahae

Active Minimization Of The Sidelobes Of Radiating Apertures, M. Hamid, A. Z. Elsherbeni, and W. A. Chamma

Piezoelectric Actuated Scanning Mirror System Utilizing A Type One Control Loop, Michael G. Harris and David M. Gibbs

Minimal Disturbance Back-Propagation Algorithm, Greg L. Heileman, Michael Georgiopoulos, and Harold K. Brown

Orientational Dependence Of Transient Gratings In Multiple Quantum Well Structures, D. C. Herbert, P. Milsom, and A. Miller

Reasoning In Time And Space: Issues In Interfacing A Graphic Computer Simulation With An Expert System For An Intelligent Simulation Training System, Leslie D. Interrante and John E. Biegel

Exploring Quality: What Robert Pirsig'S Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance Can Teach Us About Technical Communication, Daniel R. Jones

Satisfying Customer Expectations: The Effect On Conflict And Repurchase Intentions In Industrial Marketing Channels, J. Joseph Cronin and Michael H. Morris

Comparison Of Measured Velocity Structure Functions And Energy Dissipation Theories In Turbulent Flows, M. L. Joshi, J. K. Beck, and L. C. Andrews

Recruiting Blood Donors In View Of Aids: What Ambulatory Care Facilities Need To Understand, Mary L. Joyce, Kathleen A. Krentler, and Nancy S. Dietrich

Propagation Of Rossby Waves In Stratified Shear Flows, Palani G. Kandaswamy, B. Tamil Selvi, and Lokenath Debnath

The Gain Of The Optically Pumped Copper-Vapor Laser, Jin Joong Kim

Gain Of The Optically Excited Copper Vapor Laser, Jin J. Kim and Nackchin Sung

Modeling The Charge Injection Process In Acoustic Charge Transport Devices, S. M. Knapp, J. J. Liou, and D. C. Malocha

Temporal Database For Realtime Training Systems, S. D. Lang and Richard E. Reynolds

Implications Of Salary Structure And Merit Pay In The Fifty American States, Wendell C. Lawther, H. John Bernardin, and Earle Traynham

Noncritically Phase -Matched Ktp And Knbo3For Tunable Lasers At Room Temperature, J. T. Lin

Progress Report: Diode Pumping And Frequency Conversion, J. T. Lin

Recent Advances Of Nonlinear Crystals For Frequency Conversions, J. T. Lin

Large-Signal Theory For Frequency-Mixing In Diode-Pumped Q-Switched Systems, J. T. Lin and S. W. Chong

Applications And Features Of A New Nonlinear Crystal: Lithium Triborate, J. T. Lin, C. E. Huang, and J. Q. Yao

Beam Walk-On Effects On The Efficiency Of Frequency Conversion, J. T. Lin and Y. L. Huang

Solution Growth Of New Organic Nonlinear Optical Crystal Material, J. T. Lin, W. S. Wang, and H. Arend

Polarization Control Of Diode-Pumped Nd:Yag By External Fields At Various Pumping Wavelengths, J. T. Lin and M. Y. Yao

Modeling The Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor For Integrated Circuit Simulation, J. J. Liou, W. Drafts, and J. S. Yuan

Features And Applications Of A New Self-Frequency-Doubling Laser Crystal - Nyab, Z. D. Luo, J. T. Lin, and A. D. Jiang

The Needs And Experiences Of Women In Sexually Integrated Prisons, Sue Mahan

Sexually Integrated Prisons: Advantages, Disadvantages And Some Recommendations, Sue Mahan, Jerome Mabli, and Barbara Johnston

Optical Limiting In Media With Absorbing Microparticles, Kamjou Mansour, E. W. Van Stryland, and M. J. Soileau

Older Workers: Can They Be Motivated To Seek Employment In The Hospitality Industry A Preliminary Report: Factors Influencing Older Persons To Retire Or To Work Beyond The Usual Retirement Age, Audrey C. Mccool and George E. Stevens

A Fast Block Fir Adaptive Digital Filtering Algorithm With Individual Adaptation Of Parameters, Wasfy B. Mikhael and Frank H. Wu

Transient Grating Studies Of Excitonic Optical Nonlinearities In Gaas/Algaas Multiple-Quantum-Well Structures, A. Miller, R. J. Manning, and P. K. Milsom

Temperature Distribution Within A Metal Subjected To Irradiation By A Laser Of Spatially Varying Intensity, A. Minardi and P. J. Bishop

Cross-Talk And Cross-Coupling In Multiplexed Holographic Gratings, M. G. Moharam

Effect Of Partial. Laser Beam Coverage On Point‐Wise Filtering Of Specklegrams, F. A. Moslehy, S. L. Rice, and S. Elmi

Adaptive And Pipelined Vlsi Designs For Tree-Based Codes, A. Mukherjee, N. Ranganathan, and M. A. Bassiouni

Intelligent Agents In The Simulation Of Manufacturing Systems, Gajanana Nadoli and John Biegel

Managing Life In The Classroom: Dealing With The Nitty Gritty, Judy Olson

Performance Of Bch And Convolutional Codes In Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Packet Radio Networks, Hugh T. Owens, Michael Georgiopoulos, and Madjid Belkerdid

Quartz Crystal Resonator Model Measurement And Sensitivity Analysis, Karen Park, Donald Malocha, and Madjid Belkerdid

Using Graphical Study Trees To Present Help Knowledge, Noemi Paz, William Leigh, and Roger Yim

Health Care Concerns Of The Older Consumer: Implications For Ambulatory Care, Don R. Rahtz, Mary L. Joyce, and Gordon W. Paul

Survey Of The Development Of Subsurface Zones In The Wear Of Materials, S. L. Rice, H. Nowotny, and S. F. Wayne

A First Generation Cad Compiler For Surface Acoustic Wave Filters Using Bidirectional Transducers, S. M. Richie and D. C. Malocha

Effects Of Low Substrate Temperature And Ion Assisted Deposition On Composition, Optical Properties, And Stress Of Zns Thin Films, Judith A. Ruffner, Marc D. Himel, and Victor Mizrahi

Deformation Measurement In Sliding Wear By Laser Speckle Metrology, M. A. Seif, P. J. Mohr, and F. A. Moslehy

Simple Analysis And Geometric Optimization Of A Passive Optical Limiter Based On Internal Self-Action, Mansoor Sheik-Bahae, Ali A. Said, and D. J. Hagan

Simple And Sensitive Technique For Determining Refractive Nonlinearities, M. Sheik-Bahae, A. A. Said, and Y. Y. Wu

Vestigation Of The Interactions Between Dissimilar Ions In (Er, Nd):Y3Al5O12, W. Q. Shi, M. Bass, and M. Birnbaum

Multiple Wavelength Solid State Lasers: Spectroscopic And Stimulated Emission Properties, W. Q. Shi, J. T. Lin, and M. Bass

Scattering From Cascaded Gratings With Variable Orientation At Each Layer, X. Shi and C. G. Christodoulou

Recruitment And Retention Of Optics Faculty, M. J. Soileau

"Recruitment And Retention Of Optics Faculty", M. J. Soileau

Research And Education At Creol, M. J. Soileau

A Better Approach By Management In Drug Testing, George E. Stevens, Carol D. Surles, and Faith W. Stevens

The Gain Of The Optically Pumped Copper-Vapor Laser, Nackchin Sung and Jin Joong Kim

Some Aspects Of Ion-Acoustic Whistlers In The Ionosphere In The Presence Of Negative Ions, A. K. Sur, G. C. Das, and B. Chakraborty

Selling Engineering And Science To Pre-Highschoolers: A Success Story From A Low Income Neighborhood School, William W. Swart, Linda C. Malone, and Marie M. Jimenez

Organizational And Technology Management Issues In A Job Shop Environment, Gary S. Wasserman

Experimental Verification Of The K Distribution Family For Scattering, Arthur R. Weeks and Ronald L. Phillips

Experimental Measurements Of Partial Phase Conjugation By Random Phase Screens, Arthur R. Weeks, Paul R. Tapster, and Eric Jakeman