The active research contribution of UCF’s Rosen College faculty, which represents the broad spectrum of the hospitality management industry, are well recognized and respected by their peers, making UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management one of the most influential and cutting-edge voices in hospitality and tourism research and education.

Over the years, the College has been consistently ranked one of the top programs in research productivity and scholarly activities (Schmidgall, Woods, & Hardigree, 2007; Severt, Tesone, Bottorff & Carpenter, 2009) in the world by peer-reviewed professional publications. Their research contributions can be widely witnessed by top tier journal publications, conference presentations and industry consulting.

At this time, this collection contains metadata about each item, with pdfs available for select items.


Submissions from 2021

Does Resource-based View Explain Outsourcing Intention: Revenue Management Perspective, Mehmet Altin

Why Do They Come Back? The Effects of Winery Tourists' Motivations and Satisfaction on Repeat Visits and Revisit Intentions, Robin M. Back, Diego Bufquin, and Jeong-Yeol Park

Exploring a Wine Farm Micro-cluster: A Novel Business Model of Diversified Ownership, Robin M. Back, Linda L. Lowry, and Lindsey M. Higgins

Employee Work Status, Mental Health, Substance Use, and Career Turnover Intentions: An Examination of Restaurant Employees During COVID-19, Diego Bufquin, Jeong-Yeol Park, Robin M. Back, Jessica Vieira de Souza Meira, and Stephen Kyle Hight

The Empowering Role of Hospitable Telemedicine Experience in Reducing Isolation and Anxiety: Evidence From the COVID-19 Pandemic, Yusi Cheng, Wei Wei, and YunYing (Susan) Zhong

Tourism Specialization, Economic Growth, Human Development and Transition Economies: The Case of Poland, Robertico Croes, Jorge Ridderstaat, Monika Bak, and Piotr Zientara

Who Makes Acquisitions? An Empirical Investigation of Restaurant Firm, Tarik Dogru, Ozgur Ozdemir, Murat Kizildag, and Aysa Ipek Erdogan

Human Resources Management as a Factor Determining the Organizational Effectiveness of DMOs: A Case Study of RTOs in Poland, Wojciech Fedyk, Mariusz Sołtysik, Piotr Oleśniewicz, Jacek Borzyszkowski, and Jeffrey Weinland

UGC Involvement, Motivation and Personality: Comparison between China and Spain, M. Rosario Gonzalez-Rodriguez, M. Carmen Diaz-Fernandez, Anil Bilghan, Fangfang Shi, and Fevzi Okumus

The State of Qualitative Research in Hospitality: A 5-Year Review 2014 to 2019, Sean McGinley, Wei Wei, and Yanyan Zheng

Stigma and Dirty Work: In-group and Out-group Perceptions of Essential Service Workers During COVID-19, Cynthia Mejia, Rebecca PIttman, Jenna Beltramo, Kristin Horan, Amanda Grinley, and Mindy Shoss

A Meta-analysis of Evolution of Gastronomy and Culinary Education Research Published in Top-tier Culinary, Hospitality, and Tourism Journals, Bendegul Okumus

Intellectual Connections in Food Tourism Literature: A Co‐citation Approach, Bendegul Okumus, Fuad Mehraliyev, Forest Ma, and Mehmet Ali Köseoglu

Qualitative Research via Focus Groups: Will Going Online Affect the Diversity of Your Findings?, Brendan Richard, Stephen A. Sivo, Marissa Orlowski, Robert C. Ford, Jamie Murphy, David N. Boote, and Eleanor L. Witta

Households' Net Financial Wealth as a Determinant of Tourism Demand Cycles: Evidence from US Travel to Selected Caribbean Destinations, Jorge Ridderstaat

Health Tourism in a Developed Country with a Dominant Tourism Market: The Case of the United States' Travellers to Canada, Saba Salehi-Esfani, Jorge Ridderstaat, and Ahmet Ozturk

COVID-19: Implications for Nature and Tourism, Mark Spalding, Lauretta Burke, and Alan Fyall

A Critical Review and Reconstruction of Perceptual Brand Equity, Asli Tasci

The Impact of Wearable Devices on Employee Wellness Programs: A Study of Hotel Industry Workers, Edwin Torres and Tingting (Christina) Zhang

Can "Bad" Stressors Spark "Good" Behaviors in Frontline Employees? Incorporating Motivation and Emotion, Jiaxin (Syliva) Want, Xiaoxiao Fu, and Youcheng Wang

The Power of Engagement: Understanding Active Social Media Engagement and the Impact on Sales in the Hospitality Industry, Elizabeth Yost, Tingting (Christina) Zhang, and Ruoxi Qi

Integrating the Tourist Gaze with the Social Servicescape: Implications for Creating Memorable Theme Park Experiences, Yanyan Zhang, Wei Wei, Nathaniel Line, and Lu Zh

Understanding Online Travel Communities: A Literature Review and Future Research Directions in Hospitality and Tourism, Yuan Zhou, Woo Gon Kim, Bendegul Okumus, and Cihan Cobanoglu

Submissions from 2020


Public Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Invasive Forest Pest Prevention Programs in Urban Areas, Damian C. Adams, Jose R. Soto, John Lai, Francisco J. Escobedo, Sergio Alvarez, and Abu S.M.G. Kibria

Co-workers, Supervisors and Frontline Restaurant Employees: Social Judgments and the Mediating Effects of Exhaustion and Cynicism, Diego Bufquin


Situational and Personal Factors Influencing Hospitality Employee Engagement in Value Co-creation, Prakash K. Chathoth, Robert J. Harrington, Eric S. W. Chan, Fevzi Okumus, and Zibin Song


Seeing Destinations Through Vlogs: Implications for Leveraging Customer Engagement Behavior to Increase Travel Intention, Yusi Cheng, Wei Wei, and Lu Zhang


The "If-Then" Rules Matter More? The Roles of Regulatory Focus and Leader–member Exchange, You-De Dai, Wen-Long Zhuang, Annie Ko, and Fevzi Okumus


Does the sequence of presentations matter for academic conferences? An application of the peak-end rule in event management, Maksim Godovykh and Jeeyeon (Jeannie) Hahm


Health outcomes of tourism development: A longitudinal study of the impact of tourism arrivals on residents’ health, Maksim Godovykh and Jorge Ridderstaat


Customer Experience in Tourism: A Review of Definitions, Components, and Measurements, Maksim Godovykh and Asli D. A. Tasci


Satisfaction vs Experienced Utility: Current Issues and Opportunities, Maksim Godovykh and Asli D. A. Tasci


Impact of Error Management Culture on Organizational Performance, Management-team Performance and Creativity in the Hospitality Industry, Priyanko Guchait, Yu Qin, Juan Madera, Nan Hua, and Xingyu Wang

Adventure or Amusement? Image and Identity Challenges for the Aerial Adventure Industry and Implications for Positioning and Policy, Marcus Hansen, Alan Fyall, and Thanasis Spyriadis

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 Intervention Policies on the Hospitality Labor Market, Arthur Huang, Christos Makridis, Mark Baker, Marcos Medeiros, and Zhishan Guo

Helpful or Harmful? A Double-edged Sword of Emoticons in Online Review Helpfulness, Guei-Hua Huang, Chun-Tuan Chang, Anil Bilgihan, and Fevzi Okumus

Informing Timeshare Exchange Services on the Drivers of Customer-driven Co-production, Gabriela Lelo de Larrea and Amy M. Gregory

Perceived Robotic Server Qualities and Functions Explaining Customer Loyalty in the Theme Park Context, Ady Milman, Asli Tasci, and Tingting (Christina) Zhang

The Influence of Social Perceptions on Restaurant Employee Work Engagement and Extra-role Customer Service Behavior: A Moderated Mediation Model, Marissa Orlowski, Diego Bufquin, and Michael E. Nalley


Corporate Social Responsibility in International Hotel Chains and its Effects on Local Employees: Scale Development and Empirical Testing in China, Chaohui Wang, Runhong Hu, and Tingting (Christina) Zhang

Effects of Professional Identity on Turnover Intention in China's Hotel Employees: The Mediating Role of Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction, Chaohui Wang, Jiahui Xu, and Tingting (Christina) Zhang


Rethinking Sleep Quality in Fotels: Examining the Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Travel-related Insomnia, Wei Xiong, Meijiao Huang, Bendegul Okumus, and Fang Fan

From Online Community to Offline Travel Companions: Technology-Mediated Trust Building and Ad Hoc Travel Group Decision Making, Chaozhi Zhang, IpKin Anthony Wong, Xin Zhang, and Alan Fyall

Submissions from 2019

Effects of Hotel Website Photographs and Length of Textual Descriptions on Viewers' Emotions and Behavioral Intentions, Diego Bufquin, Jeong-Yeol Park, Robin M. Back, Marco W. W. Nutta, and Tingting Zhang


Theme park experience: Factors explaining amount of pleasure from a theme park visit, time allocation for theme park activities, perceived value, queuing quality, satisfaction, and loyalty, Maksim Godovykh, Ady Milman, and Alsi D.A. Tasci

Can, Cup, or Bottle? The Influence of Beverage Vessel on Taste and Willingness to Pay, Sarah LeFebvre and Marissa Orlowski

An Investigation of AAA Diamond Rating Changes on Hotel Performance, Michael E. Nalley, Jeong-Yeol Park, and Diego Bufquin

Servicescape, Positive Affect, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions: The Moderating Role of Familiarity, Jeong-Yeol Park, Robin M. Back, Diego Bufquin, and Valeriya Shapoval

When Do They Become Satiated? An Examination of the Relationships Among Winery Tourists' Satisfaction, Repeat Visits and Revisit Intentions, Jeong-Yeol Park, Diego Bufquin, and Robin M. Back

A Qualitative Investigation of Micro-entrepreneurship in the Sharing Economy, Tingting Zhang, Diego Bufquin, and Can Lu

Submissions from 2018

An Empirical Investigation on Loan Applications and Fear of Rejection of External Financing in the Foodservice Industry, Mehmet Altin, Murat Kizildag, and Diego Bufquin

Climate Change Denials: Vulnerability and Costs for Florida's Coastal Destinations, Roberta Atzori and Alan Fyall

Tourist Responses to Climate Change: Potential Impacts and Adaptation in Florida's Coastal Destinations, Roberta Atzori, Alan Fyall, and Graham Miller

Leapfrogging to Empowerment and Inclusivity: A South African Hospitality and Tourism Business Perspective, Robin M. Back, Linda L. Lowry, and Elizabeth A. Cartier

The 36th annual EuroCHRIE conference: "EuroCHRIE 2018 – Be Inspired" November 7-9 2018, Dublin, Ireland, Diego Bufquin

The Effects of Architectural Congruence Perceptions on Winery Visitors' Emotions and Behavioral Intentions: The Case of Marqués de Riscal, Diego Bufquin, Robin M. Back, Jeong-Yeol Park, and Marco Nutta

Social Evaluations of Restaurant Managers: The Effects on Frontline Employees' Job Attitudes and Turnover Intentions, Diego Bufquin, Robin B. DiPietro, Marissa Orlowski, and Charles G. Partlow

Differences in Social Evaluations and Their Effects on Employee Job Attitudes and Turnover Intentions in a Restaurant Setting, Diego Bufquin, Robin B. DiPietro, Charles G. Partlow, and Scott J. Smith

Barriers to Environmental Technology Adoption in Hotels, Eric S. W. Chan, Fevzi Okumus, and Wilco Chan

Hosting Friends and Family as a Sojourner in a Tourism Destination, Suh-hee Choi and Xiaoxiao Fu

Asymmetric Business Cycle Effects and Tourism Demand Cycles, Robertico Croes, Jorge Ridderstaat, and Manuel Rivera

Connecting Quality of Life, Tourism Specialization, and Economic Growth in Small Island Destinations: The Case of Malta, Robertico Croes, Jorge Ridderstaat, and Mathilda van Niekerk

Tourism and Poverty Alleviation: A Reply to Sharpley, Robertico Croes and Manuel Rivera

Effective Management Strategies: Millennial Leaders Managing a Multigenerational Workplace, Brendan W. Davis, Mathilda van Niekerk, and Fevzi Okumus

Vacation Co-Creation: The Case of Chinese Family Travelers, Xiaoxiao Fu and Xinran Lehto

Celebration of Heritage: Linkages Between Historical Re-enactment Festival Attributes and Attendees' Value Perception, Xiaoxiao Fu, Wenqian Zhang, Xinran Y. Lehto, and Li Miao

Examining Family Cohesion's Influence on Resort Vacation Satisfaction, Amy Gregory and Xiaoxiao Fu

Sense of Belonging to a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Event: The Examination of Affective Bond and Collective Self-esteem, Jeeyeon (Jeannie) Hahm, Heejung Ro, and Eric D. Olson

Importance of Destination Marketing on Image and Familiarity, Jeeyeon (Jeannie) Hahm and Kimberly Severt

Investigating the Interplay Among the Olympic Games Image, Destination Image, and Country Image for Four Past Hosts, Jeeyeon (Jeannie) Hahm, Asli Tasci, and Deborah Breiter Terry

A New Age of Acquisitions in Hospitality & Tourism: The Bidding War to Acquire Starwood, Nan Hua, Cynthia Mejia, and Wei Wei

Residents' Attitude Towards Domestic Tourists Explained by Contact, Emotional Solidarity and Social Distance, Dongoh Joo, Asli Tasci, Kyle M. Woosnam, Naho U. Maruama, Chadley R. Hollas, and Kayode D. Aleshinloye

Customer Experience Management in Hospitality: A Literature Synthesis, New Understanding, and Research Agenda, Jay Kandampully, Tingting (Christina) Zhang, and Elina Jaakkola

Diagnostic Assessments of Service Quality in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC): An Exploratory Study, Ji-Eun Lee and Denver Severt

Can Subjective Sleep Problems Detect Latent Sleep Disorders Among Commercial Drivers?, Michael K. Lemke, Yorghos Apostolopoulos, Adam Hege, Sharon Newman, and Sevil Sonmez

Bringing the Ivory Tower into Students' Homes: Promoting Accessibility in Online Courses, Marisa Macy, Robert Macy, and Melanie Shaw

The Impact of Brand Authenticity on Building Brand Love: An Investigation of Impression in Memory and Lifestyle-Congruence, Aikaterini Manthiou, Juhee Kang, Sunghyup (Sean) Hyun, and Xiaoxiao Fu

Exploring the Role of Next-Generation Virtual Technologies in Destination Marketing, Alessandra Marasco, Piera Buonincontri, Mathilda van Niekerk, Marissa Orlowski, and Fevzi Okumus

The Promise of the 2016 USA-China Tourism Year: Strategies to Boost Tourism Exchange, Cynthia Mejia, Nan Hua, Wei Wei, Xiaoxiao Fu, and Youcheng Wang

Implementation and Normalization Process of Asynchronous Video Interviewing Practices in the Hospitality Industry, Cynthia Mejia and Edwin Torres

The Impact of Personal and Professional Guanxi Relationships on Leader-Member Exchange in the Chinese Hotel Industry, Cynthia Mejia, Youcheng Wang, and Xinyuan (Roy) Zhao

Hospitality and Tourism Experts' Perspectives on Chinese Independent Tourists' U.S. Service Expectations Through a Mobilities Lens, Cynthia Mejia, Wei Wei, Xiaoxiao Fu, Nan Hua, and Youcheng Wang

Sustainability Practices of Family Firms: The Interplay between Family Ownership and Long-Term Orientation, Esra Memili, Hanqing (Chevy) Fang, Burcu Koc, Ozlem Yildirim-Oktem, and Sevil Sonmez

Exploring the Experiential and Sociodemographic Drivers of Satisfaction and Loyalty in the Theme Park Context, Ady Milman and Asli Tasci

Exploring Visitor Experience at a Mountain Attraction: The Nordkette Mountain in Tirol, Austria, Ady Milman and Anita Zehrer

A Review of High Performance Work Practices (HPWPs) Literature and Recommendations for Future Research in the Hospitality Industry, Kevin Stephen Murphy, Edwin Torres, William M. Ingram, and Joe Hutchinson

Online Focus Groups: A Valuable Alternative for Hospitality Research?, Brendan Richard, Stephen Sivo, Marissa Orlowski, Robert Ford, Jamie Murphy, and David Boote

Compelling Brand Storytelling for Luxury Hotels, Kyungin Ryu, Xinran Y. Lehto, Susan E. Gordon, and Xiaoxiao Fu

Data Mining in Tourism Data Analysis: Inbound Visitors to Japan, Valeriya Shapoval, Morgan C. Wang, Tadayuki Hara, and Hideo Shioya

Trends and Opportunities in Lodging Research, Scott Smith, Marketa Kubickova, Diego Bufquin, and Jeffrey Weinland

Consumer-Based Brand Equity of a Destination for Sport Tourists Versus Non-Sport Tourists, Asli Tasci, Jeeyeon (Jeannie) Hahm, and Deborah Breiter Terry

Online-to-Offline Interactions and Online Community Life Cycles: A Longitudinal Study of Shared Leisure Activities, Edwin Torres

Hiring Manager’s Evaluations of Asynchronous Video Interviews: The Role of Candidate Competencies, Aesthetics, and Resume Placement, Edwin Torres and Amy Gregory

Customer-led Experience Customization: A Socio-spatial Approach, Edwin Torres, Peter Lugosi, Marissa Orlowski, and Giulio Ronzoni


Delighted or Outraged? Uncovering Key Drivers of Exceedingly Positive and Negative Theme Park Guest Experience, Edwin Torres, Ady Milman, and Soona Park

The Evolution of the Customer Delight Construct: Prior Research, Current Measurement, and Directions for Future Research, Edwin N. Torres and Giulio Ronzoni

The Evolution of the Customer Delight Construct: Prior Research, Current Measurement, and Directions for Future Research, Edwin Torres and Giulio Ronzoni

Customer Emotions Minute by Minute: How Guests Experience Different Emotions Within the Same Service Environment, Edwin Torres, Wei Wei, Nan Hua, and Po-Ju Chen

Social Determinants of Place Attachment at a World Heritage Site, Kyle M. Woosnam, Kayode D. Aleshinloye, Manuel Alector Ribeiro, Dimitrios Stylidis, Jingxian Jiang, and Emrullah Erul

Applying Self-Perception Theory to Explain Residents' Attitudes about Tourism Development Through Travel Histories, Kyle M. Woosnam, Jason Draper, Jingxian (Kelly) Jiang, Kayode D. Aleshinloye, and Emrullah Erul