Submissions from 2018


Copyright Considerations for Digital Storytelling, Sarah A. Norris


Copyright Considerations for HIS 6165: Tools for the Digital Historian, Sarah A. Norris


Get in the Game: Tips and Strategies for Navigating Open Access Publishing, Sarah A. Norris


High Quality Courses: Copyright Overview, Sarah A. Norris


Hijacked Journals: How Open Access Journals Fall Into The Predatory Publishing Trap, Sarah A. Norris, Buenaventura "Ven" Basco, and Sandy Avila


Hijacked Journals and Conferences: Predatory Practices in Academia, Sarah A. Norris and Andrew Todd


Customer Panel Session, Stephanie Race, Athena Hoeppner, and Mary Hricko


Developing a Distance Learning Closed Captioning Solution on your Campus, John Raible and Jordan Cameron

Online Focus Groups: A Valuable Alternative for Hospitality Research?, Brendan Richard, Stephen Sivo, Marissa Orlowski, Robert Ford, Jamie Murphy, and David Boote

Compelling Brand Storytelling for Luxury Hotels, Kyungin Ryu, Xinran Y. Lehto, Susan E. Gordon, and Xiaoxiao Fu

Data Mining in Tourism Data Analysis: Inbound Visitors to Japan, Valeriya Shapoval, Morgan C. Wang, Tadayuki Hara, and Hideo Shioya

Trends and Opportunities in Lodging Research, Scott Smith, Marketa Kubickova, Diego Bufquin, and Jeffrey Weinland

Consumer-Based Brand Equity of a Destination for Sport Tourists Versus Non-Sport Tourists, Asli Tasci, Jeeyeon (Jeannie) Hahm, and Deborah Breiter Terry

Online-to-Offline Interactions and Online Community Life Cycles: A Longitudinal Study of Shared Leisure Activities, Edwin Torres

Hiring Manager’s Evaluations of Asynchronous Video Interviews: The Role of Candidate Competencies, Aesthetics, and Resume Placement, Edwin Torres and Amy Gregory

Customer-led Experience Customization: A Socio-spatial Approach, Edwin Torres, Peter Lugosi, Marissa Orlowski, and Giulio Ronzoni


Delighted or Outraged? Uncovering Key Drivers of Exceedingly Positive and Negative Theme Park Guest Experience, Edwin Torres, Ady Milman, and Soona Park

The Evolution of the Customer Delight Construct: Prior Research, Current Measurement, and Directions for Future Research, Edwin N. Torres and Giulio Ronzoni

The Evolution of the Customer Delight Construct: Prior Research, Current Measurement, and Directions for Future Research, Edwin Torres and Giulio Ronzoni

Customer Emotions Minute by Minute: How Guests Experience Different Emotions Within the Same Service Environment, Edwin Torres, Wei Wei, Nan Hua, and Po-Ju Chen


Click, Clack, Moo Marxism: Recognizing Theoretical Frameworks, Lana Williams

Social Determinants of Place Attachment at a World Heritage Site, Kyle M. Woosnam, Kayode D. Aleshinloye, Manuel Alector Ribeiro, Dimitrios Stylidis, Jingxian Jiang, and Emrullah Erul

Applying Self-Perception Theory to Explain Residents' Attitudes about Tourism Development Through Travel Histories, Kyle M. Woosnam, Jason Draper, Jingxian (Kelly) Jiang, Kayode D. Aleshinloye, and Emrullah Erul


Throwing the Doors Wide Open: The Library’s Role in Fostering Accessibility, Christina Wray


Framing up Digital Literacy: Reviewing and Reframing Information Literacy Modules, Christina C. Wray and Rachel Mulvihill

Constructing a Model of Exhibition Attachment: Motivation, Attachment, and Loyalty, Xiaoli Yi, Xiaoxiao Fu, Wenmin Jin, and Fevzi Okumus

Authenticity and Loyalty at Heritage Sites: The Moderation Effect of Postmodern Authenticity, Xiaoli Yi, Xiaoxiao Fu, Larry Yu, and Liao Jiang

From an Event to Tourist Attraction: A Typological Study of New Year Celebrations, Hamira Zamani-Farahani, Mathilda van Niekerk, and Elaine F. Mathis

Submissions from 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility: The Effect of Green Practices in a Service Recovery, Heidi Albus and Heejung Ro

Institutional Economics and Firm Creation in the Hospitality and Tourism Industries: A Comparative Analysis of Developing and Developed Economies, Mehmet Altin, Esra Memili, and Sevil Sonmez

Strategic Event Planning for the Florida Music Festival (FMF), USA, Leigh Andrzejewski, Mathilda van Niekerk, and Fevzi Okumus

Perceptions of Hospitality Faculty and Students on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Katerina Annaraud and Dipendra Singh


Citation Metrics and You: Tools for Measuring Research Impact, Sandy Avila and Buenaventura (Ven) Basco


The Challenges to Learning in a Digital Age: Exploring Issues of Access and Equity, Sandy Avila and Sarah A. Norris


The Wife's Lament, Christian Beck


Poking the bear: Promoting textbook affordability in the face of a restrictive institutional environment, Penny Beile, Aimee deNoyelles, Rich Gause, Sarah A. Norris, and John Raible


Made From Scratch: Baking QA and UX into the SFX to EBSCO Migration, Tina Buck and Athena R. Hoeppner

The Influence of Restaurant Co-workers' Perceived Warmth and Competence on Employees' Turnover Intentions: The Mediating Role of Job Attitudes, Diego Bufquin, Robin B. DiPietro, Marissa Orlowski, and Charles G. Partlow

Effects of Social Perceptions and Organizational Commitment on Restaurant Performance, Diego Bufquin, Robin B. DiPietro, Jeon-Yoel Park, and Charles G. Partlow

Managing the Experience Co-Creation Process in Tourism Destinations: Empirical Findings from Naples, Piera Buonincontri, Alfonso Morvillo, Fevzi Okumus, and Mathilda van Niekerk

Wine Tourist Valuation of Information Sources: The Role of Prior Travel, Erick T. Byrd, Bonnie Canziani, James S. Boles, and Nicholas Carlton Williamson

An Empirical Study of Environmental Practices and Employee Ecological Behavior in the Hotel Industry, Eric S.W. Chan, Alice H.Y. Hon, Fevzi Okumus, and Wilco Chan

Pennywise, Pound Foolish: Balancing Guest Service and Financial Control on Hotel Overcharged Credit Card Dispute, Po-Ju Chen

The Effects of Business Cycles on Tourism Demand Flows in Small Island Destinations, Robertico Croes and Jorge Ridderstaat

Tourism's Potential to Benefit the Poor: A Social Accounting Matrix Model Applied to Ecuador, Robertico Croes and Manuel Rivera

The Importance of Strategic Communication During Change Management at Palm College of Hospitality and Event Management, Caroline Day, Mathilda van Niekerk, and Fevzi Okumus


Diving into the University Knowledge Community: Navigating the Expanded Role of the Metadata Librarian, Sai Deng


Handout for the ALCTS TSMAL Interest Group Meeting, Sai Deng


Overcoming the Challenges of Implementing Standardized Metadata Practices in a Digital Repository, Sai Deng


Improving the CALA's Social Media Experience: The First CALA Social Media Survey, Sai Deng, Melody Leung, Anlin Yang, and Chenwei Zhao


Chinese American Librarians Association: Embracing Diversity and Outreaching to the Global Community, Sai Deng and Ying Zhang


Disrupting the Model: Fostering Cultural Change Through Academic Partnerships, Aimee deNoyelles, John Raible, Penny Beile, and Sarah Norris


Rebellions are Built on Hope: Joining Forces to Support OER in a Restrictive Institutional Environment, Aimee deNoyelles, John Raible, Sarah A. Norris, Rich Gause, and Penny Beile

Feeling Loyal? The Impacts of Affective Customer Experiences on Business, Rouxelle de Villiers and Po-Ju Chen

Achieving Requisite Variety in Customer Experience Research for Improving Marketing Relationship Performances, Rouxelle de Villiers, Po-Ju Chen, Pedro Mir Bernal, Linda Coleman, Tung-Cheng (TC) Huan, and Arch G. Woodside


Size, Functional Heterogeneity, and Teamwork Quality Predict Team Creativity and Innovation, Robert L. Dipboye

Effects of Work Status Congruence and Perceived Management Concern for Employees on Turnover Intentions in a Fast Casual Restaurant Chain, Robin B. DiPietro and Diego Bufquin


Digital Project Lifecycle Curating Across the Curriculum, Lee Dotson

How Internal Branding Process Really Pays Off Through Brand Trust, Ezgi Erkmen, Murat Hancer, and Jerrold K. Leong

Dissecting Chinese Adolescents' Overseas Educational Travel Experiences: Movements, Representations and Practices, Xiaoxiao Fu, Zhouwei (Joy) Huang, Qian Li, and Ksenia Kirillova

Self-Congruity and Flow as Antecedents of Attitude and Loyalty Towards a Theme Park Brand, Xiaoxiao Fu, Juhee Kang, and Asli Tasci

The Antecedents and Outcomes of Food Fafety Motivators for Restaurant Workers: An Expectancy Framework, Kimberly J. Harris, Kevin S. Murphy, Robin B. DiPietro, and Nathaniel D. Line

U.S. Long-Haul Truck Driver Work Organization and the Association with Cardiometabolic Disease Risk, Adam Hege, Michael Kenneth Lemke, Yorghos Apostolopoulos, Mike Perko, Sevil Sonmez, and Robert Strack


Changing Landscape of Discovery: Content, Linking, and User Experience, Athena Hoeppner


Discovery Duo: Examining EDS and Encore Duet Discovery Options., Athena Hoeppner


EBSCO Admin Holdings Management and Full Text Finder Workshop, Athena Hoeppner


ISTL9413 Lecture on Discovery Services, Athena Hoeppner


Last But Not Least: UX of Linking and Content Delivery, Athena Hoeppner


Tomorrow's Technology Today: Imagining Better eResource Access, Athena Hoeppner

Risk-tourism, Risk-taking and Subjective Well-being: A Review and Synthesis, Michelle Holm, Peter Lugosi, Robertico Croes, and Edwin Torres

Communication and hands-on problem resolution: A case study in event management, Michelle R. Holm and Deborah Breiter

Perceived Workplace Mistreatment: Case of Latina Hotel Housekeepers, Yu-Chin (Jerrie) Hsieh, Sevil Sonmez, Yorghos Apostolopoulos, and Michael Kenneth Lemke

Does Paying Higher Franchise Fees Command Higher RevPAR?, Nan Hua, John W. O'Neill, Khaldoon Nusair, Dipendra Singh, and Agnes DeFranco

Systematic Effects of Crime on Hotel Operating Performance, Nan Hua and Yang Yang

What Fosters Favorable Attitudes Toward Using Travel Mobile Applications?, Jinyoung Im and Murat Hancer

Effects of Third-Party Certification on Patrons' Service Quality Evaluation in the Luxury-Restaurant Industry, Jinhyun Jun, Juhee Kang, and Sunghyup (Sean) Hyun

Effects of third-party certification on patrons’ service quality evaluation in the luxury-restaurant industry, Jinhyun Jun, Juhee Kang, and Sunghyup Sean Hyun

An Investigation of Brand Experience on Brand Attachment, Knowledge, and Trust in the Lodging Industry, Juhee Kang, Aikaterini Manthiou, Norzuwana Sumarjan, and Liang (Rebecca) Tang


The Hydraulic Size Of A Dam: A Metric Indicating Potential Hydrologic Impact For Storage And Diversion, Kelly M. Kibler

Flow Alteration Signatures of Diversion Hydropower: An Analysis Of 32 Rivers In Southwestern China, Kelly M. Kibler and Mohammadhossein Alipour

What Do We Know About Social Media and Firms' Financial Outcomes So Far?, Murat Kizildag, Mehmet Altin, Ozgur Ozdemir, and Ilhan Demirer

Darden Restaurants, Inc. Is the turnaround happening?, Murat Kizildag, Fevzi Okumus, and Kevin S. Murphy

Human Agency Shaping Tourism Competitiveness and Quality of Life in Developing Economies, Marketa Kubickova, Robertico Croes, and Manuel Rivera

Burnout in the Hospitality Industry: The Case of a Restaurant Manager, Joseph Lederer, Mathilda van Niekerk, and Fevzi Okumus

The role of hospitality service quality in third places for the elderly: An exploratory study, Ji-Eun Lee and Denver Severt

The Role of Hospitality Service Quality in Third Places for the Elderly: An Exploratory Study, Ji-Eun Lee and Denver Severt

What Do Parents Look For in an Overseas Youth Summer Camp? Perspectives of Chinese Parents, Xinran Y. Lehto, Xiaoxiao Fu, Ksenia Kirillova, and Chen Bi

Vacation Benefits and Activities: Understanding Chinese Family Travelers, Xinran Y. Lehto, Xiaoxiao Fu, Hanliang Li, and Lingqiang Zhou

Work Organization, Sleep, and Metabolic Syndrome Among Long-Haul Truck Drivers, Michael Kenneth Lemke, Yorghos Apostolopoulos, Adam Hege, Laurie Wideman, and Sevil Sonmez

Work and Sleep Among Transport Operators: Disparities and Implications for Safety, Michael K. Lemke, Adam Hege, Yorghos Apostolopoulos, Laurie Wideman, and Sevil Sonmez

Work, Sleep, and Cholesterol Levels of U.S. Long-Haul Truck Drivers, Michal Kenneth Lemke, Yorghos Apostolopoulos, Adam Hege, Laurie Wideman, and Sevil Sonmez

Management of an Early Detection Program: Supporting Helpful Features, Marisa Macy, Frances Page Glascoe, Yixuan Ji, Robert Macy, and Bingbing Zhang

Authentic Assessment to Measure Outcomes in Creative Arts, Marisa Macy, Bingbing Zhang, Yixuan Ji, and Robert Macy

An integration of cognitive appraisal theory and script theory in the luxury cruise sector: The bridging role of recollection and storytelling, Aikaterini Manthiou, Juhee Kang, and Sunghyup Sean Hyun


A Repulsive Monument to Stone Mountain and Black Resistance., Barry J. Mauer


Pulse - A Consultation, Barry J. Mauer

The Citizen Curating Project Confronts the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, Barry J. Mauer


The New Age of Eliminationism in America: A Conversation with David Neiwert and Barry Mauer in Orlando, Florida, April 19, 2017, Barry J. Mauer

Measuring the Components of Visitor Experience on a Mountain Attraction: The Case of the Nordkette, Tyrol, Austria, Ady Milman, Anita Zehrer, and Asli Tasci


Copyright Considerations Curating across the Curriculum, Sarah A. Norris