Submissions from 2022

Antecedents and Outcomes of Resident Empowerment through Tourism, Kayode D. Aleshinloye, Kyle Maurice Woosnam, Asli D. A. Tasci, and Haywantee Ramkissoon

A Framework to Identify Destination Vulnerability to Hazards, Sergio Alvarez, Frida Bahja, and Alan Fyall

Assessing the Effects of User-Generated Photos on Hotel Guests' Price, Service Quality, Overall Image Perceptions and Booking Intention, Qingxiang An and Ahmet Ozturk


Ace Your Next Promotion & Tenure: How to Balance Your Duties as a STEM Librarian, Sandy Avila and Buenaventura Basco


The Tele-Reference Model: Adopting Virtual Tools to Enhance Reference Services During COVID-19 and Beyond, Sandy Avila, Sarah A. Norris, Rebecca M. Murphey, Min Tong, and Richard Harrison

A Critique of (ECO)guilt Research in Tourism, Frida Bahja, Sergio Alvarez, and Alan Fyall

A Transformation of the Mainland Chinese Market in Hong Kong’s Tourism Industry, Naipeng (Tom) Bu, Xiaoxiao Fu, Haiyan Kong, and Fevzi Okumus

The Role of Organizational Factors on Employee Engagement and Hospitality Service Co-creation, Prakash K. Chathoth, Eric S.W. Chan, Robert J. Harrington, Fevzi Okumus, and Zibin Song

What Matters, and What Matters Most? Exploring Resident Satisfaction in Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Suja Chaulagain, Jianwen (Simon) Li, and Abraham Pizam

Committed to Conservation: Tourism in Developed and Developing Contexts, Renzo Cordina, Martin Gannon, Babak Taheri, Fevzi Okumus, and Sean Lochrie

Exploring Relative Resilience of Airbnb and Hotel Industry to Risks and External Shocks, Marcos de Medeiros, Jinghua Xie, and Denver E. Severt


Canton Through Western Eyes: Resources & Wood’s Sketches of China, Sai Deng


Creating Knowledge Graphs for Collections and LOD Visualization: Some Cases, Sai Deng


Towards Inclusive Metadata: DEI Analysis and Subjects Enhancement for Juvenile Biographies, Sai Deng


Using Wikidata to Create Knowledge Graphs for Library Collections, Sai Deng


Linked Data, Wikidata & Knowledge Graphs, Sai Deng and Lee Dotson


Enhance the Discovery and Interoperability of Culturally Rich Information: the Chinese Women Poets WikiProject, Sai Deng, Greta Heng, Amanda Xu, Lihong Zhu, and Xiaoli Li


Enhancing Gender, Race and Ethnicity Subjects for Inclusive Metadata, Sai Deng, Jeanne Piascik, and Peter Spyers-Duran


Analyzing and Enhancing Juvenile Biography Subject Headings for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Sai Deng, Peter Spyers-Duran, and Jeanne Piascik


WikiProject: Chinese Culture and Heritage, Sai Deng, Lihong Zhu, and Amanda Xu


Textbook Affordability + WordPress + DC API = Unique eTextbook Portal Collaboration, Lee Dotson, Bobby Ciullo, Lily Dubach, and Kerri Bottorff


Textbook Affordability at UCF (Presentation for TAOERSC), Lily Dubach


Library-Sourced eTextbooks and Student Perspectives: Mixed-Methods Study Using the COUP Framework, Lily Dubach and Sara Duff


Required Course Materials and Library Resources: How to Integrate Streaming Videos and eTextbooks, Lily Dubach and Sara Duff


Cases of Textbook Affordability from the University of Central Florida, Lily Dubach and John Raible


Equitable Access and Textbook Affordability, Sara Duff, Lily Dubach, and Tammie Nadeau


Educational Leadership Preparation and Professional Roles: Are We Serving the Needs of Leadership Roles Along the Leadership Continuum?, Daniel W. Eadens and Marjorie Ceballos


Examining how history informs the future of the two sister professions: Librarianship and social work, Rachel L. Edford


Figuring Embedded Librarianship: An Analysis of the Embedded Journalist Metaphor in the Professional Discourse, Rachel L. Edford


More Than Just Captions: Using Universal Design for Learning Principles to Create Accessible Videos, Rachel L. Edford


The One Size Does Not Fit All Approach: Case Studies in Modeling Embedded Librarianship, Rachel L. Edford and Sandy Avila


The One Size Does Not Fit All Approach: Case Studies in Modeling Embedded Librarianship, Rachel L. Edford and Sandy Avila

Travel and Life: A Developmental Perspective on Tourism Consumption Over the Life Course, Xiaoxiao Fu, Ksenia Kirillova, and Xinran Y. Lehto

Investigating the Effects of Service Recovery Strategies on Consumer Forgiveness and Post-Trust in the Food Delivery Sector, Martin Gannon, Babak Taheri, Jamie Thompson, Roya Rahimi, and Bendegul Okumus


Hospitality Art: A Research Note on the Main Factors Affecting Attractiveness of Visual Art in Airbnb Settings, Maksim Godovykh and Carissa A. Baker


VR in Tourism: A New Call for Virtual Tourism Experience amid and after the COVID-19 Pandemic, Maksim Godovykh, Carissa Baker, and Alan Fyall


Emotions, Feelings, and Moods in Tourism and Hospitality Research: Conceptual and Methodological Differences, Maksim Godovykh and Asli Tasci

Customers’ Behavioural Immune System Responses to Pathogen Cues at Tourism and Hospitality Facilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Arthur Huang, Melissa Farboudi Jahromi, and Julia Marquez

How do Restaurants' Violations Contribute to COVID-19 Transmission?, Arthur Huang, Adam Haney, Efren De La Mora Velasco, and Nan Hua

Leveraging Data Analytics to Understand the Relationship Between Restaurants' Safety Violations and COVID-19 Transmission, Arthur Huang, Efren De la Mora Velasco, Ashkan Farhangi, Anil Bilgihan, and Melissa Farboudi Jahromi


The Future of Destination Marketing Organizations in the Insight Era, Arthur Huang, Efren De la Mora Velasco, Adam Haney, and Sergio Alvarez

Airline Service: low-Cost-Carriers (LCCs) Failure and Passenger Emotional Experience, Halimin Jerjanto, Muslim Amin, Fevzi Okumus, and Cihan Cobanoglu

Tourism and Yuan-based Strangership, Ting Jiang, Li Miao, and Xiaoxiao Fu

Can Cruise Services Satisfy Chinese Outbound Travelers? An Importance-Performance Analysis, Haiyan Kong, Fevzi Okumus, Roya Rahimi, Naipeng Bu, and Zihan Yin


Chat Services and COVID-19: Trends in Ask a Librarian, Judith L. Kuhns and Sarah Dockray

Consumer Attitude in Student Housing Evaluation: A Case of A Hospitality Satellite Campus, David J. Kwun


Hungry for Food and Community: A Study of Visitors to Food and Wine Festivals, Mohammed Lefrid and Edwin N. Torres

Immigrant Hospitality Workers: Familism, Acculturation Experiences, and Perception of Workplace, Mohammed Lefrid, Edwin N. Torres, and Fevzi Okumus

A Conceptual Research: The Regulatory Role of Peer-to-Peer Engagement Behaviors, Meizhen Lin, Li Miao, Wei Wei, and Hyoungeun Moon

Destination Image Perception of Shenzhen: An Analysis of Discourse Based on Chinese and Western Visitors' Online Reviews, Jing Luo, Fevzi Okumus, and Babak Taheri


CTE Teacher Recruitment, Training, and Retention Toolkit, Lisa Martino, Jodi Adams, Sara Shaw, and Brandon Hudson

Studying the Relationship between Human Resources Practices, Employee Motivation, and Online Hotel Reviews: An Empirical Approach to the Hospitality Industry, Jessica Vieira de Souza Meira, Murat Hancer, Sara JG do Anjos, and Anita Eves

Importance-Performance Analysis of Socially Sustainable Practices in U.S. Restaurants: A Consumer Perspective in the Quasi-Post-Pandemic Context, Cynthia Mejia, Monika Bak, Piotr Zientara, and Marissa Orlowski


Evaluating Library Instruction at 2-Year and 4-Year Institutions, Katy A. Miller, Rachel Edford, and Karen Kaufmann

Consumer Reactions to Different Robotic Servers in Theme Parks, Ady Milman and Asli Tasci

How Resilient are Wine Tourism destinations to Health-Related Security Threats? A Winery Perspective, Britta Niklas, Alexandre Guedes, Robin M. Back, Joao Rebelo, and V. Felipe Laurie

The Effects of Demographics and Nutritional Knowledge on Hotel Employees' External and Emotional Eating, Bendegul Okumus, Suja Chaulagain, and Ibrahim Giritlioglu

The Unintended Effects of Tamper-Evident Food Closures, Marissa Orlowski, Sarah Lefebvre, and Laura Boman

Measuring the Effect of Infectious Disease-Induced Uncertainty on Hotel Room Demand: A Longitudinal Analysis of U.S. Hotel Industry, Ozgur Ozdemir, Murat Kizildag, Tarik Dogru, and Melih Maganoglu

Service Quality Dimensions in Hotel Service Delivery Options: Comparison between Human Interaction Service and Self-Service Technology, Soona Park, David J. Kwun, Jeong-Yeol Park, and Diego Bufquin

Factors Affecting Hotel Managers' Intentions to Adopt Robotic Technologies: A Global Study, Abraham Pizam, Ahmet Ozturk, Adela Balderas-Cejudo, Dimitrios Buhalis, Galia Fuchs, Tadayuki Hara, Jessica Meira, Mercedes Raquel Garcia Revilla, Deepa Sethi, Ye Shen, Olimpia State, Ahmet Hacikara, and Suja Chaulagain

Determinants of Customer Satisfaction and eWOM in the Sharing Economy: Timeshare versus Peer-to-Peer Accommodations, Jennifer Redditt, Marissa Orlowski, Alan Fyall, Amy Gregory, and Hee Jung Ro

Beyond Income: US Households' Financial Position Perceptions and Their Willingness to Consume Tourism, Jorge Ridderstaat

Familiarity, Involvement, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions: The Case of an African-American Cultural Festival, Manuel Rivera, Valeriya Shapoval, Kelly Semrad, and Marcos Medeiros

The Impact of LGBT Friendliness on Sexual Minority Customers' Perceptions and Intentions to Stay, Heejung Ro and Marryam Khan

Will Diners be Enticed to be Travelers? The Role of Ethnic Food Consumption and its Antecedents, Fangfang Shi, Bekir Bora Dedeoglu, and Bendegul Okumus

Constructing a Smart Destination Framework: A Destination Marketing Organization Perspective, Ekaterina Sorokina, Youcheng Wang, Alan Fyall, Peter Lugosi, Edwin N. Torres, and Timothy Jung

The Effect of Resident-tourist Interaction Quality on Destination Image and Loyalty, Dimitrios Stylidis, Kyle Maurice Woosnam, and Asli D. A. Tasci

Place-Oriented or People-Oriented Concepts for Destination Loyalty: Destination Image and Place Attachment versus Perceived Distances and Emotional Solidarity, Asli D. A. Tasci, Abdullah Uslu, Dimitrios Stylidis, and Kyle Maurice Woosnam

Sustainable Tourism Consumer: Socio-demographic, Psychographic and Behavioral Characteristics, Asli Tasci, Alan Fyall, and Kyle Maurice Woosnam


Maximizing Curriculum Mapping with Library Resources, Andrew Todd

The Adventurous Tourist Amidst a Pandemic: Effects of Personality, Attitudes, and Affect, Edwin Torres, Wei Wei, and Jorge Ridderstaat

Does Self-congruity or Functional Congruity Better Predict Destination Attachment? A Higher-order Structural Model, Ahmet Usakli, Kemal Gurkan Kucukergin, Da Shi, and Fevzi Okumus


Refreshing the Research process, John Venecek and Rachel Edford


Developing and Validating a Scale of Tourism Gentrification in Rural Areas, Chaohui Wang, Yumei Xu, and Tingting Zhang

Driving Hospitality Frontline Employees’ Boundary-spanning Behaviors: A Social Exchange and Role Theory Perspective, Jiaxin (Sylvia) Wang, Xiaoxiao Fu, Youcheng Wang, and Fuxiang Wei

Gender Stereotyping and its Impact on Perceived Emotional Leadership in the Hospitality Industry: A Mixed-methods Study, Wei Xiong, Shiyun Chen, Bendegul Okumus, and Fang Fan

Does Hotel Class Moderate the Impact of Crime on Operating Performance?, Yang Yang and Nan Hua

Integrating Authenticity, Well-being, and Memorability in Heritage Tourism: A Two-Site Investigation, Xiaoli Yi, Xiaoxiao Fu, Vera Shanshan Lin, and Honggen Xiao

A Qualitative Assessment of Hotel Employee Engagement in Anti-Human-Trafficking Initiatives, Tingting (Christina) Zhang, Giulio Ronzoni, Marcos de Medeiros, and Diego Bufquin

Submissions from 2021

Which Construct is Better at Explaining Residents' Involvement in Tourism; Emotional Solidarity or Empowerment?, Kayode D. Aleshinloye, Kyle Maurice Woosnam, Emrullah Erul, Courtney Suess, Inhye Kong, and B. Bynum Boley

Is Lodging Research Suffering from Methods Bias? An Assessment of Published Research During 1990-2016, Faizan Ali, Mehmet Ali Koseoglu, Fevzi Okumus, Eka Diraksa Putra, Mehmet Yildiz, and Ismail Cagri Dogan

Does Resource-based View Explain Outsourcing Intention: Revenue Management Perspective, Mehmet Altin


Taking the Lead: How STEM Librarians Collaborated to Introduce Data Management Workshops at UCF, Sandy Avila and Ven Basco


Improvisation in Improbable Times: Pivoting to a Tele-Reference Service Model, Sandy Avila, Richard Harrison, Sarah A. Norris, and Min Tong


Responding in a Crisis: Pivoting to a Tele-Reference Service Model During Improbable Times, Sandy Avila, Richard Harrison, Sarah Norris, and Min Tong


Faculty-Librarian Cooperation for Virtual STEM Based Courses: Creating Successful Learning Experiences for Undergraduate Students at UCF, Sandy Avila and Nicole Lapeyrouse


Avoiding Pitfalls & Epic Tech Fails, Sandy Avila and Sarah Norris


Tech Fails Got you Down?: Tips for Improving Your Online Teaching and Video Tool Experience, Sandy Avila and Sarah Norris

Why Do They Come Back? The Effects of Winery Tourists' Motivations and Satisfaction on Repeat Visits and Revisit Intentions, Robin M. Back, Diego Bufquin, and Jeong-Yeol Park

Exploring a Wine Farm Micro-cluster: A Novel Business Model of Diversified Ownership, Robin M. Back, Linda L. Lowry, and Lindsey M. Higgins

Eco-guilt in Tourism: Do Tourists Intend to Behave Environmentally Friendly and Still Revisit?, Frida Bahja and Murat Hancer

The Economic Impacts of Tropical Cyclones on a Mature Destination, Florida, USA, Christina Estela Brown, Sergio Alvarez, Naveen Eluru, and Arthur Huang


Packages, Packages, Everywhere, and None of Them Quite Right, Tina H. Buck

Employee Work Status, Mental Health, Substance Use, and Career Turnover Intentions: An Examination of Restaurant Employees During COVID-19, Diego Bufquin, Jeong-Yeol Park, Robin M. Back, Jessica Vieira de Souza Meira, and Stephen Kyle Hight

Why Cleaning the Invisible in Restaurants is Important During COVID-19: A Case Study of Indoor Air Quality of an Open-kitchen Restaurant, Howook (Sean) Chang, Bradford Capuozzo, Bendegul Okumus, and Meehee Cho

An Integrated Behavioral Model for Medical Tourism: An American Perspective, Suja Chaulagain, Abraham Pizam, and Youcheng Wang

Factors Affecting Seniors' Decision to Relocate to Senior Living Communities, Suja Chaulagain, Abraham Pizam, Youcheng Wang, Denver Severt, and Reid Oetjen

The Empowering Role of Hospitable Telemedicine Experience in Reducing Isolation and Anxiety: Evidence From the COVID-19 Pandemic, Yusi Cheng, Wei Wei, and YunYing (Susan) Zhong

Customer Engagement Research in Hospitality and Tourism: A Systematic Review, Shuping Chen, Xiaoyun Han, Anil Bilgihan, and Fevzi Okumus