Submissions from 2024

Travellers' Social Media Postings During Protests and Mass Demonstrations, Bahadir Aktas, Adem Akbiyik, Khaldoon Nusair, and Fevzi Okumus

Regenerative Management of Coastal Tourism Destinations for the Anthropocene, Sergio Alvarez

The Evolution of Vulnerability Research in Hospitality and Tourism, Frida Bahja, Xiaoxiao Fu, and Sergio Alvarez

Leveraging Psychological Characteristics to Influence Mobile Hotel Bookings During a Global Health Crisis, Liza M. Cobos and Valeriya Shapoval

What Happens to Restaurant Employees During Times of Distress? A Focus on Separation Strategies, Emotional Outcomes, and Drinking Behaviors, S. Kyle Hight, Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch, Lisa Cain, and Jeong-Yeol Park

Unpacking AI for Hospitality and Tourism Services: Exploring the Role of Perceived Enjoyment on Future Use Intentions, Arthur Huang, Ahmet Ozturk, Tingting Zhang, Efren de la Mora Velasco, and Adam Haney

Convergence of Boundaries in Tourism, Hospitality, Events, and Leisure: Defining the Core and Knowledge Structure, Xinran Y. Lehto, Ksenia Kirillova, Dan Wang, and Xiaoxiao Fu

Investigating the Foodstagramming Mechanism: A Customer-Dominant Logic Perspective of Customer Engagement, Bingna Lin, Xiaoxiao Fu, and Kevin Stephen Murphy

Exploring Social Media Affordances in Tourist Destination Image Formation: A Study on China’s Rural Tourism Destination, Juan Liu, Chaohui Wang, and Tingting (Christina) Zhang

Exploring the Impacts of Internal Crisis Communication on Tourism Employees Insights from a Mixed-methods Study, Bingjie Liu-Lastres, Han Wen, and Fevzi Okumus

The Building Blocks of Regenerative Tourism and Hospitality: A Text-mining Approach, Van Ha Luong, Aikaterini Manthiou, Juhee Kang, and Cuong Nguyen


CTE Teacher Recruitment, Training, and Retention Toolkit: A Nationwide Search 2024, Lisa Martino and Sara Shaw


A rapid systematic review of just-in-time training interventions during health emergencies: Types of interventions, development process, Ann Miller, Andy Todd, Venkata Naga Sreelalitapriya Duvuuri, Kian Soltani, Rebecca Freihaut, Laura Boutemen, Kishan Vishanagra, Jessica Hoffman, Timothy Sellnow, Om Patel, Xin Sheng, Shalewa Babatayo, Olga Willard, Heini Utunen, Jane Noyes, and Giselle Balaciano

The Impact of Risk Perceptions on Tourists' Revisit Intention: The Case of COVID-19 and Fiji, Jyotika Chand Naid and Stephen Pratt


Batch Withdrawing Items in Alma, Jeanne Piascik, Sai Deng, Robin Chan, and Suphi Ogreten

The Role of Perceived Risk and Information Security on Customers' Acceptance of Service Robots in the Hotel Industry, Abraham Pizam, Ahmet Bulent Ozturk, Ahmet Hacikara, Tingting (Christina) Zhang, and Tadayuki Hara

Tourism Myths and the Dunning Kruger Effect, Stephen Pratt, Bing Pan, Elizabeth Agyeiwaah, and Soey Sut Ieng Lei


Embedding Information Literacy Practices in an Upper Division Chemistry Lab Class at a University in the United States of America, Christopher Randles, Matilynn Lamm, and Katy A. Miller

The More Diverse, the Better? Exploring the Moderating Role of Hospitality Top Management Team Diversity on CSR-FP Link, Hyoung Ju Song, Jihwan Yeon, and Michael S. Lin

Conducting Mixed Methods Research, Babak Taheri and Fevzi Okumus

Rationalizing Quiet Quitting? Deciphering the Internal Mechanism of Front-line Hospitality Employees' Workplace Deviance, Aili Wu and Wei Wei

Tourist Gaze at Chinese Classical Gardens: The Embodiment of Aesthetics (Yijing) in Tourism, Yanyan Zheng, Wei Wei, Lu Zhang, and Tianyu Ying

Attracting Gen Z Workforce: The Effects of Organizational Social Media Policy, YunYing Zhong, Lu Zhang, Wei Wei, and Jerry Cha-Jan Chang

Submissions from 2023

Go Moderate! How Hotels' Cancellation Policies Affect their Financial Performance, Mehmet Altin, Chih-Chien Chen, Arash Riasi, and Zvi Schwartz

Agent-Based Modelling for Tourism Research, Aarash Baktash, Arthur Huang, Efren De La Mora Velasco, Melissa Farboudi Jahromi, and Frida Bahja


Artificial Intelligence and Ethics, Carol M. Bast


Forging Relationships & Building Digital Collections: Outreach Strategies to Promote and Populate the Institutional Repository, Tim Bottorff, Kerri Bottorff, and Lee Dotson

Understanding the Determinants of Intention to Stay at Medical Hotels: A Consumer Value Perspective, Suja Chaulagain, Melissa Farboudi Jahromi, Nan Hua, and Youcheng Wang

Do Green Practices and Green Image Promote Consumers' Participation in Social Network Sites (SNS)?, Byung-Kwan Cho, Jeong-Yeol Park, and Yong-Ki Lee

Information Technology as a Buffer Against COVID-19, Sungwoo Choi, Jihwan Yeon, Hyoung Ju Song, and Jihao Hu


Our Digital Accessibility Journey: Charting an Inclusive Path in an Academic Library, Bobby Ciullo, Lee Dotson, Sara Duff, Missy Murphey, and Rachel E. Trnka

Destination Competitiveness and Human Development: The Compelling Critical Force of Human Agency, Robertico Croes, Marketa Kubickova, and Jorge Ridderstaat


AI, Cataloging & Metadata, Sai Deng


Linked Data, Wikidata and Their Implementations, Sai Deng


Adding Linked Open Data to a Digital Humanities Collection in Alma, Sai Deng and Lee Dotson


Analyzing and Enhancing CMC Biography Subject Headings for Race and Gender, Sai Deng, Peter Spyers-Duran, Jeanne Piascik, Amy Dovydaitis, and Kristine Shrauger


Using Generative AI to Remove Barriers in Support of Open Content Creation, Lily Dubach, Rebecca McNulty, and James R. Paradiso


Saving Faculty Time, Saving Students Money, Lily Dubach and James Paradiso

Thirty Years of Events-Related Research (1992 – 2022): Published Works in Annals of Tourism Research and Annals of Tourism Research Empirical Insights, Michael Duignan

Parasitic Events and Host Destination Resource Dependence: Evidence from the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Michael B. Duignan, Joan Carlini, and David McGillivray


Leveraging Accessible Tourism Development Through Mega-Events, and the Disability-Attitude Gap, Michael Duignan, Ian Brittain, Marcus Hansen, Alan Fyall, Simon Gerard, and Stephen Page

How Do Event Zones Influence Visitor Behaviour and Engagement with Host Destinations? A Longitudinal Study of the Cambridge Half Marathon (2017–2020), Michael B. Duignan, Sharon Zou, Jeongeun Park, and Alan Fyall

Exploring the Nexus Between Events and Human Rights: Building Agendas for Research, Theory, and Practice, Michael Duignan and Laurence Chalip


Accommodating (Global–Glocal) Paradoxes Across Event Planning, Michael Duignan, Milena M. Parent, and David McGillivray

Theme Park Storytelling: Deconstructing Immersion in Chinese Theme Parks, Xiaoxiao Fu, Carissa A. Baker, Wen Zhang, and Rouyang (Effie) Zhang


Obojobo Information Literacy Modules 2023 Archive, Chereeka Garner

Seeing History Come to Life with Augmented Reality: The Museum Experience of Generation Z in Göbeklitepe, Volkan Genc, Anil Bilgihan, Seray Gulertekin Genc, and Fevzi Okumus


Themes in Health Sciences Librarianship Literature, 2016-2020: A Keyword and Subject Analysis, Shalu Gillum, Terri Gotschall, Pamela Herring, Deedra Walton, Natasha Williams, and Nadine Dexter

Peer-to-Peer Accommodation Amid COVID-19: The Effects of Airbnb Cleanliness Information on Guests' Trust and Behavioral Intentions, Maksim Godovykh, Robin M. Back, Diego Bufquin, Carissa Baker, and Jeong-Yeol Park

Humor on Destination Websites: Effects of Humor on Attitudes and Visit Intentions, Maksim Godovykh, Xiaoxiao Fu, and Xi Yu Leung

Measuring Patient Experience in Healthcare, Maksim Godovykh and Abraham Pizam

The well-being impacts of tourism: Long-term and short-term effects of tourism development on residents’ happiness, Maksim Godovykh, Jorge Ridderstaat, and Alan Fyall

Context-specific Elective Coursework and Student's Employability Development: Application of Social Cognitive Career Theory in Hospitality Education, Amy Gregory and Daniela Penela


Implications of an exogenous shock (COVID-19) on wine tourism business: A Portuguese winery perspective, Alexandre Guedes, Britta Niklas, Robin M. Back, and Joao Rebelo

Analysis of Environmental Stimuli, Satisfaction, and Behavioral Responses: An Extended Mehrabian-Russell Model to Alternative Golf, Jeeyeon (Jeannie) Hahm, David J. Kwun, and Juhee Kang

Essential Service Worker Valorization: A Deonance Perspective, Kristin Horan, Jenna M. D. Beltramo, Cynthia Mejia, and Mindy Shoss

Live Streaming: Pushing Limits of Hospitality and Tourism Online Experiences, Nan Hua, Bin Li, and Tingting Zhang

The Moderating Effect of Hotel Shift Work on the Relationship Between Employee Work Engagement and Job Satisfaction, William Ingram, Kevin Stephen Murphy, and Jeffrey Weinland

Employees' Helping Behavior Toward the Victims of Human Trafficking in the Lodging Industry, Melissa Farboudi Jahromi, Asli D.A. Tasci, and Sevil Sonmez

An Interactive Service Recovery Framework Combining Demand and Supply Approaches, Dan Jin, Robin B. DiPietro, Kawon (Kathy) Kim, Fang Meng, and Edwin N. Torres

Test of a Serial Mediation Model of Machiavellian Leadership Among Hospitality and Tourism Employees, Osman M. Karatepe, Fevzi Okumus, Saeid Nosrati, and Ksenia Gurcham


Evaluating Library Instruction at 2-Year and 4-Year Institutions: Findings and Data Analysis, Karen Kaufmann, Katy A. Miller, and Rachel E. Trnka

Global Pandemic Uncertainty, Pandemic Discussion and Visitor Behaviour: A Comparative Tourism Demand Estimation for the U.S., Emrah Kocak, Fevzi Okumus, and Mehmet Altin

The State of Play Between Managing Major Sports Events and Human Rights: a Scoping Review, Joerg Koenigstorfer, Yaanxiang Yang, Jason N. Bocarro, Ian Brittain, Erika Lundberg, David McGillivray, Laura Misener, Laurence Chalip, and Michael Duignan

Resilience of the Hospitality Industry During Crises: A Comparison Between the 2008 Financial Crisis and COVID-19, Seoki Lee, Hyoung Ju Song, Hyejin Yoon, and Chang-Sik Kim

Current Status and Future Perspective of the Link of Corporate Social Responsibility–Corporate Financial Performance in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Seoki Lee, Jihwan Yeon, and Hyoung Ju Song

Reducing Hotel Employee Turnover Intention by Promoting Pride in Job and Meaning of Work: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, Linh H. Le, Murat Hancer, Suja Chaulagain, and Phuong Pham

Cues that Work: Designing the Optimal Restaurant Crowdfunding Campaign in the US, Gabriela Lelo de Larrea, Jeong-Yeol Park, Kwangsoo Park, and Mehmet Atlin

Residents' Sense of Safety in Senior Living Communities: A Conceptual Paper, Jianwen (Simon) Li, Suja Chaulagain, and Elizabeth Yost


Beyond Local Food consumption: The Impact of Local Food Consumption Experience on Cultural Competence, Eudaimonia and Behavioral Intention, Bingna Lin, Saerom Wang, Xiaoxiao Fu, and Xiaoli Yi

Delineating the Effects of Social Media Marketing Activities on Generation Z Travel Behaviors, Juan Liu, Chaohui Wang, Tingting Zhang, and Haohao Qiao

Combating Quiet Quitting: Implications for Future Research and Practices for Talent Management, Bingjie Liu-Lastres, Osman M. Karatepe, and Fevzi Okumus

Examining Employees' Affective and Behavioral Responses to Internal Crisis Communication in Times of COVID-19, Bingjie Liu-Lastres, Han Wen, and Fevzi Okumus

Mitigating Mortality Anxiety: Identifying Heritage Tourism’s Role in Terror Management, Jiaying Lyu, Lili Wang, and Wei Wei


The 5-Ps of Jumpstarting Open Assessment Creation with Generative AI, Rebecca McNulty, Lily Dubach, and James R. Paradiso

Boundary Crossing, Internships, and the Hospitality & Tourism Talent Pipeline, Cynthia Mejia and Jessica Wickey-Byrd

Peer Regulation in a Peer-to-Peer Business Model, Li Miao, Meizhen Lin, Wei Wei, and Hyoungeun Moon


Turning Usability Study Observation Into Actionable Improvements, Katy A. Miller and Athena R. Hoeppner


Measuring Outcomes: Information Literacy Instruction Assessment in a Cross-Institutional Study, Katy A. Miller, Karen Kaufmann, and Rachel Edford Trnka


Building Inclusion: Student Outcomes From an Academic Library’s Gallery Exhibit in Florida, Katy A. Miller and Kristine J. Shrauger

The Influence of Dynamic Pricing on Consumer Trust, Value, and Loyalty Relationships in Theme Parks, Ady Milman and Asli Tasci

A Comparison of Consumer Attitudes Toward Dynamic Pricing Strategies in the Theme Park Context, Ady Milman and Asli D. Tasci

Norovirus and Coronavirus Risks in Food Service Settings: A Systematic Review for Future Research, Bendegul Okumus

Tourism and Economic Output: Do Asymmetries Matter?, Fevzi Okumus and Emrah Kocak

A Critical Reflection on Digitalization for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry: Value Implications for Stakeholders, Ozgur Ozdemir, Tarik Dogru, Murat Kizildag, and Ezgi Erkmen

Hotel Customers' Behavioral Intentions Toward Service Robots: The Role of Utilitarian and Hedonic Values, Ahmet Bulent Ozturk, Abraham Pizam, Suja Chaulagain, and Tadayuki Hara

Progress in Tourism Management: Is Urban Tourism a Paradoxical Research Domain? Progress Since 2011 and Prospects for the Future, Stephen Page and Michael Duignan


Keeping the Light On: Academic Librarians & Burnout (Conference Presentation), Jason D. Phillips, Laura Pitts, Jessica Riedmueller, and Joanna Warren


Batch Withdraw Library Materials in Alma, Jeanne Piascik, Sai Deng, Robin Chan, and Suphi Ogreten

Understanding Backpacker Behavior Through Market Basket Analysis, Stephen Pratt, Denis Tolkach, and Dawn Gibson

Consumers' Behavioral Trends in the Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Sector amid a Global Pandemic: A Qualitative Study, Rachele Pretto, Arthur Huang, Jorge Ridderstaat, Efren De la Mora Velasco, and Adam Haney

Breaking Bad: How Anticipated Emotions and Perceived Severity Shape Tourist Civility?, Hongliang Qiu, Xiongzhi Wang, Wei Wei, Alastair M. Morrison, and Mao-Ying Wu

The Effect of Destination Source Credibility on Tourist Environmentally Responsible Behavior: An Application of Stimulus-Organism-Response Theory, Hongliang Qiu, Xiongzhi Wang, Moa-Ying Wu, Wei Wei, Alastair M. Morrison, and Catherine Kelly

State-of-the-Art Review on Destination Marketing and Destination Management, Stephan Reinhold, Pietro Beritelli, Alan Fyall, and Hwan-Suk Chris Choi

Measuring Hidden Demand and Price Behavior from U.S. Outbound Health Tourism Spending, Jorge Ridderstaat

Sexual Orientation Identity Matters: Lesbian, Gay, and Bi-sexual Customers' Perceptions of Service Encounters, Heejung Ro

Responding to Negative Reviews? The Tnterplay of Management Response Strategy and Service Failure Type, Saba Salehi-Esfahani, Edwin N. Torres, and Nan Hua

In-house Responses and Anxiety Levels of Commercial Kitchen Employees Towards New COVID 19 Food Safety Regulations, Mehmet Sariisik, Serkan Sengul, Bendegul Okumus, Veli Ceylan, Alper Kurnaz, and Mustafa Inanc Kapucuoglu

Tourism and Disability: A Bibliometric Review, Ranjit Singh, P. S. Sibi, Elizabeth A. Yost, and Dipendra Singh

Definition and Measurement of Wine Snobbery as an Empirical Concept, Asli D. A. Tasci and Robin Back