Submissions from 1985

Gas Gangrene, Diabetes, And Cholecystitis, Gabriel Mayer and Rodney Kang

Modal Analysis By State-Space Approach In Frequency Domain., S. M. Metwalli and F. Feijo

Measuring Coalitions In The Industrial Buying Center, Michael H. Morris, Wilbur W. Stanton, and Roger J. Calantone

Study Of Nonlinear Wave Processes In Plasmas Using The Formalism Of A Special Lorentz Transformation For A Space-Independent Frame, S. N. Paul, B. Chakraborty, and L. Debnath

Television And Values: Implications For Education, Jean Benedict Raffa

A Generalized Meijer Transformation, G. L.N. Rao and L. Debnath

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Removal Of Highway Contaminants By Roadside Swales., Y. A. Yousef, M. P. Wanielista, and H. H. Harper

Submissions from 1984

Radionuclide Imaging In Coronary Artery Disease, L. J. Acierno

Graduate Cirriculum For Simulation/Training Professionals., Christian S. Bauer

Sinkholes: Their Geology, Engineering And Environmental Impact. Proceedings Of The First Multidisciplinary Conference, Orlando, Florida, 15-17 October 1984., B. F. Beck and Mary Fish

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Some Models For The Economic Justification., John E. Biegel

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Ultimate Gourmet Kitchen Gadget: The Microcomputer., Martha S. Hollis and Daniel P. Solomon

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Comparison Of Wet Deposition Composition At Coastal And Inland Sites In East-Central Florida., Brooks C. Madsen

Representation Of Functions As The Post Widder Inversion Operator Of Generalized Functions, R. P. Manandhar and James C. Kemp

Instrumentation Amplifier For The Measurement Of Eye Position., Robert J. Martin

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A Study Of Neonates’ Differential Responses To Three Voices, As Measured By Transcutaneous Oxymonitor, Denis G. Newman, Michael Konecny, and Panayotis D. Stoucas

Measurement Of G For Small Inter-Mass Spacings., W. C. Oelfke

Measurement Of G For Small Inter-Mass Spacings., William C. Oelfke

Instructional Technology Program At The University Of Central Florida., Gary W. Orwig

Osborne Submersed Aquatic Plant Sampler For Obtaining Biomass Measurements., John A. Osborne and Michael G. Harris

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Visual Flight Simulation - Can We Get There From Here And Will It Be Worth It?, L. L. Smith, R. C. Harden, and M. A. Hemmerlein

Colonization In Santa Cruz, Bolivia: A Comparative Study Of The Yapacani And San Julian Projects., A. M. Stearman

Separation Metrics For Real-Valued Random Variables, Michael D. Taylor and L. Debnath

A Comparison Of The Predictive Validity Of Assessment Center Evaluations Versus Traditional Measures In Forecasting Supervisory Job Performance: Interpretive Implications Of Criterion Distortion For The Assessment Paradigm, Janet J. Turnage and Richard A. Cornell

Population Structure, Reproduction And Laboratory Behavior Of The Introduced Belonesox Belizanus (Poeciliidae) In Florida, James S. Turner

Managing Investment Portfolios: A Survey Of Mutual Funds, E. Theodore Veit

Electronic Spreadsheets And Their Applications., Gary E. Whitehouse, C. R. Smith, and R. C. Harden

Impact Of Bridging On Floodplains., Yousef A. Yousef

Submissions from 1983

Cardiac Nuclear Imaging, L. J. Acierno and Ronald S. Rubin

A Primer For Classroom Uses Of Microcomputers In Reading, Betty Anderson and E. Theodore Veit

A Quarantine Protocol For Analysis Of Returned Extraterrestrial Samples, J. R. Bagby and Lokenath Debnath

Programming Environments For Pre-College Instruction (Special Session), William E. Baird, Michael C. Mulder, Tom Cain, and George Davida

Utilization Of Character Reference Locality For Efficient Storage Of Data Base., M. A. Bassiouni and L. T. Worrell

Evidence Of Shifts In Portfolio Asset Composition As A Market Timing Tool, John M. Cheney and C. D. Dziuban

Teaching Microprocessor Architectures, Ratan K. Cuha, Charles E. Rughes, and J. Michael Moshell

Realization Of Efficient Non-Numeric Operations Through Vlsi., Timothy W. Curry and K. A. Hazboun

Accreditation In The Computing Sciences, John F. Dalphin, James R. Driscoll, Pentti A. Honkonen, and William Shay

Identifying The Energy Conscious Consumer: The Case Of The Opinion Leader, Duane L. Davis and E. Joe Nosari

A New Viewpoint On Nudes In Advertising And Brand Recall, Robert H. Davis

Effective Inservice Education In Radiography, M. J.G. Edwards

Effectiveness Of A Delegate-Advocate Program, L. A. Kuyper and Louis E. Boone

Speculation In International Money Markets, Jeff Madura and John A. Welsch

Supply Response To Technological Change And Regulation: The Case Of Mechanically Deboned Poultry., D. W. McNiel, J. R. Bagby, and D. L. DeVincenzi

Optimum Design Of Variable - Material Flywheels, S. M. Metwalli and Larry C. Andrews

Perceptions Of Gifted Programming, Jeanice Midgett

Database Courses With Realistic Student Projects, John C. Peck

Effects Of Birefringent Fluctuations On A Fiber Optic Gyro., Ronald L. Phillips, C. R. Burbee, and H. R. Wetzel

Mis Development In American Industry, C. Richard Roberts, G. S.A. Shawki, and M. H. Sharobeam

Aphasia: Treatment Considerations, Graphic Output, Cynthia Rubin and Judy Olson

Modulational Stability Of Korteweg-De Vries And Boussinesq Wavetrains, Bhimsen K. Shivamoggi

The Antaeus Project: An Orbital Quarantine Facility For Analysis Of Planetary Return Samples, H. C. Sweet, H. C. Sweet, and D. L. DeVincenzi

Submissions from 1982

Joining Forces: Television And Reading, Betty Anderson and E. Theodore Veit

Insider Information And The American Stock Exchange ‐ An Empirical Test, Stanley M. Atkinson and Amar Mukhopadhyay

Hydrocarbon Vapor Incineration Kinetics. The Authors Propose A First‐Order Model For Predicting The Kinetics In Afterburners—A Key Factor In Emission Control, C. D. Cooper and J. Xander

Panel Discussion: Computer Science Approval/Accreditation, John F. Dalphin, F. C. Alley, and T. J. Overcamp

A Deterministic Finite Automaton Approach To Design Rule Checking For Vlsi, R. Alan Eustace, W. O. Hamilton, and D. Darling

Estimating Seasonality In Time-Series Forecasting Models., R. G. Fritz, Roger Handberg, and Wanda Lowrey

Does It Pay? The Case Of Mobile Coronary Care Units, F. K. Gibson and M. A. Bassiouni

A Multi-Group Technique For Data Compression, K. A. Hazboun, Terry J. Frederick, William J. MacLeod, and David R. Kniefel

Some Relationships Among The Subtests Of The Registration Examination, L. A. Kuyper and G. Brewer

Women State Legislators And The Era: Dimensions Of Support And Opposition, Joyce R. Lilie

Survey Of Commercial Bank Use Of Interest Rate Futures As A Hedging Tool In Investment Portfolio Management, Wallace W. Reiff and R. Phil Malone

Submissions from 1981

Inexpensive Alternatives To Computers For Classroom Use, Betty Anderson and Charles M. Unkovic

Kinetic Analysis Of A Non‐Isothermal Reactor, C. D. Cooper