The RTD (retrospective thesis or dissertation) collection contains electronic versions of theses and dissertations previously published only in print. UCF Library's RTD project includes all theses or dissertations published at UCF since the first thesis was published in 1972 through mid-2004, after which theses and dissertations were automatically digitized.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2004

Modeling a garment manufacturer's cash flow using object-oriented simulation, Haluk Mustafa Akin

Extended cavity Kerr lens modelocked Ti:Sapphire laser cavity dumped with an acousto-optic Bragg cell, Felicie Albert

Unified damage softening model for ductile fracture, Mubarak Al Grafi

Technique for osteoporosis detection and stress relief in femur, Mutlaq Almutairi

Roadmap for the supply chain operations reference model (SCOR) to apply it to service organizations, Karla Alvarado

Design of a dual frequency tunable patch antenna, Anand Arumugam

Constructivist teachers enable peer learning in the gifted science classroom, Joanne H. Babyak

Impact of the student experience on alumni involvement, Jill C. Baker

Curriculum, instruction, assessment, alignment via inquiry-based science, James Anthony Barbella

An investigation of faculty teaching behaviors that may influence students' decisions to engage in acts of academic dishonesty in higher education, Christine Horner Biernacki

Iran and the United States : the ripple effect, Shawlene Blake

Job satisfaction of Florida's middle school assistant principals as a factor for preserving an administrative workforce, Harold R. Border

A study of the effectiveness of summer activities on reading comprehension scores for third, fourth, and fifth grade students, Shari Winston Boswell

Ovulation in the cape ground squirrel (Xerus inauris), Lynette M. Bouchie

The effects of spatial ability on performance with ecological interfaces : mental models and knowledge-based behaviors, Shane A.M. Bowen

Identification of phonemes and graphemes in spanish-english and english speaking kindergarten students, Roanne G. Brice

Posthumanity's manifest destiny : NASA, its contradictory image and promises, and popular culture, Melanie Ann Rosen Brown

Spray cooling with R134a, Bradley Gene Carman

Incorporating cooperative learning in Taiwan English as a foreign language (EFL) classrooms, Ya Chen Chien

Rodent population dynamics and habitat use in an abandoned agricultural field, Keith Bryan Clanton

Rehabilitation of existing distressed pavements and development of pavement management strategies for the city of Oviedo, Will B. Cornelius

The effects of a reduced cycle duration in enhanced biological phosphorus removal sequencing batch reactors, Rodrigo Melchor Cruz Lasso de la Vega

An oral history of rural schools in Pike county Indiana, Gail D. Davis

Adaptive blocking schemes for two-dimensional diffusion problems, John Devereaux

Storm tide simulations for hurricane Hugo (1989) : on the significance of including inland flooding areas, Daniel Dietsche


Energy Aware Design and Analysis for Synchronous and Asynchronous Circuits, Jia Di

Effects of hands-on instruction on fifth grade students' attitudes and academic performance in science, Gloria S. Doerr

For richer or for poorer : the impact of state level legislation on marriage, divorce and other outcomes, Amy Melissa Donley

A study of Orange County public schools' adolescent obesity risk factor assessment and intervention program, Jacque D. Dunegan

A study of the work environment of speech language pathologists in the critical shortage area of Central Florida*s public school setting, Debra L. Edgar

A study of ion implanted and diffused calcium in film and bulk silica, Kitty Elshot

Does the mathematics anxiety level of K-3 elementary teachers relate to the mathematics achievement of their students?, Cassandra Zehntner Etgeton

Correlation between infiltration rates and hydraulic conductivity rates for sandy soils in Central Florida, William L. Fox

The effects of various catalysts on the hydrogen release and uptake characteristics of LiA1H4 and NaA1H4, Mirna Franjic


Plasma levels of vitamins A and E in marine turtles (Chelonia mydas and Caretta caretta), Karen Patricia Frutchey

Optical simulation of reflective liquid crystal displays with asymmetric incident and exit angels, Zhibing Ge

Profiles of achievement : success and retention among online and campus-based community college remedial students, Linda R. Giar

Recognition of code-mixed words by bilinguals and monolinguals : an extended investigation of proficiency levels, Amy M. Gladwell

Regional realignment? Sub-national trends in partisan identification in the United States, Delia Nichole Goolsby

Combining instruction in music and phonological awareness for first grade children, Angela L. Greenwood

The relationship between leadership functions of Florida high school principals and adolescent literacy as measured by FCAT reading scores over a 3-year period, Lenore A. Guastella

Analysis of fading characteristics of a free space optical channel, Roger Douglas Halbing


The effect of using a read aloud nonfiction picture book to strengthen fifth grade students' comprehension of science content, Jana Robertson Hammond

Stonewalling hatred in the hallways : a review of anti-homophobia classroom management, Matthew Craig Henry

Effects of creating meaning in mathematics through real-world activities on fourth grade students' mathematical performance, Janice S. Hess

The impact of learning styles and high school learning environments on students' decisions regarding higher education, Jennifer Lynne Hill

The effects of mathematics and science integration with low achieving fifth grade students, Melondy Giovanni Hillsman

Exploring the perceptions of Florida police executives : understanding accreditation, Steven M. Hougland

The narrator : portraying a transitional character, Fredreka Renee Irvine

Real time health monitoring and control system methodology for flexible space structures, Sanjay Jayaram

Moderating thought : need for cognition versus relevance, Susan J. Kaplan

Treatment of secondary municipal wastewater by submerged hollow fiber microfiltration membrane for water reuse : pilot-scale evaluation, Eung D. Kim

Design considerations including six degree-of-freedom modeling of the inductrack maglev carriage, Robert J. Kluka

The probability density function (PDF) for the combined impact of motion-induced pointing jitter and laser beam scintillation, Souleymane Konate

Impact of conjugate boundary conditions on convective heat transfer coefficient as applied to a simulated turbine blade tip, Vaibhav L. Lakare

Florida's civil war home front and the defic[i]ency confederate nationalism, David J. Latona

A performance study and analysis of the role of "Lucky" in Waiting for Godot, Scott Leake

The use and effectiveness of reflective journal writing in mathematics, Tracey L. Lindsey


Optical wave propagation through non-Kolmogorov atmospheric turbulence, Paul Anthony Liptack

An in situ neutron diffraction study of shape-memory NiTi during tensile and compressive loading, Adrian L. Little

Religious freedom in public education : the relationship between high school educators' First Amendment knowledge and their opinions about religion in public schools, Amber M. Luke

A comparative study of the nesting ecology of the leatherback turtle Dermochelys coriacea in Florida and Trinidad, Ann Marie Maharaj


Topology and Control Investigation for Low-voltage High-current Isolated DC-DC Converters, Hong Mao

The effects of technology on student achievement and attitude in a sixth grade science classroom, Kristine Marie Marzullo

Measurement and testing of IGBTs under high heat flux, Robert G. Mertens

Reducing the cognitive load presented by definition presentation in electronic learning environments through the use of hypermedia rollovers, John T. Morrison

The role of the stubble protease in RhoA signaling during Drosophila imaginal disc morphogenesis, Xiaochun Mou

Lost identity and silent voices : the academic struggles of at-risk Puerto Rican students in central Florida, Lydia E. Navarro

International technical communication in the business and online sector : an analysis of a Caribbean culture, Rhonda Nelson

The effect of practice on visual change detection in computer displays, John L. Neumann

Emergency department utilization by insured users : a study of motivation factors, Reid M. Oetjen

An investigation of the impact of high and low counseling skills on client outcome, Verna Bettina Oliva

En torno a la figura del judio en la literatura española de los siglox XII y XIII, Maria Rosario Paniagua Tejo

Transitional changes in common pipe and plumbing material with changes in water quality, Mitul Chandrakant Patel

Implementation of co-teaching model practices and their impact on outcomes for students with learning disabilities in middle school mathematics classrooms, Cynthia E. Pearl

Permit pricing in fisheries with transferable effort controls, Victoria Plamadeala

Sea turtle nutrient inputs to dune vegetation : a stable isotope analysis, Laura Beth Plog

The experiences of people with disabilities gaining access to employment, Tracy Rackensperger

Two phase heat transfer in a sprial evaporative heat exchanger, Jose M. Recio

The relationship between high school size and indicators of student performance, Mark J. Rendell

Distance education : the introduction to college chemistry course, Lisa A. Rice

GPU-based interactive radiosity and ray tracing, Francisco Omar Rivas

The relationship between high school principals as instructional leaders and students' academic achievement, Olivine F. Roberts

Mitigation of network tampering using dynamic dispatch of mobile agents, Adam Jay Rocke

Effectiveness of colored pan traps in assessing apiformes diversity in two sandhill plant communities in central Florida, Phillip Joseph Russell

An evaluation of signal timings in work zones, Ernest Edmund Sackey

Multimodal computing : maximizing working memory processing, Shatha N. Samman

Identifying strategies college students perceive to be most effective in a comprehensive smoking cessation program at the University of Central Florida, Owens Mary Schmidt

An application of principal component analysis, Junichi Shishido

Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting: A Study of Psychological Symptoms, Child Characteristics, and Family Support, Karin P. Sieger

Evaluation of a teacher created, team implemented, standards-based, interdisciplinary curriculum plan, Stephanie C. Soliven

The effects of problems and problem-solving tasks on students' communication in and attitudes toward mathematics, Paramdai Somwaru

Experimental collection of laser beam irradiance data at Kennedy Space Center to support fade statistics based on the gamma-gamma distribution, John Stalder

A three-dimensional model of fluid flow, thermal transport, and hydrogeochemical transport through variably saturated conditions, Jiangtao Sun

Fifth of July : a character perspective, Christopher G. Taylor

A phenomenological study of the school-family partnership training program, Jamia M. Thomas Richmond

Science-based inquiry via an after school robotics program, Jeffery Douglas Townsend

Evapotranspiration analysis of various vegetative community types in Central Florida, Elizabeth Mae Turner

Clinical performance of physical therapy students in problem-based, mixed-model, and traditional curricula, Arie J. van Duijin

Design of low voltage, high speed, medium resolution CMOS comparator in 0.18 um technology, Rajeev Verma