Theses/Dissertations from 1992

The relationship between pupil control ideology and student suspensions in the Osceola County school system, William Forlow

The relationship of teacher experience to the implementation of the chapter 1 parental involvement program, John F. Fravel

Evaluation of the Florida Model Technology Program on Teachers and Students in High School A: A Qualitative Study, Peter C. Gorman

Study of tacit knowledge in navy senior enlisted leaders, Gary W. Hodak

Creative abilities of students in grade five, Rosella McCall Jarvis

A study of retention and attitudes toward mathematics in college algebra students using a cooperative learning model, June Bouie Jones

Critical thinking in nursing : perceptions of baccalaureate faculty and students, Parrish Sharon Koch


The Emancipatory Effect of Integrating Communication Research Tenets on Discrete Curriculum Designs, Elizabeth Cheney Michel

Satisfaction level of dietitians in Puerto Rico related to the use of counseling skills and strategies to improve patient compliance, Franqui Celia Mir

Longitudinal application of desegregation indices to Florida school districts, Thomas O. Peeples

Adult children of alcoholics and childhood emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, Kay Politano

A program evaluation for academically at-risk students : identificatiohn of the critical elements, Jennifer Esler Reeves

Study of administrators', counselors' team teachers', parents' and students' perceptions toward a comprehensive developmental guidance program in Orange County Public Schools and perceived benefits, Beverly A. Snyder

A comparison study of the treatment of the topic of world war II atrocities committed by nazis and Japanese in secondary world history textbooks of Japan, the republic of China and the United States, Amy Steele

Analysis of Florida's high school writing program, 1990-92, Maureen J. Warner

Need, response, and access : a survey of desktop video as a post secondary art curriculum in Florida, John Wilton


Assessing the Effects of a Program to Improve Questioning Skills of Nurse Educators in Clinical Post-conferences: An Initial Study, Diane M. Wink


An Historical Analysis of the Philosophies of the Vocational Education Leaders in Relation to the 1990 Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act Amendments, Cynthia D. Woodley

Theses/Dissertations from 1991

The effectiveness of digital audio in computer-based training, Ann Elizabeth Barron

The relationship between perceptions of school factors and early teacher attrition and retention, Kathryn A. Blackburn

Integrating the nctm curriculum and evaluation standards for school mathematics and calculus reform recommendations into an applied calculus course, Gloria A. Child

The development of a magnet school : a case study of the attitudes of parents, students, teachers and administrators, Joanna F. Cocchiarella

The effectiveness of a staff development component in changing teacher attitudes and classroom teaching practices in the arts for at-risk pre-kindergarten children, Steven L. Darr

Help-line for at-risk teachers : a case study of an innovative model for personalized staff development, Marilyn B. Fenner

The revision and formative evaluation of the pre-college algebra curriculum at valencia community college: a case study, Judith M. Jones

Burnout of regular and special education elementary teachers and relationships to teacher personality typologies and perceptions of organizational climate, Elaine Kohlman

The effects of mentoring on at-risk students : a qualitative study, Lynne G. Nasrallah

Creative abilities of at risk students in kindergarten through grade five, Mary Timpe Robsman

A field validation study of the daytona screening device for new adult reading students, Joan Singley Schrysen

Implementation of cooperative learning training : a tri-dimensional description, Patricia L. Shelton

Perceptual learning style, modality specific mnemonic elaboration strategies and achievement of severely psychiatrically disabled adults in self medication management skills training, Terry L. Stawar

The quasi-mastery learning instructional system for community college chemistry, Silvia Zapico

Theses/Dissertations from 1990

A comparative study of retention, dropouts, achievement, attendance, discipline, participation and teacher and student satisfaction of 9th grade students in ninth-grade centers and high schools, John Edwards

An Investigation to Determine the Influence of Motivational Orientation and Selected Demographic Characteristics of Radiographers on Their Participation In and Application of Continuing Professional Education, Thomas J. Edwards

The effect of problem solving instruction upon computational skills, algebra readiness and problem solving ability of middle school students/, William Randolph Glover


Declines in student achievement in science-- implications for public education, Robert P. Hogan

Assessment of the extent of agreement on counseling and non-counseling tasks of the elementary school guidance counselor among teachers, counselors, and principals, Eve Alice Homburger

Assessment methodologies in the elementary literature program: an applied study, Kris A. Horton

Student perceptions of corporal punishment on modifying behavior and school attitude, Delores Inniss

Change in elementary school curriculum and student achievement in a central Florida school district following publication of the national committee on excellence in education report: a case study, John P. Kalashian

The impact of public law 99-457 as it relates to the delivery of school psychological services in public schools in the state of Florida, Vickers Patricia Kimmitt

A comparison of the results yielded by several models for the determination of dropout rates in Florida, Donald A. MacCuish

An analysis of the perceptions of principals, superintendents and board members in Florida towards year-round education, Michael J. Mizwicki

An investigation of the characteristics of part-time faculty in Florida community colleges, Charles R. Mojock

A study of the relationship between hemispheric preference and writing development, Nancy E. Parker

An investigation of the relationship among perceptions of organizational climate and principal competencies in elementary schools, Rita A. Ramsey

Theses/Dissertations from 1989

A descriptive study of marketing strategies used by the nine Florida State Universities, Patricia A. Carcoran

The effects of postquestion placement on comprehension in a social studies classroom setting, Cynthia L. Chanatry

A study of peer supervision and its relationship to job satisfaction and school climate for selected elementary school teachers, Christopher James Colwell

Perspectives on becoming an elementary teacher: reflections of early experience, Carol A. Corcoaran

Mobility patterns and personal characteristics of outstanding teachers in Florida, Deana Voncile Woolfolk Costner

An investigation of the relationships among targeted selection results, supervisors' assessments and self-assessments in the selection of school administrators, Marion Giannini Dailey

An analysis of Florida's dropout prevention programs, Anthoula Karantinos

A microcomputer assisted learning program in descriptive statistics for Junior/Senior high school students, Charles O. Pike

An investigation of the relationship among teacher personality typologies and perception of organizational climate in secondary schools, Ronald L. Pinnell

A study of faculty and administrator attitudes toward, and involvement with, educational marketing and student recruiting in Florida public and private community/junior colleges, R. Jerry Smith

Academic remedial training at navy recruit training centers: an evaluation, Janet R. Thompson

A study of the effectiveness of preventative interventions for children at risk in a Florida school district, Catharine Harrell Thornhill

Theses/Dissertations from 1988

The composing process and speech communication an examination of the strategies of six successful student speakers, Susan M. Andersen


The Development of non-credit programming within Florida's community college system : the first thirty years, 1957-1987, Ann Sherry Herring


An Evaluation of Art Teacher, Parent and Student Perceptions of the Most Meritorious Goals for a High School Art Program, Clare E. Loveridge


Learning English Language and Literature in Saudi Arabian Universities: Students' Perceptions of Successful and Unsuccessful Methodologies, Safa Mansouri


The impact on competency acquisition, development, and performance of intern principals in two Florida school districts using the preparing new principals program, Paul Van Mitchell


Operational analysis of duties of Florida elementary school secretary as perceived by secretaries, principals and teachers, James Lynwood Mosley


Discrete mathematics in the secondary curriculum a delphi study of topics and trends, Ann C. Vining


Self-esteem Level, Workload Factors and Selected Demographic Variables in Nurse Faculty, E. Marie Visscher

Theses/Dissertations from 1987


An assessment of Florida Community College Presidents' acceptance of quality indicators, George Cameron Barcus


The identification and comparison of effective merit pay factors by Central Florida public school educators, Richard K. Bommelje


The nonpromotion message's affective impact on parents, Sandra Kaye Daves


The relationship between the individual's educational and professional backgrounds and the 1985 Florida merit program, James Roger Dearing


A study of self-perceived current and desired career stages of federal government engineers and public school educators in the central florida area, Dennis Stephan Duke


Assessment of the Extent of Agreement on the Implementation of Instructional Design Principles Among Corporate Training and Development Experts, Elba C. Grovdahl


The beginning teacher program: how administrative or peer teacher attitude and peer teacher assignment affect its success, Elaine C. Henris


The Effects of a Freshman Orientation Course on Academic Achievement and Retention, Daniel J. Kelly

Theses/Dissertations from 1986


An applied orientation model in a community college setting, Ivan Ronald Applebaum

Improving supervisory performance through feedback from subordinates, E. Michael Break


A study of merit pay factors as perceived by members of the Florida Teaching Profession-National Education Association, Susan Crowe Burns


Student characteristics affecting student attitudes to the evaluation of instructors, John P. Callahan


The relationship between class activity levels and stated attitudes toward physical activity, Edwin Warner Kinney


An investigation of career development by Community College and University women : importance of contributors to advancement into higher education administration, Lynda A. Kuyper


A survey and analysis of the beginning teacher program in Florida and its relationship to effective education, Joanne Mullins Olson


A study of job satisfaction as perceived by the certified staff in Florida public elementary schools, George A. Taylor

Theses/Dissertations from 1985


The Design of an Internal Resource Allocation Model for Use in Higher Education, Ann Clark


An Investigation of the Attitudes of Principals and Superintendents in Florida Toward Merit Pay, Albert W. Helms


A policy analysis of the legal aspects of teaching the handicapped child in physical education, Ronald K. Hirst

Theses/Dissertations from 1984


An evaluation of the involvement component of the educational planning and resource management system (EPRMS) in the Orange County Florida Schools, Michael E. Mekdeci


A comparison of the subtests of the Gesell School Readiness Screening Test as predictors of reading achievement, Dolores W. Sapp

Theses/Dissertations from 1983


A survey of computer utilization in cities and counties in the East Central Florida region, Gary Herbert Gotwalt

Theses/Dissertations from 1973


Detection of Gallium Arsenide Semiconductor Laser Pulses with Avalanche Detectors, Albert Henry Marshall