Submissions from 2021


Setting the Stage: Metadata & KOS Considerations, Sai Deng


Spark a Conversation on Metadata Inclusiveness, Sai Deng


Supporting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Library, Sai Deng


Opening CALASYS to All Members, Sai Deng, Weiling Liu, Suzhen Chen, Mingyan Li, and Meng Qu


Linked Open Data, Wikidata-China, RDA and BIBFRAME: Status Report and Case Study, Sai Deng, Amanda Xu, and Lihong Zhu


Show Me the Data: Student Usage and Perceptions of OER, Aimee deNoyelles and John Raible

Who Makes Acquisitions? An Empirical Investigation of Restaurant Firm, Tarik Dogru, Ozgur Ozdemir, Murat Kizildag, and Aysa Ipek Erdogan


Collaborating for Change: Devoting Time for Diversity Discussions for Your Library Staff, Lily Dubach and Sandy Avila


Library-Sourced eTextbook Focus Group Questions, Lily Dubach, Penny Beile, Sara Duff, Rich Gause, and Amanda Walden


Library-Sourced eTextbook Survey Questions, Lily Dubach, Penny Beile, Sara Duff, Rich Gause, and Amanda Walden


Free Textbooks Without the Fuss: Implementing Library-Sourced eBooks, Lily Dubach, Sara Duff, Sandy Avila, Sarah Norris, and Penny Beile


Pivoting to Deeper Experiences in Higher Education Classrooms, Danielle M. Eadens and Daniel W. Eadens


Balancing accessibility and aesthetics in redesigning an asynchronous Information Literacy course, Rachel L. Edford


Tips for teaching in an active learning classroom (ALC), Rachel L. Edford

Human Resources Management as a Factor Determining the Organizational Effectiveness of DMOs: A Case Study of RTOs in Poland, Wojciech Fedyk, Mariusz Sołtysik, Piotr Oleśniewicz, Jacek Borzyszkowski, and Jeffrey Weinland

Healthy Food Exposition Attendees’ Purchasing Strategies: A Mental Budgeting Perspective, Xiaoxiao Fu, Bingna Lin, and Yao-Chin Wang

Memorable Boat Show Experiences: Examining the Mechanisms of Value and Mianzi from the Perspective of High-end Chinese Attendees, Xiaoxiao Fu, Bingna Lin, Yao-Chin Wang, and Yanyan Sun

The Effect of Perceived Error Stability, Brand Perception, and Relationship Norms on Consumer Reaction to Data Breaches, Yixing (Lisa) Gao, Lu Zhang, and Wei Wei


Antecedents and Outcomes of Health Risk Perceptions in Tourism, Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, Maksim Godovykh, Abraham Pizam, and Frida Bahja


COVID-19 and Tourism: Analyzing the Effects of COVID-19 Statistics and Media Coverage on Attitudes toward Tourism, Maksim Godovykh, Jorge Ridderstaat, Carissa Baker, and Alan Fyall


The Influence of Post-visit Emotions on Destination Loyalty, Maksim Godovykh and Asli D. A. Tasci

UGC Involvement, Motivation and Personality: Comparison between China and Spain, M. Rosario Gonzalez-Rodriguez, M. Carmen Diaz-Fernandez, Anil Bilghan, Fangfang Shi, and Fevzi Okumus

Exploring the Links Among Corporate Social Responsibility, Reputation, and Performance From a Multi-Dimensional Perspective, M. Rosario González-Rodríguez, M. Carmen Díaz-Fernández, Fangfang Shi, and Fevzi Okumus


When One Library Door Closes, Another Virtual One Opens: A Team Response to the Remote Library, Terri Gotschall, Shalu Gillum, Pamela Herring, Carly Lambert, Raney Collins, and Nadine Dexter

The Role of Occupational Therapy in Accessible Tourism, Marcus Hansen, Alan Fyall, Rhiannon Macpherson, and Joanne Horley

The Speed of Change and Performance Risk: Examining the Impacts of IT Spending in the US Hotel Industry, Nan Hua, Tingting Zhang, Melissa F. Jahromi, and Agnes DeFranco

Exploring Skill-based Career Transitions for Entry-level Hospitality and Tourism Workers, Arthur Huang and Mark Baker

A Network Analysis of Cross-Occupational Skill Transferability for the Hospitality Industry, Arthur Huang, Tyler Fisher, Huiling Ding, and Zhishan Guo

How Do Hurricanes Impact the Tourism Economy?, Arthur Huang and Marcos Medeiros

COVID-19 and the Future of Work in the Hospitality Industry, Arthur Huang, Efren De la Mora Velasco, Jessica Marsh, and Hannah Workman

COVID-19, Mental Health Problems, and Their Detrimental Effects on Hotel Employees’ Propensity to be Late for Work, Absenteeism, and Life Satisfaction, Osman M. Karatepe, Mehmet Bahri Saydam, and Fevzi Okumus

Workplace Romance Across Different Industries With a Focus on Hospitality and Leisure, Jalayer Khalilzadeh and Abraham Pizam

Competitor Intelligence and Analysis (CIA) Model and Online Reviews: Integrating Big Data Text Mining with Network Analysis for Strategic Analysis, Mehmet Ali Köseoglu, Fuad Mehraliyev, Mehmet Atlin, and Fevzi Okumus

Coopetition Strategies for Competitive Intelligence Practices-Evidence from Full-Service Hotels, Mehmet Ali Köseoglu, Melissa Yan Yee Yick, and Fevzi Okumus

Using Social Learning Theory in Examining YouTube Viewers’ Desire to Imitate Travel Vloggers, Linh He Le and Murat Hancer

Crowding-out or Crowding-in: The Impact of Chinese Tourists on Selected Tourist Segments in Vietnam Destinations, Linh H. Le and Jorge Ridderstaat

Developing an Overarching Framework on Theme Park Research: A Critical Review Method, Bin Li, Tingting Zhang, Nan Hua, and Melissa Farboudi Jahromi

A Dynamic Model of Crisis Management from a Stakeholder Perspective: The Case of COVID-19 in China, Bin Li, Tingting Zhang, Nan Hua, and Youcheng Wang

Transcending the COVID-19 Crisis: Business Resilience and Innovation of the Restaurant Industry in China, Bin LI, YunYing (Susan) Zhong, Tingting Zhang, and Nan Hua

Leveraging "Human-likeness" of Robotic Service at Restaurants, Lu Lu, Pei Zhang, and Tingting Zhang

Exploring Antecedents of Social Loafing in Students' Group Work: A Mixed-methods Approach, Zhenpeng Luo, Einar Marnburg, Torvald Øgaard, and Fevzi Okumus

The State of Qualitative Research in Hospitality: A 5-Year Review 2014 to 2019, Sean McGinley, Wei Wei, and Yanyan Zheng

Stigma and Dirty Work: In-group and Out-group Perceptions of Essential Service Workers During COVID-19, Cynthia Mejia, Rebecca PIttman, Jenna Beltramo, Kristin Horan, Amanda Grinley, and Mindy Shoss

Proximal and Distal Post-COVID Travel Behavior, Li Miao, Jinyoung Im, Xiaoxiao Fu, Haemi Kim, and Yi Estella Zhang


Diversity of Raciolinguistic Experiences in the Writing Classroom: An Argument for a Transnational Black Language Pedagogy, Esther Milu


Using Peer Observation to Branch into STEM Curricula Through Patent Education, Rebecca "Missy" Murphey, Rachel Edford, Sandy Avila, and Buenaventura (Ven) Basco


Copyright in a Post-COVID World: How Remote Teaching Has Informed Copyright and Licensing Support, Sarah A. Norris


Adapting to Faculty & Student Needs for Data and Support for Social Justice and Other Projects, Sarah A. Norris, Corinne Bishop, Sandy Avila, Buenaventura (Ven) Basco, and Lee Dotson

A Meta-analysis of Evolution of Gastronomy and Culinary Education Research Published in Top-tier Culinary, Hospitality, and Tourism Journals, Bendegul Okumus

Intellectual Connections in Food Tourism Literature: A Co‐citation Approach, Bendegul Okumus, Fuad Mehraliyev, Forest Ma, and Mehmet Ali Köseoglu

The Influence of Social Perceptions on Restaurant Employee Work Engagement and Extra-Role Customer Service Behavior: A Moderated Mediation Model, Marissa Orlowski, Diego Bufquin, and Michael E. Nalley

Alcohol Consumption Among Working Students: The Moderating Effects of Workplace Policies and College Major, Marissa Orlowski, Galia Fuchs, and Abraham Pizam

Transition to Online Culinary and Beverage Labs: Determining Student Engagement and Satisfaction During COVID-19, Marissa Orlowski, Cynthia Mejia, Robin M. Back, and Jason Fridrich

The Effect of Servant Leadership on Hotel Employees' Behavioral Consequences: Work Engagement Versus Job Satisfaction, Anastasia Ozturk, Osman M. Karatepe, and Fevzi Okumus

Destination Gender: Scale Development and Cross-cultural Validation, Li Pan, Lu Lu, and Tingting Zhang

An Examination of Restaurant Employees' Work-life Outlook: The Influence of Support Systems During COVID-19, Jeong-Yeol Park, S. Kyle Hight, Diego Bufquin, and Jessica Vieira de Souza Meira

A Journey Into The World of Hospitality and Tourism, Abraham Pizam

Marketing China to U.S. Travelers Through Electronic Word-of-Mouth and Destination Image: Taking Beijing as an Example, Li Ran, Luo Zhenpeng, Anil Bilgihan, and Fevzi Okumus

Qualitative Research via Focus Groups: Will Going Online Affect the Diversity of Your Findings?, Brendan Richard, Stephen A. Sivo, Marissa Orlowski, Robert C. Ford, Jamie Murphy, David N. Boote, and Eleanor L. Witta

Households' Net Financial Wealth as a Determinant of Tourism Demand Cycles: Evidence from US Travel to Selected Caribbean Destinations, Jorge Ridderstaat

COVID-19 and Small Lodging Establishments: A Break-even Calibration Analysis (CBA) Model, Manuel Rivera, Murat Kizildag, and Robertico Croes

The Relationship Between Career Adaptability, Hope, Resilience, and Life Satisfaction for Hospitality Students in Times of COVID-19, Manuel Rivera, Valeriya Shapoval, and Marcos de Medeiros

Employee-fit and Turnover Intentions: The Role of Job Engagement and Psychological Contract Violation in the Hospitality Industry, Sharjeel Saleem, Muhammad Imran Rasheed, Mehwish Malik, and Fevzi Okumus

Health Tourism in a Developed Country with a Dominant Tourism Market: The Case of the United States' Travellers to Canada, Saba Salehi-Esfani, Jorge Ridderstaat, and Ahmet Ozturk

The COVID-19 Pandemic Effects on the Hospitality Industry Using Social Systems Theory: A Multi-country Comparison, Valeriya Shapoval, Peder Hagglund, Abraham Pizam, Villy Abraham, Mats Carlback, Tobias Nygren, and Riana Madison Smith

The Quality of Gardens Tourism and the Visitor Experience: Differentiating Between First Time and Repeat Visitors, Valeriya Shapoval, Manuel Rivera, and Robertico Croes

COVID-19: Implications for Nature and Tourism, Mark Spalding, Lauretta Burke, and Alan Fyall

Food Waste Reduction and Taking Away Leftovers: Interplay of Food-ordering Routine, Planning Routine, and Motives, Shalini Talwar, Puneet Kaur, Bendegul Okumus, Umair Ahmed, and Amandeep Dhir

A Critical Review and Reconstruction of Perceptual Brand Equity, Asli Tasci

Social Representations of Space Travel: Modeling the Antecedents and Outcomes, Asli D.A. Tasci, Alan Fyall, and Xiaoxiao Fu


An Empirical Modeling of Transformation Process Through Trip Experiences, Asli D.A. Tasci and Maksim Godovykh

Negative Affectivity and People's Return Intentions to Hospitality and Tourism Activities: The Early Stages of COVID-19, Edwin Torres, Jorge Ridderstaat, and Wei Wei

No Vacation Needed: An Exploration on Why American Hospitality Workers Won’t Use Up Their Bacation Days, Edwin Torres, Elizabeth A. Yost, and Giulio Ronzoni

The Impact of Wearable Devices on Employee Wellness Programs: A Study of Hotel Industry Workers, Edwin Torres and Tingting (Christina) Zhang

"What if My Experience Was Not What I Expected?": Examining Expectation-Experience (Dis)Confirmation Effects in China's Rural Destinations, Chaohui Wang, Juan Liu, and Tingting Zhang

Can "Bad" Stressors Spark "Good" Behaviors in Frontline Employees? Incorporating Motivation and Emotion, Jiaxin (Syliva) Want, Xiaoxiao Fu, and Youcheng Wang

A Personal Learning Environment (PLE) Approach to Mobile Teaching and Learning on a Short-term Study Abroad, Wei Wei, Cynthia Mejia, and Ruoxi Qi

Emotional Solidarity and Destination Loyalty Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparison of Two Scales, Kyle Maurice Woosnam, Dongoh Joo, Kayode D. Aleshinloye, and Tara J. Denley

Facial Recognition Check-in Services at Hotels, Feng Zeng Xu, Yun Zhang, Tingting Zhang, and Jing Wang

Creating Memorable Experience in Rural Tourism: A Comparison between Domestic and Outbound Tourists, Shun Ye and Wei Wei

“I have to watch my back”: Exploring Chinese hotel Guests' Generalized Distrust and Coping Behavior, Tianyu Ying, Xiaoyuan Tan, Wei Wei, Yanyan Zheng, Shun Ye, and Moaying Wu

Customers' Risk Perception and Dine-out Motivation During a Pandemic: Insight for the Restaurant Industry, Elizabeth Yost and Yusi Cheng

Financial Recovery Strategies for Restaurants During COVID-19: Evidence From the US Restaurant Industry, Elizabeth Yost, Murat Kizildag, and Jorge Ridderstaat

The Power of Engagement: Understanding Active Social Media Engagement and the Impact on Sales in the Hospitality Industry, Elizabeth Yost, Tingting (Christina) Zhang, and Ruoxi Qi

When Positive Reviews Backfire: The Effect of Review Dispersion and Expectation Disconfirmation on Airbnb Guests' Experiences, Lu Zhang, Wei Wei, Nathaniel D. Line, and Yusi Cheng

Social Distancing: The Effect of Density and Power on Restaurant Consumers, Lu Zhang, Wei Wei, Nathaniel D. Line, and Sean McGinley

Integrating the Tourist Gaze with the Social Servicescape: Implications for Creating Memorable Theme Park Experiences, Yanyan Zhang, Wei Wei, Nathaniel Line, and Lu Zh

Hospitality and Tourism Student Engagement and Hope During the COVID-19 Pandemic, YunYing (Susan) Zhong, James Busser, Valeriya Shapoval, and Kevin Stephen Murphy

Understanding Online Travel Communities: A Literature Review and Future Research Directions in Hospitality and Tourism, Yuan Zhou, Woo Gon Kim, Bendegul Okumus, and Cihan Cobanoglu

Submissions from 2020


Public Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Invasive Forest Pest Prevention Programs in Urban Areas, Damian C. Adams, Jose R. Soto, John Lai, Francisco J. Escobedo, Sergio Alvarez, and Abu S.M.G. Kibria


5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go... Zoom!, Sandy Avila


Data Visualization: The What, Why, & How, Sandy Avila


Data Visualization & Why it is Important to Get it Right: Tools You Can Use, Sandy Avila


Mindfulness Meditation: Alternative Practice Techniques, Sandy Avila


Mindfulness Meditation: Benefits to Meditation & Basic Practice Techniques, Sandy Avila


Mindfulness Meditation: Introduction to Meditation, Sandy Avila


Navigating the New Normal at the UCF Libraries: A Spotlight on our Reopening Process, Sandy Avila


Top Apps to Explore During COVID-19 Quarantine, Sandy Avila


Staying Calm & Carrying On: How the UCF Libraries’ STEM Librarians Extended their Reach Through Remote Access, Sandy Avila and Buenaventura Basco


Seek and Find: Tips on Exploring STEM Journal Evaluation & Metrics, Sandy Avila and Sarah A. Norris